I left my prepared jersey in the hallway before leaving it there, wary that I would inadvertently run into her naked as she came out.

I throw my own change of clothes into the washing machine on the other side of the room and go back into the room to escape.

The thought of Kayamori-senpai taking a shower just one wall away from me apparently made it hard for me to contain my excitement.

Again and again, I took deep breaths and regulated my breathing.

I turn on the TV to distract myself, and then I hear a voice from the hallway.

“I’m up.”

Soon after that, Kayamori-senpai comes into the room.

The black jersey that I usually wear was a sight to behold.


“Sagara-kun’s clothes are so big.”

“I-I’m sorry, I only have that kind.”

“Are these the ones you usually wear?”

“YY-yes, well. I keep everything I don’t use in my parents’ house as much as possible.

“I see. That’s good.”


She sniffed the sleeve cuffs a few times.

I gave her the freshly laundered ones yesterday, but do they smell?

“Um, if you don’t like it, I can go get you something.”

“No thanks……. No, this is good, I guess.”


“Now, the food. Let me take a look in the fridge.”

With a click, she opens the small refrigerator next to the kitchen.

Inside are eggs, milk, frozen rice, and seasonings.

“Ah, I haven’t been shopping lately because of the rain, so there isn’t much in the fridge.”

“Can I make an omelette with rice?”

“Yeah, I guess I’ll leave it to you.”


Cooking started.

And at the same time, the sound of the washing machine started rattling around.

I wondered if she had pressed the switch.

I don’t dislike such a thoughtful woman.

I have never had a girlfriend before, so this mature situation must be the reason I am thinking like that.

After all, a beautiful senpai, who has just taken a shower in my room, is now wearing my clothes and cooking for me.

I wonder if it would be more natural for an adult to not only cook but also enjoy the food with a girlfriend afterwards.

I wonder if high school students would do what everyone does in such a situation.

My mind is filled with thoughts of a world I don’t know.



“You like pepper, do you?”

“Y-Yes. I like spicy food.”

“Yes, me too. Spice is good when it’s agonizingly hot.”

“No, not that much.”

“Yeah. It will be ready in a little while.”

The delicious aroma of ketchup wafted into the room, followed by the sound of a sizzling egg.

In just a few minutes, her home-cooked meal was brought into the room.

“Here you go,”

“Oh, wow.”

I was so surprised that a beautifully wrapped omelette was placed on the table in the room.

It was nothing less than a masterpiece.

The appearance of the omelette convinced me that it was good without even having to eat it.


“Itadakimasu …… Yum!”

It’s good to the level of eating at a restaurant.

No, it is more than that. I have never had such a good omelette rice.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“No, it’s really good. You’re a good cook.”

“Do you want to eat it every day?”

“Well, I’d like to eat it every day if it was this good, though…”

“Then I’ll cook it every day.”

“T-That’s not right.”

“…… laundry, it’s going to take a while, isn’t it?”

The washing machine rattles and makes noises.

Well, I wonder where she dries her clothes.

“If I wait until the laundry is dry, I guess it will be night.”

“What, you mean you did the laundry with …… my clothes?”

“Yes. Sagara-kun’s clothes and my clothes, I washed them together.”

“Eeh. ……”

I wonder if that’s okay.

Well, I suppose people who don’t care won’t care.

“Anyway, do you want to do something when you’re done eating?”

“Something? Uh, you mean, like, a game?”

“Games……, well, it’s something fun, like a game, I guess.”

“Hey, is there something you want to do?”

“I want to ……”


“……, no, nothing. Oh, it looks like the rain has stopped.”

I looked out the window and saw the setting sun.

I got up and opened the only window in the room and a cool breeze blew in.

It was completely clear outside.

“Since when…. the weather is really so unpredictable these days.”

“I’m going home today. You can eat your omelette and rice at your leisure.”

“Yes, but the laundry”

“I’ll be back tomorrow to pick it up again. And I’ll borrow your jersey, too.”

“W-Well, that’s okay, but…”

She quickly stood up and headed straight for the entrance.

Then, she walked out of the doorway in her jersey and school loafers, looking a little unbalanced.

When the front door slammed shut, Senpai turned to me and seemed to say something, but I didn’t hear it.

The room was filled with the sound of the washing machine rocking.

I put on his jersey and walked outside.

Even though I just washed it, the faint smell of him still lingers in the air and turns me on.

Besides, if I returned his jersey like this, he would know I was wet.

I got wet without my underwear on.

I wanted to spend more time with him, but he would hate me if he saw me like this.

“I’m home.”

His apartment and mine are close to each other.

I could go there every day from now on.

Every day.

Yes, every day.

“I’m going to see him every day.”

“Isn’t that too heavy? Is that okay?”

As soon as I returned to my room, I called Madoka.

Today’s report.

She knows my personality well, so we can talk about anything.

“Because I borrowed his jersey, and I wet it.”

“I understand borrowing it, but what about afterwards? You should wash it properly.”

“B-But if I do that, I’m going to lose his smell.”

“If you return the jersey soaking wet, I’m sure he’ll be very upset.”

I was still wearing his jersey.

I wondered how he would react if I gave him back his jersey with his lower half still wet.

I imagine the wrong thing to do and get a little wet again.

“……Yes, that’s right. Hey, is it going to rain tomorrow?”

“It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Well, you can’t rely on the weather forecast.”

“I see. Then I’ll need a sunshade tomorrow.”

Hang up the phone.

After sniffing the cuff a little.

I take off the jersey, feeling reluctant to leave it behind.

Haa, I don’t want to give it back.

I wonder if he would complain if I gave it to him as it is.

I spread the jersey out on the bed and put it down.

I am naked.

His jersey is lying on my bed.

Somehow, I feel as if he is sleeping in my room.

“…Fufu, ehehe love you, Sagara-kun,”

As it is, I hold his jersey lying on the bed.

And I feel him there.

I fell asleep comfortably.

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