It is now 13:00. I’m meeting up with Maria senpai in front of the station.

Whenever I go on a date, we always meet in front of the station, probably because there are various commercial facilities there, so the hustle and bustle of people and the huge billboards are all familiar sights to me.

The date was not a sudden decision, but rather a fulfillment of the promise I made to Maria senpai on the day I invited her to my house.

By the way, I also made a date plan with Hikari at the same time, so I’m planning to go to the amusement park with Hikari tomorrow.

……Am I on a date with too many girls? This makes me look like a playboy…… 

I’m not, am I?


I was asking myself that question when I felt a tug on my sleeve, and when I turned around……

There was Maria senpai in a jersey.

“………I-it’s not that !”

She looks like a wife who has been caught having an affair……

“What do you mean…..?”

“……The truth is ! I was thinking of wearing a cute outfit I bought for today ! And then ! And then something was missing !”


“……..Yes !”

“Then why didn’t you wear something else?”

“The clothes I wore last time I went to Kento’s house got ketchup on them and I had to take them to the cleaners ! I got rid of my other clothes. ! All I really had on was a jersey !”

It’s amazing that she got rid of all her other clothes, not to mention the dry cleaning. Is Maria senpai the type who can get rid of things?

“Maria senpai, are you the type of person who doesn’t care much about clothes?

I asked, and Maria senpai looked down, shook her body, and looked up.

“……Is that wrong !? I wear jerseys when I’m at home ! The only time I get dressed up is on a date with you !”

……That was a bit harsh. It’s like she knows a lot about men’s hearts when it comes to a date.

Well, that aside, a new side of Senpai was discovered, such as wearing a jersey at home.

And if I look closely, I can see that she’s glaring at me with a bright red face while wearing cute sleeves…….nice.

……..Jersey, nice.

“Kento was disappointed anyway, right !? There’s no way a woman would wear a jersey on a date !”

Maria senpai, who seems to be getting angry, is shaking her head. …..Jerseys are great.

“What can I say, the current Senpai…..I find it really moe.”

I’m not sure what to say.

She’s biting. Cute.

“Well, I’m going to go buy some clothes for now ! I’m dying of embarrassment that I’m wearing a jersey.”


“What? Are you dissatisfied?”

“No……I’m a little disappointed because I thought Senpai in jerseys were cute…….”

From my point of view, having discovered a new realm of jersey moe, I wanted Senpai to continue to wear it, so I’m a little disappointed.

“…There’s no need to buy clothes after all.”

“Eh? What’s going on all of a sudden?”

A sudden change of policy, I realized that my earlier guess was off the mark, and I was confused.

Then, Senpai started to fidget……

“If Kento says jerseys are good, then I’ll wear jerseys.”

She told me with an upward glance.

……It was a tremendous destructive force.


“The movie was kinda interesting.”

“Right ! That was so much fun !”

I saw the movie at the cinema,……and to be honest, it was boring. ……What can I say, there was no sense in the dialogue, or rather, everything came out of nowhere.

I think I might have enjoyed it if the dialogue was a little more detailed. That’s what I think.

But apparently it was well received by Maria senpai.

“Kento ! The last scene was really moving ! The protagonist and the heroine–“

……Well, if it made Maria senpai smile, it was worth it.

“Hey ! Are you listening?”

“Yeah, I’m listening, I’m listening.”

“I bet you’re not listening !”

“……Let’s go get a drink, shall we?”

“Don’t change the subject !”

It was quite a pain to reprimand Senpai who was making such a fuss.


After that, we spent the rest of the day window shopping and playing in the game center.

We had an accident on the way there when a student from the same high school almost saw us in our jerseys, but in general we had a good time together.

“That’s enough of that.”

“I’ll walk you home.”

“But Kento’s house is on the opposite side. If I do that, you will be home very late.”

“It’s okay. I want to talk with you a little more.”


On the way home at night. It can be said that it is a man’s duty to take a woman home, or at least close to home.

As Senpai said, I’ll be getting home late, but I can’t help it.

“Did you enjoy today’s date, Senpai?”

“Of course. …….Ah, it’s not like a date with you wouldn’t be fun.”

“…….I’m honored.”

I’m sure that my embarrassment will be hidden in the darkness and no one will find out.

“…Hey, Kento.”

“What is it?”

“Do you know why I fell in love with you……?”

“No, I have absolutely no idea myself……”

That’s something I wanted to know.

“I think it’s natural that you don’t realize it.The reason I fell in love with Kento wasn’t because something like this really happened. You worked hard at the student council and was considerate to those around. I started to like you before I knew it when I saw you and the smiles you sometimes showed……so, you know? What I’m trying to say is…”

Senpai took a deep breath, as if she couldn’t hold her breath after talking for so long, and then—

“I’m ! I’m serious ! I didn’t fall in love with you just because you were kind to me like the heroine in a light novel ! I’ve been watching you for months and I’ve sensed your true nature and I like you !”


“So, you know? Even though I was hard on you, I’d be happy if you liked me too……okay? Just kidding. …..Ehehe.”

Needless to say, the last smile knocked me out.

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8 months ago

I call BS on that. She totally did fall for him like a heroine in a light novel!