“Senpai, come to think of it, Senpai’s house is in the neighborhood, isn’t it?”

I asked the silent Senpai, staring at the flowers the whole time, as we finally made it back to near my house after shopping.

“Yes, it’s nearby.”

“I see. Then, shall I give you a lift after you drop off your luggage?”

“Yeah. Then, please.”


As expected, we had finished shopping, and I thought I would say goodbye when I got home, so I mustered up the courage to ask Senpai, and she easily agreed.

I’m glad, now I could spend a little more time with Senpai.

I arrived home and unlocked the front door.

“Erm, I’m going to put my stuff down, so please wait for me.”

With that, I took off my shoes and went into the kitchen.

But for some reason, Senpai went into the house with me.”

“H-hm? Why don’t you just wait for me, Senpai?”

“What are you going to do for dinner?”

“Eh? W-well, I’ll cook something.”

“Then I’ll cook. I bought a new frying pan.”

“B-but I don’t feel too good about it.”

“No, it’s okay. I want to try using a knife.”

“I-I see.”

Senpai takes off my jacket and hangs it on the chair, then quickly takes out a frying pan and a knife from the shopping bag I put on the table, opens the seal, carries it to the sink, and begins washing it.

Certainly it is no wonder that someone who loves to cook would want to be the first to use the new cooking utensils.

But I wondered if I should take advantage of her curiosity for dinner.

But when I saw her looking at the knife and saying, [It looks sharp] I felt it would be wrong to refuse her.

I sat on a chair in the kitchen and watched her cooking.

“Looks like it cuts well.”

With this knife, even the vermin that cling to Tokiwa kun could be…, no, no.

Humans tend to have a lot of oil, so it seems like the blades get worn out quickly when you try to cut them.

I bought a new knife to make something delicious for Tokiwa kun, so I have to use it with care.


Besides, Tokiwa kun is very aggressive today.

He’s staring at me.

What should I do? I’m so nervous.

I’m worried that the omelet rice will break.

I’m worried that my reason will break.

I’m nervous.

I still have the afterglow of the flower gift I received earlier, but if he makes me nervous any more, I’ll go crazy.

I’m afraid I might attack Tokiwa kun.

Fufu, but I want to be pushed down at least for the first time.

I’ll be patient, I promise.

I’m glad I have an apron.

I got a little wet.

Senpai began to cook without hesitation.

After peeling the onions with an experienced hand, she quickly chopped them with the knife she had just bought.

After that, she put them in the frying pan she had just bought and began to fry them.

A sweet smell spreads through the kitchen.

Then, after frying the chicken together, she throws in the rice that was in a Tupperware.

As I watched to see what he was making, Senpai added ketchup to the pan.

The aroma of burning ketchup, mixed with sourness, spreads.

Apparently, she was making chicken rice.

“It smells good……”

I got hungry while waiting and ended up talking to myself.

Then Senpai said, [It’s almost ready] without turning around.

Once the rice was transferred to a plate, she re-laid the oil in the frying pan before adding the stirred eggs.

Then she added the chicken rice and, like a chef, quickly rotated the frying pan before wrapping the egg around the rice and placing it on the plate.

In no time at all, the omelet was ready.


I was so impressed with her skill that I watched her from beginning to end.

I was so hungry that I was falling forward, and she said to me, [wait for it.]

She picked up the ketchup again and quickly poured it over the omelet.

And then,

“Here you go.”

The finished omelet was put in front of me.

But when I saw it, I was speechless.

“This is…….”

A heart mark was drawn on it.

A large, red heart was insisting on the top of a traditional omelet, which was neatly covered with thinly spread eggs.

What does this mean?

Usually, this is the kind of thing that a girlfriend would make for her boyfriend, right?

M-maybe she’s referring to me as…….

“S-Senpai, this is.”

“Auntie taught me how to make beautiful hearts.”

“Ah, I see…….”

For a moment, I thought that Senpai drew something like this because she liked me, but apparently he was just trying to do what my mother had taught her.

That’s right, there’s no way someone like Hyori senpai would do such an embarrassing thing for nothing.

“Is it pretty?”

“Y-yes, very much so. Um, may I have it?”

“Yeah If it’s not enough, I’ll make another one.”

“Y-yes. Then…..I’ll have some.”

I took a bite of the heart-shaped piece, which was so beautifully shaped that it would have been a shame to break it, and stretched it out with a spoon, feeling sorry for her.

The moment I ate it, I couldn’t help but say, [Mmm.]

“Yum. What’s this? It’s so delicious.”

I hate tomatoes, and while I can eat ketchup, I don’t like dishes with acidic flavors.

So omelet rice has not been a favorite of mine for a long time.

The one I’m eating now is completely different.

The chicken rice inside is fried well and the sourness has been removed, so it is not too strong.

Also, the eggs are thinly spread, but the heat is exquisite. The outside is firm, but the inside is still semi-cooked and fluffy.

What the heck, even if you pay money, you won’t get something like this.

“Is it good?”

“Y-yes, very good. You are a good cook, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I can at least cook. Besides, I wanted a new frying pan.”

“I-I see. But if you can make such delicious food, I might as well learn how to make it.”

After finishing the meal, Senpai would probably go home, but I wanted to spend some more time with her, so I jokingly said something like that.

Then, she refused and said, [No, I can’t teach you how to cook.]

“I-I see. I-I’m sorry for being too carried away”

“No, it’s okay. Eat it before it gets cold.”


She left the kitchen.

Did she get angry because I said something familiar to her, like asking her to teach me how to cook?

She’s a very quick-tempered person.

I should be thankful that she cooked dinner for me like this.

But it’s really good.

I wonder what in the world she did to make it taste so good with such simple ingredients.

I wish you would have told me.

I wonder if she will teach me when she comes back.

No, I don’t think so.

Haa……I really don’t know what Senpai’s thinking.

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