My voice cracked.

As I rolled my eyes, wondering if “together” meant we were going to sleep together, she put a stuffed animal on the bed and said,

“Yes, together.”

She then sat down next to me.

She had just taken a bath and she was using the same shampoo and soap as me, but for some reason there was a completely different fresh scent wafting from her.

“….. Um, I’m really fine, okay?”

“You don’t like it? I’m a little nervous about going home dressed like this.”

“Well, I can understand that feeling, since you are certainly in your pajamas. Erm, there are other rooms available.”

“I don’t feel comfortable being alone in a room I don’t know. I’m afraid of the dark.”

Senpai shuddered.

Seeing how anxious she looked, I felt bad for pushing her any further.

“…..Then, do you want to sleep with this stuffed animal between you and me?”

“Yeah. I’m fine with that. You can squeeze it in between.”

“Y-yes. Then, shall we sleep?”


I slowly pulled the blanket.

Then, I lie down in the back, and Senpai lies in the front, with a stuffed animal between us.

“I’ll turn off the light.”

My heart was pounding and my breathing was labored, so I turned off the light.

As the room darkened, I could hear my heart beating loudly.

I can feel it pulsing through my body, and I know it’s hotter than when I took a bath.

I’m in the same futon with Senpai.

I try not to think about it, but the fact is rushing over me.

It is fortunate that the room is dark.

I’ll fall asleep before my eyes get used to it.


While I was fighting my worries, I heard a gentle voice from beside me.


I replied, looking up at the ceiling.

I turned my head to the side and saw Senpai there.

But if I knew she was there, I might lose my patience.

No, I mean, how did this situation come about in the first place?

Why are we sleeping together?

“Hey, you don’t want to cuddle?”

“Eh? A-ah, that’s right. But I’m fine, Senpai, go ahead.”

I didn’t have the courage to turn toward the stuffed animal.

If I turn my head, my eyes will fall on Senpai who is ahead of me, and my reason will likely collapse.

That’s why I was planning to decline, saying it’s fine.



Senpai hugged me tightly with the whole stuffed animal.

Thanks to the stuffed animal, we couldn’t touch each other, but her slender limbs were wrapped around my body.


“I’ll do it. I can’t sleep unless I do this.”

“I-I see.”

“Because I’m always alone at home. I feel so much safer when I do this.”

Senpai’s voice, coming from the darkness, seemed to be more trembling than usual.


“It’s scary in the dark. But when I do this, I feel relieved.”

“…..You’ll be fine.”

I don’t know anything about Senpai.

I don’t know why Senpai is so scared around others, why she’s always so calm but sometimes acts like a weak girl, or why she’s such a good cook.


I don’t know, but I think that Senpai probably has a lot of things going on.

She must have worries and anxieties that I don’t know about, like her family situation or things at school.

If I can ease her worries even a little by being with her……I always want to do so.

I want to be like that for Senpai who treat me so well.

I don’t want to waste the trust of Senpai with my temporary feelings.

“Good night, Senpai. Let’s sleep.”

“Yeah. Good night.”

I won the battle against the urge that was rising up in me, and I was instantly relaxed and sleepy.

Her hand was a little cold, but the unique reassuring feeling of human skin was also soothing.

I finally closed my eyes.

“Did you fall asleep…….?”

I could hear him sleeping peacefully.

I forgot that Tokiwa kun is very naive and a gentleman.

My body and mind were already ready.

I’m a little disappointed.

But I’m happy because I can be with him when I sleep.

I put the stuffed animal away under my pillow.

I squeezed him.

“Ehehe, I’m so happy to be able to sleep with you. I love you, Sendai kun.”

I whisper in his ear.

And his sleeping breaths arouse me a little again.

My eyes are getting used to the darkness, and I can faintly see his lips.

It feels good.

“…..If it’s while he’s sleeping, I guess it doesn’t count. Hey, but it’s okay, right?”

If it’s just a kiss.

It’s okay.

He said, [Let’s sleep together] right?

“Ehehe, I’m going to be bold today. Thanks for the food.”



When I woke up, I didn’t see Senpai next to me.

The only thing that was there instead was the stuffed animal that I took for Senpai yesterday.

I thought it must have been a dream that I slept with Senpai yesterday.


“It wasn’t a dream, right?”

The sweet scent of Senpai’s scent lingering on the blanket proves the dream-like reality.

I’m not sure what’s going on here.

“Breakfast is ready.”

As I stared blankly at the stuffed animal, I heard Senpai’s voice from outside the room.

“Y-yes. I’m up.”

I answered hurriedly and quickly jumped out of the bed.

I went outside and found the smell of something burning in the hallway.

As if attracted by the smell, I went to the kitchen, where Senpai in an apron looked at me and said, [Good morning.]

Even that casual remark made me nervous.

“G-good morning.”

“Did you sleep well last night?”

“Y-yes. W-what about you, Senpai?”

“Yeah. I had a very good night.”

Senpai smiled faintly.

She seemed to be in a good mood, probably because she was sleeping so comfortably.

“I-I see. Um, but did your family have any problems with you staying the night?”

“No, it’s fine. But more importantly, you have to go to school today, so after you eat, go and change your clothes.”

“Y-yes. Then, let’s eat.”

Today I had grilled sausage, ham and eggs, miso soup, and rice.

These simple things are delicious and comforting.

But my lips are tingling.

Was it hot last night?

“Um……was it hot yesterday?

“No. It was refreshing.”

“Is that so? Then, it’s fine.”

“Yeah. It felt really good.”

“I see.”

I think it is usually difficult to sleep in other people’s beds.

After all, Senpai may be a lonely person.

Just hearing that she’ll have a better night with me makes me feel weird.

“……No, hold on.”

“What’s wrong?”

“N-no. I’m talking to myself. Besides, don’t you have to go home to change your clothes, Senpai?”

“Yeah. I’ve already brought them.”

“Ah, I see.”

She already brought them, does that mean she was planning to stay at my place from the beginning?

No, I don’t think so.

She probably woke up early in the morning and went back to get it.

Senpai is an early riser, huh.

“Thank you for the meal. I’m going to go change then.”

“Yeah. I’ll get ready too.:

I went back to my room and put on my uniform.

For some reason, I’m going to school with Senpai today.

We left home together, took the train together, and went to school together.

I still can’t believe it.

I never thought I’d get to spend so much time with Snpai.

I wonder what people would think if they saw us going to school together.

I wonder if they will misunderstand me.

But if it’s with Senpai, I’m just happy to be misunderstood.

How much more do I have to work until there is no longer misunderstanding?

Or rather, I wonder if there is such a future beyond my hard work.

Aware of this distant goal, I left my room feeling a little depressed.

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