Episode 56 – The Young Lady……Melting ! ! (Thanks to the Cold)



“…….I’m sorry. I didn’t think I would catch a cold.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for. Your physical condition comes first in everything, so please rest well, Emiko san.”

This was the third date. This time it was Emiko san’s turn, but apparently she was not feeling well.

She’s already gotten much better and I’m sure her school is already back in session, just like ours.

The more such changes occur, the more likely your health will deteriorate.


“Emiko san?”

I called out her name involuntarily as she suddenly went silent.

“……I’m a little frustrated.”


“…….I was looking forward to having a date with Kento……but I wonder…….”

Her voice sounded like it was trembling somehow. It’s like she’s on the verge of crying.

It’s something you wouldn’t expect from someone like her, who is usually rather assertive, but perhaps due to the cold, some of her true feelings may have leaked out.

And her attitude is proof that she was looking forward to the date with me that much.

……I’m not a man if I don’t do something here.

“Emiko san. Should I go to your house now?”

“M-my house?”

“I’m going to take care of you.”

“…..It’s not good. My fever is high, and above all, I feel sorry for Kento……”

“Don’t think about me at all. However, what I want to know is whether Emiko san wants me to come or not. It’s one of two things.”

I felt after I said it that this way was a little cunning. Emiko san likes me, and her answer is, in effect, one of two things.

“….I want you to come. There’s no one at home today, and I’m a little worried. Just that.”

For some reason, Emiko san put in a lot of tsundere, but, well, I got my answer.

“Can you send me your home address? I’ll be right there.”


I was ready to say what a mansion this is.

But contrary to my expectations, the house was small. To be honest, it was hard to believe that this was the house where the daughter of the Miyahara Zaibatsu lived.

I thought about the possibility that she lived alone, but then I remembered that she had told me during a previous part-time job break that she did not live alone.

Thinking that the Miyahara Zaibatsu had fallen, I checked the stock price on the Internet and read the address sent to me again, but found nothing unusual. I didn’t know much about stock prices.

Since there was no point in fretting at this point, I rang the intercom with my intention.

“……Kento, you’re really here…….”

I was scared for what to do if a complete stranger answered, but what came out was Emiko san in her pajamas with a cold fever sheet and a mask on.

A lot of information, but to sum it up briefly, she is cute.

She invites me to enter her house. It really is an ordinary house.

“I’m sorry, I’m a little late. I couldn’t find the house.”

“……Are you surprised? ……More than you expected…..it’s an ordinary house, right?”

She said in a halting manner. She really doesn’t look well.

“I doubted several times if I was really in the right place.”

“…..Of course we have villas, but they’re all like this, you know? …..In case you’re wondering, there’s a reason that my father is……the embodiment of frugality……”

“Is that so…..! Whoa !”

I couldn’t help but let out a strange voice. Who could have predicted that Emiko san would fall down because of her dizzy state?

“I’m sorry. ….My fever has gone up a little bit……maybe…….”

“I’ll carry you to bed.”

“It’s in the back room on the second floor–hyaa !”

I carried Emiko san in a princess carry manner and went up to the second floor. I’m sorry to have startled you, but that’s not the point.

The room in the back is, as expected, Emiko san’s room. I was surprised for a moment by the pinkish color of the room, but I gently set Emiko san down on the bed.

“Emiko san. I’ll take care of most of the housework. ……No, may I do it?”

It’s called courtesy even when you’re a close friend. I’ll get her permission.

“Hm….thanks. …..But when you wash my u-underwear……don’t make it weird……”

“I won’t…….then, have a good rest.”

I felt like she dropped a rather bombshell.

I blamed it on her cold and decided to let it pass.

I immediately turned my back to start doing housework–

“Stop……stay with me…….”

My sleeve was grabbed tightly.

No, for a moment I thought I was an idiot for thinking that something like that might happen, but I was the idiot.

Too cute.

I’m going a little crazy because she’s so adorable.

“Can you sleep with me? ……My bed is too big. ……No?”

“……Got it.”

I’m trying to act like I’m over it, but my heart is racing.

I was afraid to get into bed, but when I got into bed, I saw her well-defined face right in front of me. I involuntarily look away.

Of course, I won’t do anything weird due to her suffering from a cold, but it’s a very exciting situation.

“Kento…..pat me.”


“Stroke my head.”

Now that I’m being chased, I have even less leeway.

“You’re doing that to your little sister……who sees Kento as a member of the opposite sex, right? ………I heard it in the group chat…….so I know. ……..If that’s the case…….then I can do it too, right?”

Putting aside the group chat and all that, I was at the height of my excitement, but when I looked at her face, I suddenly became calm.

The more I looked at her, the more I saw that she looked anxious, unlike her usual self, and I wondered if she was about to cry like she did on the phone, with tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

……Of course. I know, it’s anxious when you have a fever. You can’t help but want to be spoiled.

I was told previously that she had spent her elementary, middle and high school years in solitude. In addition to that, she told me on the phone just now that her parents are gone today too.

It is easy to predict whether the parents are usually home, or whether there is some reason why they are not coming home.

She is surely in deep desolation at all times.

Of course, all of this is within the realm of expectation, but I have something close to a certainty about it.

The cold must have triggered it and exposed it.

If that’s the case.

There is only one thing I can do.

“I’ll stay by your side until you sleep. …..There, there.”

It may seem strange to do this to someone older than you, but today I decided to spoil her a little.

At first, Emiko san was shyly wriggling around, but gradually her eyes began to glaze over, and soon I could hear her regular sleeping breaths.

Emiko san’s first pampering mission was a great success.



“Ah, Emiko san, are you awake?”

She woke up about an hour after I finished doing some housework.

Well, let’s spoil her anyway.

Now that I know that her parents haven’t come home at least yesterday because all the laundry was hers, I want to pamper her even more quickly.

“K-Kento ! Forget all…..that stuff I said earlier !”

She can speak more clearly than before, and her complexion has improved somewhat. I was relieved.

“I was just acting a little weird earlier ! It’s not like I was really want to–“

“That’s all right. Then let’s rinse your mouth.”

When you wake up, there are a lot of bacteria in your mouth.

“–It’s not that I wanted it…again…it’s embarrassing…don’t…”

She was saying something messed up, but when I gave her a princess hug, she started giggling as if it were a lie.

I took her straight to the bathroom.

“Look, we’ve arrived. Okay, open your mouth.”

After gently setting Emiko san down, who covered her bright red face with her hands, I encouraged her to gargle.

“I-I can do that much !”


I feel like I’m getting lost, but I’m going to stick to my original intention from start to finish. I push on.

“Let’s go to the living room. I made some porridge. Do you think you can eat it?”

“……Thank you. I’ll have some. …..I can go without the princess carry now !”

Oh no. I might have offended her.

I led her into the living room and urged her to a chair.

I put the porridge on the bowl and brought it to Emiko san.

“Thank you. I’ll have some–ah, I have to get a spoon.”

She must have thought I had forgotten it. I was so impressed with Emiko san that she didn’t send me to get it, but instead went to get it herself.

“Emiko san. I’ve got it, don’t worry. ……Ahhn.”

Emiko san’s pampering mission number two was underway.

“Eh, I-I can eat by myself……”

“I can’t afford to bother the sick person, so here you go.”

“Eh……? Eh……?”

She is deeply confused, but I am perfectly normal.

There is no room for error in this strategy, inspired by what I do to Hikari, who I always spoil.



I think I was a little pushy, but she ate it safely despite her bewilderment.

“How do you like it? Is it good?”

“……Yeah, it tastes good,……but it’s, um……embarrassing, maybe,……”

…..Hm. Is the theory wrong?

I was slightly shocked, but there was no way I was going to force her to do something that was embarrassing.

“I’m sorry, but would you like to eat it yourself?”


I was clearly rejected.

Emiko san’s second attempt at pampering failed spectacularly.

“…….I understand. I’m sorry for being so weird.”

“N-not that…..not that kind of no……um, I want you to feed me after all…..”

I don’t know if it’s because of a cold or because she’s embarrassed, but Emiko san turns bright red and looks away.

……No, too cute?

I was surprised when she landed a full counter that lowered and raised many times.

However, I had spoiled Hikari, so I immediately returned and started feeding her again.







I’d like you to stop making a sexy voice every time.

“Mmm! ……………One more bite.”

As I was thinking about this, I saw Emiko san waiting for me with her mouth open.

The inside of her mouth was throbbing, and it was somehow erotic.

Yeah…..I felt like I was doing something wrong.


Finally, I inserted the spoon into her mouth, and before I knew it, the porridge on the plate was empty.

“……Want some more?”

“……I’ll have some.”

“Oh, I’m glad you’ve got your appetite back.”

“No, I’m already full……but I’d like Kento to feed me a little more…..”

She was so cute that I fed her a lot after this.

Emiko san pampering mission number 2, a great success in reverse.


“Thank you for today.”

I had a lot of embarrassing moments, such as suddenly being fed, being held like a princess, and…..many other things, but it was all in a good way.

“Do you feel better, Emiko san?”

“Yes, thanks to you…….Be careful on your way home.”

“Okay, I’m going home.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Good-bye……….ah, one last thing.”

Suddenly he turned around–

“If you ever feel lonely again, call me anytime !”

He said with a big smile on his face and a slightly teasing tone in his voice.

But I didn’t think he was making fun of me at all.

Rather, I remembered his warmth.

“……I love you.”

As I watched his back go away, I couldn’t help but burst into tears.

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