“Madoka, I’m going to the bathroom.”

After finishing her pasta, Chifuyu gets up from her seat.

At that time, she said to me, “Toma-kun, too,” but Madoka san said, “No.”

Chifuyu looked back at me several times and disappeared into the hallway where the restroom was located.

“really that girl. …… Well, Kohai kun, can I ask you a question?”

“Y-yes. What is it?”

“You should not get sick with that girl. It would be a blessing for Chifuyu if you don’t.”

“…I know what you want to say. I have to be strong, don’t I?”

“That’s it. It’s a relief to talk to someone who isn’t sick for the first time in a while. Also, put on something you can wear properly. Now, I’m heading home, so the two of you can have fun together.”

“Eh, But Chifuyu is still”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure she’d love to spend some quality time alone with you. If you have any problems, you can always ask me.”


“See you later.”

Madoka san quickly left her seat.

Then when Chifuyu came back, she looked a little surprised. 

“Huh, Where is Madoka”

“She said she was leaving a while ago. We should go, too.”

“I see. Yes, let’s go.”

When I went to the cash register, Madoka san had already paid the bill.

She is so manly, isn’t she?

“Chifuyu, tell Madoka san I thank her.”

“Yes, I did. I just sent her a line.”

“I see. She’s a good friend.”

“She’s my best friend. She’s my second favorite after Toma kun.”

“I see.”

“Toma kun’s my number one.”

“Yeah, I like Chifuyu the best, too.”

“You have a second?”


“You can’t have number two.”


In other words, Chifuyu should be the first and only one.

Well, if that’s Chifuyu’s idea of happiness, I’ll give her that much.

I have no one but Chifuyu.

That is how I feel about her.

I will depend on Madoka san, too, but I can’t keep relying on her forever.

“I want to live with you.”

As soon as we arrived at the house, Chifuyu said this with a serious look on her face.

“Um, live together, you mean …… cohabitate?”

“Yes. I want to be with Toma kun all the time when I’m at home.”

“Yeah, me too. But if we’re going to live together, we’ll have to move out.”

“Can’t we stay here?”

“I’ve signed a contract to live alone. I’m signing a lease for living alone and my parents are paying the rent. If we both sign the contract and I probably pay the rent, my parents might understand somehow.”

My parents are quite tolerant.

My parents encouraged me to live alone now because they thought it was a valuable experience, and they told me to have at least one girlfriend, so I don’t think they would go so far as to object to something like this.

“Then, I’ll talk to my parents about it tomorrow. I also need to find a part-time job.”

“I’m going …… to be lonely. I’m scared.”

“It’ll be fine. If we live together, we’ll be together all the time on our days off.”

“Yes,…… that’s true. But make sure you have a job that doesn’t involve women.”

Chifuyu says with a serious face.

Well, I have to at least try not to worry about her while I’m away, of course.

“I’ll do that.”

“I’m glad. Then I’ll make dinner for Toma kun”

I was finally able to have dinner here.

The carbonara that Chifuyu made for me today tasted superb and was worth the wait.

She made me a little more than I wanted and I ate it in no time.

After a short rest, I decided to take a bath.

“……Will you come in with me?”

From Chifuyu, when the hot water was filled up.

Well, I’ve always wanted to do something like that, so I’m excited.


“It’s embarrassing in a bright place.”

She quickly took off her clothes while saying that

I was also embarrassed to be naked in a brightly lit place, but I stripped off my clothes as senpai quickly took off hers.

When I exposed my energetic lower body, she said to me, “Toma kun, you are so energetic.”

We went to the bathroom, where she touched me a little.

Together, we soak in the small bathtub.

As we face each other, Chifuyu looks at me and smiles.

“It’s like a dream.”

“I-It’s kind of embarrassing.”

“You don’t like it?”

“Of course not. I feel like a dream, too.”

“Hehehe, Toma-kun …… I love you.”

In the bathroom, Chifuyu never misses a kiss with me.

As she brushes her slightly damp hair and tastes my lips, I can smell a slightly sweet scent.

We were naked and doing this to each other and nothing was going to happen.

In the bathtub, we got entangled again.

Chifuyu’s body glistened in the light, perhaps because of the water droplets.

I was lost in her every thought.

I want to stay here and do this forever.

I want to be immersed in her forever.

I want to drown by her side forever.

That’s all I can think about.

But every time I feel refreshed, Madoka san’s advice comes back to my mind.

[Don’t get sick with her.]

With her.

So, Madoka san must think that Chifuyu is sick.

Whether “sick” is the right word or not, Chifuyu tends to stick to her partner more than normal people.

She gets upset at the mere thought of not being able to see me, and she gets upset when she thinks that I might not like her.

But I can’t help but feel that way.

What if Chifuyu hates me, what if Chifuyu disappears, what if Chifuyu falls in love with someone else?

I feel like I’m going crazy thinking about it.

I think that’s what being in love is all about.

“I want more, Toma kun,…….”

“Y-yeah. But, I don’t have the energy anymore.”

“I see,……, I’ll make you something to cheer you up when you get out of the bath.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“I want more before I go to bed.”

“Yeah, okay.”

I’m already exhausted, but Chifuyu still wants me.

The eyes of the girl were so vacant that she looked as if she had been drinking alcohol.

When I see her in the bathroom, her white cheeks turn as red as an apple, as if she’s flushed, I stop thinking again.

My desire to support her and my sweetness of wanting to drown in her are muddled in my mind.

I can no longer imagine a time without Chifuyu.

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