“Chi, Chifuyu!”

“Ah, Toma-kun ……”

Chifuyu choked a classmate.

During recess, Madoka san informed me that this was a problem, and I ran to the staff room.

When I arrived there, I found Chifuyu’s eyes slumped over in front of the teacher.

“Who are you?”

“I-I’m …… Chifuyu’s boyfriend.”

“Hmm, I see. I’ll be finished soon, so wait for us.”

So I backed off a little.

After that, the teacher says, “I hope this will never happen again,” and Chifuyu bows her head before coming to me.

“I’m …… sorry. I, I ……”

“Chifuyu, calm down. What happened?”

“He made fun of Toma-kun. A creepy person said terrible things to Toma-kun. ……”

Chifuyu, who was crying on the spot, was taken out to find Madoka-san waiting outside.

“Chifuyu, are you okay?”

“Madoka…… yes, but I’m suspended for a day.”

“I’m glad you got away with it. What about today?”

“They told me to go home. What should I …… do?”

“…… Madoka san, I’ll take her home.”

After telling the teacher what happened, I decided to leave school with Chifuyu.

The incident happened to Chifuyu, who is famous for her beauty and ladylike appearance in the school.

The rumor had already spread throughout the school, and many students were looking down at us from the classroom windows as we left the school building to hide.

“…… Chifuyu, you won’t be in the public eye anymore.”

After leaving the school and walking for a while, we stopped once.

Chifuyu’s mother was contacted, but she was not able to get in touch with her because she was at work.

“I’m sorry,……, Toma kun, go back to school, it’s okay.”

“I can’t leave you alone, can I? I’m going to relax a little bit when I get back.”

“I …… No. The one who is weird is me. When it comes to Toma kun, I can’t see anything at all. I can’t judge if it’s right or wrong to do it to someone else. ……”

Chifuyu almost collapses on the spot.

Gently supporting my shoulder, I walked a short distance to the park.

Sit on the bench side by side.

“…… Chifuyu, I just heard from Madoka san that you got mad at me for my sake?”

“…… He said that Toma-kun was a younger brat.”

“Haha, well, I guess I’m a brat compared to Chifuyu. But, thank you. I’m glad Chifuyu took me under your wing.”

“Toma-kun ……”

“But you shouldn’t be violent with them because of that. If Chifuyu quits school, I’ll miss you too.”

“…… I know. I know I did something wrong. But I can’t forgive…”

“I want to eat lunch with you every day. I want to go to school with you every day. That’s why you have to endure it so that we can be together forever. You did a great job, didn’t you?”

“Patience…Yeah, I’ll do my best. If it’s for Toma-kun, I can do my best.”

“Ahaha, good. If there’s anyone who’s offending Chifuyu, please tell me. I’ll punch him away instead.”

“N-No, you can’t. …… Toma kun won’t be able to come to school. ……”

“Oh, that’s right. I’ll put up with it.”


Although she had calmed down, Chifuyu was still devastated.

After relaxing for a while and being able to walk, the two of us went to Chifuyu’s house.

Meanwhile, Chifuyu’s eyes were dazed.

When we got home, she was as listless as ever, so I let her sit on the sofa in the living room and then I borrowed her kitchen to make coffee.

“…… Chifuyu, warm coffee.”

“Toma kun, did you make this for me?”

“Yes. Chifuyu always does all the work for me, so once in a while.”

“I should be the one to do it.”

“That’s not true. Chifuyu is tired today, so take it easy.”

The two of us stood side by side and drank a cup of warm coffee together.

A little bitter.

But when Chifuyu takes a sip, she lets out a sigh of relief.

“It’s delicious …… and warm.”

“I was wondering about hot coffee at a time like this, but I think something warm is soothing.”

“It’s delicious because Toma-kun made it for me.”

“I see. I’m glad that Chifuyu said so.”

The tip of her nose turns red, so I gently pat her on the head.

Then, my girlfriend, who would normally be begging for a kiss, puts down her coffee and leans on my shoulder.

“I’m …… strange. I’m a little different from other people. I think I’m going to cause trouble for Toma-kun from now on.”

“Chifuyu isn’t weird. Besides, she doesn’t bother me. She’s always kind, she does everything for me, and her food is delicious. Besides, everyone has their flaws. Me too.”

“……, but if something like today happens again,”

“Don’t let that happen, okay? I’ll be patient too, so do your best. Madoka-san also knows Chifuyu’s good points, so she treats her with kindness like that. There are many people who like Chifuyu.”

“…… yeah.”

Tears trickled down Chifuyu’s cheeks.

Then, when I closed my eyes, a quiet moment passed by.

Before I knew it, Chifuyu was asleep leaning against me.

“…Your sleeping face is cute.”

I continued to stare at her, trying not to wake her, as she slept peacefully, as if she had forgotten all the troubles from earlier.

After a while, I heard a rattling sound coming from the guard at the entrance.

“Chifuyu….. Oh, you are.”

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to disturb you. ……”

Chifuyu’s mother came back with a panicked look on her face.

“Is Chifuyu sleeping ……?”

“Yes, just now. She seems to be tired.”

“I see. Sagara-kun, you went out of your way to send her home. I’m sorry, for her sake.”

I bowed to the mother who bowed deeply, trying not to wake Chifuyu.

“No, it’s the least I can do. I’m sorry for intruding without permission.”

“No, thank you very much. Now, I’ll take over the rest of the work, and you can go back to school.”


“Don’t worry. I’m sure she won’t wake up for a while after sleeping like this. She’ll call you when she wakes up again.”

“……, I understand.”

It is hard to be away from them, and I wondered if Chifuyu would be okay with me not being there when she woke up.

Her real mother is by her side, and above all, I don’t think it’s right to accompany Chifuyu and neglect me at school.

I gently put her head on the couch as she leaned against me.

After bowing to Chifuyu’s mother once more, I returned to school.

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