“Hey, you don’t mind if I do you, do you?”

“Wait a minute.”

“Aah!? You’re still waiting, Rio?”

The exchange was unfolding in front of me.

In order to suppress the tremors in my body, I folded my arms around myself and listened.

…… Why are you stopping these guys?

At this stage, I still can’t read Tachibana Rio’s aim.

There were more than ten men who came in. Among them were the guys who bullied Shota-kun.

I’m not sure Rio Tachibana is able to control all of them, and one guy walks up to me.

“…… hehe, that’s enough. I’ll take the first one.”

I recognized him.

“…… Shirakawa-kun.”

When I called out to him, he twisted his mouth into a happy smile.

“………… you should be shaking like that, it’s because you’re being so stubborn that this is happening.”

“It’s good, Shirakawa! Do her!”

“Oh, after Shirakawa, huh? You, go easy on her.”

One after another, the men shouted in support of Shirakawa and made fun of him.

Tachibana Rio also let out a sigh of dismay, and it seems that she does not intend to stop it seriously.

I can only back away and am driven to the window.

Shirakawa closes that distance step by step.

“…… stop.”

Shirakawa happily accepts my short refusal.

“It’s …… nice, isn’t it? I’m sure Sakurae looks good with that look on her face.”

Shirakawa’s hand reaches out to me.

Then ……


As if to protect me, Akane stood up to Shirakawa with her hands outstretched.


Shirakawa threatened Akane, but Akane was not intimidated and glared at Shirakawa.

“I know you liked Sana, but …… this is the wrong way!

“What! Get out of my way!”


Shirakawa’s hand clung to Akane’s as she tried to move away, and she refused to budge from her position.

“…… Akane, why?”

“Ugh…It’s because ……! I’m a friend of Sana’s. I’m a friend of hers! If you try to do something outrageous to Sana, I won’t forgive you!”

When Akane dared, Tachibana Rio called out to her.

“Akane. I’m sorry, but I can’t help your friend. If you retreat from there, I will only save you. ……”

“No! The truth is, I had planned to do this from the very beginning! No more, everyone is full of lies. …… You all keep cheating on Sana and me!”

“Shut up!”


“Akane! ……!”

Akane was pushed away by Shirakawa.

Shirakawa, breathing unevenly, clicks his tongue loudly.

“If you want to be fucked so badly, there are plenty of men out there! Get them to love you!”

At the sound of Shirakawa’s voice, a few of them headed toward Akane.

“Oh, are you all right?”

“This girl’s okay, too.”

“I’d rather be here than after Shirakawa.”

“No, no, no! Don’t come here!”



“….. you’re late.”

Tachibana Rio said shortly as everyone looked at the open door.

There he was ……



Shota-kun came with the two men.

However, Shota-kun is immediately held down on the floor by the men who brought him.

“Ugh ……! Get out of the way!”

“I’m sorry, Kokonoe-kun. Do you want to watch there for a minute?”

“Damn ……! Tachibana, get off me!”

“Come on. I brought you here as I promised, so you’d better behave yourself.”

Shota kun stares at Tachibana Rio, but can’t move.

Seeing Shota-kun like that, Tachibana Rio opens her red eyes, smiles once, and then walks towards me.

“… finally, we’re in the same situation as we were back then.”

“That time……?”

Tachibana Rio pushed away Shirakawa, who was not following the situation, and stood in front of me.

“……If you tell me here that you hated Kokonoe-kun, I’ll help you and Kokonoe-kun.”

“…… Eh?”

Tachibana Rio said this in a whisper.

Tachibana and Sakurae are talking about something.

I can’t hear their voices from here.

Eventually, Tachibana retreated to make way between me and Sakurae.

“Shota-kun,……, I’m …….”

With tears in her eyes, Sakurae is trying to tell me something.

I can see even from here that she is shaking with …… fear.

(Sakurae, if you’re being told something, just go along with it now. …… I know exactly what it’s about!)

I force a smile and nod to let her know that.

When she saw me, her eyes widened, and Sakurae’s eyes shook.

“I love …… you, Shota-kun! No matter who interrupts me or what they think of me, I love Shota-kun!”

Sakurae’s confession silenced the entire room.

The first to react to it was Tachibana.

“…… you!”

Tachibana pounces on Sakurae.

“Stop it! Tachibana!”

“I’ll kill you! How far will you go to get in the way of me and Kokonoe-kun? I’ll rip you to pieces and make you regret everything, and then I’ll kill you!”

“Gah- Gah!”

Sakurae was strangled and her face contorted in pain.


“That’s enough of that, Rio.”

Finally, Yamamoto and Kikuchi appeared.

“What? You’re interrupting me again!”

“……, I’m not bothering you. I just want to protect you this time.”

While Yamamoto and Tachibana were having such an exchange, Kikuchi kicked the man who was on top of me away.

“Are you okay, Kokonoe?”

“…Ah, that’s helpful. Did you understand?”

“I had a guide.”

When I followed Kikuchi’s gaze out the door after saying that, I saw Takagi there.

I nodded to Takagi, who looked uncertain about the situation, and showed her a nod of thanks.

Then I approached Tachibana, who had removed her hand from Sakurae at the appearance of the two of them.

“…… Tachibana.”


Then Tachibana, who had been staring at Yamamoto, gives me a pleading look.

“The only one who can save me is Kokonoe-kun! Please, come back to me! I can do anything for that! Unlike that woman over there, I can ……!”

“……, stop it already”

I look at her changed and I get hard feelings.

…… Still, I have to cut it off here.

“I don’t need …… any favors that can only be shown by hurting someone else.”

“That’s ……! What should I do then,……!”

“Tachibana, I can’t go back.”

I looked straight back at Tachibana and said.

“No matter what you do, I’ll never fall in love with you….. I already have someone I want to take care of.”

When I looked at her, she looked surprised and her cheeks turned red.

I smiled a little in return.

“….. why?”

Tachibana looked shocked at that and muttered in a daze.

“…… why can’t it be me? How could that one mistake, that one time, cause this?”

Yamamoto stopped Tachibana, who was wobbling toward me, by taking her arm.

“……, that’s enough.”

“Shut up!”

Tachibana shook off his hand and said

“What do you know about me, ……? You know nothing about me. ……!”

Tachibana was crying.

Yamamoto looked at her with an indescribable expression.

“……, that’s enough. All of you should be in a mess! You guys, don’t just stand there and do it!”

I ran to Sakurae and covered her with my back.

But the men in the classroom didn’t move.

“What’s wrong?!”

“…… You idiot, Rio! I didn’t hear that not only Yamamoto was there, but Kikuchi as well!”

The men’s eyes were on Kikuchi.

In response, Kikuchi said without changing his expression.

“…… If you want to do it again, I’ll be your partner. If Yamamoto is not here, it will be easier than before.”

“Damn it, …No! You monster!”

After saying that, one of them ran away, and about half of the men that Tachibana had gathered followed.

“…… Kikuchi?”

I called Kikuchi, ‘Aah ……,’ he explained as he remembered.

“I did it once with the guys who went out. …… I won, though.”

“Tsk …….”

Hearing this, Yamamoto clicked his tongue in amusement.

I didn’t hear the details, but apparently Kikuchi had gotten into a fight with the Yamamoto group and got back at him.

“….. what are you guys going to do about it?”


Kikuchi said to the remaining men, and a man who looked like the leader of the group said.

“…..We ain’t gonna do it either. We just heard from that woman that we can play with Sana-chan.”

The remaining guys were near Sakurae, and the leader of the group said, “We don’t do it either.”

The rest of them left in a hurry, screaming briefly at Kikuchi’s glare.

“….The only one left was you.”


Yamamoto said, and Tachibana sat up as if she were about to collapse.

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