“Ehehe, I’ll take…..Tokiwa kun’s used spoon.”

I licked the back of the spoon that had curry stuck on it. 

I kissed the joints.

I licked his saliva.

His DNA is inside me.

I wonder if I will get pregnant.

It would be nice if I did.

“Fufu, he ate so many second helpings. Mischievous Tokiwa kun, I love it.”

I made this curry, but after he ate it, it tasted so good.

I licked the plate, too.

I can’t show this embarrassing part to Tokiwa kun.

No, I’m sure he would laugh at me like this and say I’m naughty.

I made the bath a little hotter today.

I want him to come out soon.

Yesterday I had my first joint work with Tokiwa kun, and I was a little tired, so I went home.

Today, I still have time to spare.

We can watch TV together and then fall asleep together on the sofa.

I’m getting wet just thinking about it.

I told him that Mother-in-law and Father-in-law would be home late today, but that was a lie.

“Neither of them are coming home today.”

Of course, I know why.

It’s their wedding anniversary, so they’re going out for dinner and staying in.

That’s wonderful.

I can’t wait to celebrate my anniversary with Tokiwa kun.

The anniversary of how we met, the anniversary of the first time our eyes met, the anniversary of the first time he touched me, and so on.

Hmmm. Every day is an anniversary, isn’t it?

I wonder what our anniversary is today.

“Like our first sleepover……I guess.”


I looked up at the ceiling blankly while soaking in the bathtub.

Today I washed my body more carefully than usual.

Of course, I don’t want Senpai to think I stink.

Although it’s possible that she doesn’t even care about my scent. 

But if she pressured me to take a bath like that, I would be a little bit concerned about it.

“…..It’s getting hot. I feel like I’m getting boiled, I should get out of here.”

Today my body warmed up faster than usual.

Come to think of it, I take a bath as if it were a given, but Senpai also prepared this for me.

…I eat the food Senpai made at home and take a bath that Senpai boiled for me.

It’s like we’re a married couple.

It would be even more awkward if she found out that I was thinking that way.

Just try to be normal…….

Well, I guess Senpai is already home.


When I got out of the bath, Senpai was still in the kitchen.

She’s sitting at the table, drinking tea and quietly using her phone.


“Ah, you were early.”

“Y-yeah, well.”

“How was the hot water?”

“I-it was very nice.”

“I see. Are you going to bed?”

“W-well, yeah.”

“I see.”

She looked down at her cell phone again.

I’m full and I’ve taken a bath, so I want to go back to my room and go to bed, but I don’t want to leave her there alone.

“Um, are you waiting for my mother?”

“No, I’m just taking it easy. Am I bothering you?”

“Y-you’re not bothering me.”

“Then good. Oh, by the way, do you want some dessert after dinner?”


Senpai, who seemed to talk more than usual, took out a small cup from the fridge.

“Pudding, don’t you like it?”

“N-no, I love it. Um, did you make this too?”

“Yeah. Are you unhappy that I made it?”

“O-of course not……um, c-can I have it?”


Somehow, the pudding, which was said to be handmade by Senpai, was placed on the table.

When I sat down in front of the pudding, Senpai handed me a spoon just like before.

I decided to take a bite after removing the plastic wrap from the bowl.

“….Umm. This is so good !”

The pudding was so delicious that I was so excited that I forgot that I was talking to Senpai.

Then, I couldn’t help but look at Senior, and my eyes met her serious face.

“Ah, s-sorry……”

“No, it’s okay. After you eat that, do you want to rest?”

“I-I guess so. What about you, Senpai?”

“I’ll relax for a bit and clean up.”

“…I’m kind of sorry. Um, even if my mother asks you to do something that you don’t like, it’s okay for you to decline it properly.”

“I appreciate your concern. But I’m fine.”


I still don’t understand why Senpai is so devoted to my mother, or even close to her.

After finishing the pudding, Senpai quickly put away the bowl and spoon.

Then, I was told, [You need to rest] and I was sent back to my room.

I really wanted to help her clean up, and since we had been talking so much today, I wanted to keep the conversation going, but when she kept asking me if I was going to sleep, I felt like she was telling me to get back to my room, so I left.

When I got back to my room, I realized I had forgotten to brush my teeth, but I didn’t feel like leaving my room again today, so I went straight to bed.

The sweet taste in my mouth definitely increased the spark that lit up my heart.

“Ehehe, I’ll have your spoon again….Tokiwa kun.”

A bite to refresh my palate.

This time it’s a little sweeter.

But something more luscious than the sweetness of the pudding stimulates me.

“Haa…….I talked a lot with Tokiwa kun. I was so nervous that I was wet all over the place and I hope he didn’t notice.”

I was trying hard to hide my excitement.

I really wanted to spoil him more and chat a lot, but it was a little too much for me.

I am not like those vulgar women who, when they see a man, immediately bite the bullet and try to get their hands on him.

I am a woman who can think about Tokiwa kun and act only for him.

Besides, tomorrow is my day off.

We can spend a lot of time together.

“I think he’s asleep.”

I am not a burden to him.

I won’t disturb his brief rest.

When I make sure he is asleep in his room, I leave him alone.

“Ehehe, but let me just look at his sleeping face.”

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