“……Smells good.”

The smell of bacon cooking reaches my room slightly from downstairs.

I wonder what she’s cooking.

“…..I wonder if your senpai has a boyfriend?”

Maybe she learned how to cook for someone she liked.

She doesn’t seem to have a very flattering attitude, but there’s no way any normal man would leave such a beautiful woman alone.

She seems mature, and I wonder if she might be dating an older college student or something.

A kid like me is out of the question.

I feel miserable when I eat dinner with Senpai.


I was depressed on my own.

This may be the first time I’ve felt so gloomy.

Even when I twisted my ankle the day before the elementary school sports day and was the only one who couldn’t participate, and when I saw a girl I was interested in was in the same class as me in middle school playing with her boyfriend, I never felt this depressed.

As expected, Senpai is……

“I love you.”

I sprinkled the finishing touches with black pepper and poured a lot of my love along with it.

Now, I have to call Tokiwa kun.

I need him to eat it before it gets cold.

I don’t want him to say it doesn’t taste good.


As I stood in front of his room, I felt my heart beat strongly.

At the same time, I felt as if every pore in my body had opened.

I can no longer keep a normal heart rate just by thinking that Tokiwa kun is there.

But I have to calm down.

I am even older than him.

All boys like younger girls better.

I have to be attractive in my own way.

If I keep on spoiling him, he will get tired of me.

“Dinner is ready, Tokiwa kun.”

I called out to him, trying hard to hold back the trembling in my throat.

I heard a rustling sound coming from his room, so I fled ahead of him and went back to the kitchen.

“Fufu, I was so nervous. Tokiwa kun, I hope you’re in a better mood.”

I was called by Senpai and rushed out of the room, but she wasn’t there.

The only thing is, there was a faint sweet scent left in the corridor.

Is this Senpai’s scent?

I don’t know, it’s very elegant and calming.


I went to the first floor, my head spinning with the lingering scent of Senpai.

When I went to the kitchen, Senpai was sitting on a chair and eating first.

“Eat your food before it gets cold.”

She was still looking at her meal.

She was still in the same cold manner as before.

I sat down at the table across from her, feeling pain in my heart at the sight of her.

The carbonara was on the table.

“Thanks for the food.”

I picked up the spoons and forks placed on both sides of the table and wrapped the pasta around the spoon and fork.

I usually don’t eat this way, but I wanted to look cool in front of Senpai, so I did something I was not used to doing.

I took a bite of the pasta I had rolled up, making a clunking sound.

“…Ah, it’s good. What’s this? It’s so good.”

It’s full of cheese, but not overwhelming.

I’ve only had it at family restaurants, but it’s a few notches better than what I’ve had at restaurants.

I mean, it’s just the way I like it.

“Is it good?”

“Y-yes. It’s very good.”

“I see. Would you like some of mine?”

“Eh? N-no no, I felt bad.”

“Is anything I put in my mouth dirty?”

“O-of course not. But.”


“N-no. I just thought you must be hungry.”

I’m sure she’s tired, too, after the trouble she got into this morning.

However, despite the circumstances, she even cooked for me.

I was confused, thinking that I couldn’t do something so brazen as to steal someone’s food like that.


“I’m already full. Eat.”

Senpai hands me a bit of her pasta.

“…..Then I’ll take it.”

“Yeah. If you want another serving, I’ll make it again.”

Senpai said so and left the kitchen.

After all, it must have been awkward for the two of us to eat together.

I was left alone in the quiet kitchen and after finishing my own pasta, I also had Senpai’s portion.

It felt a little immoral to bring a woman’s food that she had just finished eating to my mouth.

But I decided that it was better than leaving something that she had gone to the trouble of making for me, and I finished it off with a delicious meal.

“Tokiwa kun, you are kind after all…….”

Touching his kindness, I almost cried right then and there, so I fled to the bathroom.

The pounding in my chest still hasn’t subsided.

I am such an unsociable person and not very talkative, but Tokiwa kun speaks to me kindly and cares for me.

He even eats what I eat without being disgusted.

I’m sure that he will forgive me for all the things I have done wrong.

When I get back, I’ll ask him out.

It’s only noon, so we can take a walk on the beach, go shopping in front of the station, and then come back home and have dinner together.

It’s like being married.

I hope we can continue like this forever.

Ehehe, I’ve been home since yesterday, so I feel like I live here.

It’s fun.

I slept very well last night, breathing the same air as Tokiwa kun.

Oh, but then I’ll have to bring Panda san here, too.

I didn’t come home yesterday, so he’ll be waiting alone in his room.

Yeah, I’ll have to move my stuff around a little bit at a time.

I should leave my toothbrush, towels, and bath stuff.

It’s kind of exciting, like when you start living together.

Oh, yeah, I think I’ll go shopping for furniture and stuff after this.

“Of course, together. I love you, Tokiwa kun.”

I love you.

I wonder if he’s finished eating his pasta.

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7 months ago

Yo, what the fuck is she putting in the pasta

7 months ago
Reply to  Kines

Love power friend love power

7 months ago

Man this isn’t cute or anything. This chicks insane. This one actually deserves the yandere tag for once.

2 months ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

It doesn’t help that the MC is a complete fucking moron who doesn’t think to question any of the insane things she does.