After disembarking the present-shaped Kohinata – a two-legged creature wrapped in white cloth – Shizuka-san said, “Mom and I decorated it, you know. It’s cute even though it’s my little sister,” she said, implying that it was approved by the parents, and then she dashed off. Well, it was only a minute or two away by car.

Next to her feet, which had popped out of the present, was a Boston bag that had been placed there before I knew it. I guessed that there were probably some school uniforms in it.

“You can’t see …… in front of you, can you? If you keep going like this, you’ll fall, so I’m going to take off your ribbon.”

When I say this to the present, which is standing on a stick and not moving, the bag moves unsteadily. Maybe she is shaking her head.

I pull the red ribbon from both sides and loosen the mouth to reveal Kohinata’s smug-looking face inside. She is smiling.

Yes, yes, I was surprised. I’ve never had such a surprise before.

“Just to make sure, you’re here to stay the night, right?”

“………… (kokkoku)”

“Well, I don’t mind, but you surprised me on such short notice.”


“I’m glad you’re happy.”

Although her expression did not change, I received a larger-than-usual fusu.

But why did Kohinata come to stay in the first place?

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

She seemed to like the present style, so I tied the red ribbon again at the position of Kohinata’s neck and headed to my room. Naturally, I’m carrying the Boston bag. Because I couldn’t carry it with Kohinata now, no matter how I thought about it.

Unfortunately, I ran into a businessman on his way home from work in the elevator, and after he gave me a puzzled look, he mumbled to me somberly, “I wish I had spent my youth like that, too”. I’m sorry for my youth.

“Yes, yes, you have no hands, so don’t fall.”

I assisted Kohinata, who looked like a snowman with no hands, to take off her shoes, and we both headed for the bedroom. It’s late, and as expected, there’s no game or anything from now on. School starts tomorrow.

Kohinata heads straight for the bed as soon as she enters my room, and dives into the futon as if she were going to fall forward. Then she wriggles around and lies on her back, looks at my face, and giggles again.

Yes, yes, cute, cute, she’s an angel for all intents and purposes.

How can I say it ……, the way Kohinata is dressed now, it’s as if she’s asking me to attack her.

Maybe Kohinata isn’t trying to kill my reason, is she? Or rather, the Kohinata family. Or rather, how about collapsing my reason. Are you bullying me?

“Please, don’t do it in front of other guys. …… I mean, if the other guy was your boyfriend or something, it wouldn’t be my place to interfere, though…”

When I say this with a sigh after sitting on the empty space above kohinata’s head and on the bed, kohinata looks at me and then nods firmly with an “of course” look.

If you really understand that,……, then you should also understand my current state of mind.

I sigh heavily as I look at Kohinata, who shows no sign of alarm towards me at all. Kohinata was staring at me with a straight face.

Hmmm…I’m being bullied by Kohinata too, so I guess I can be forgiven for getting back at her a little. Maybe I should scare her a little, just as a reminder.

“Kohinata is wrapped right now, right? Like a present.”

In response to my question, Kohinata nodded her head proudly.

“In other words, Kohinata has given herself as a gift to me. That means Kohinata gave herself to me as a gift, and I can do with this gift as I please, right? whatever I want with it, right?”

I said in a slightly threatening tone as I leaned toward Kohinata, who was lying on her back. Then, I press her shoulders, which are wrapped in a sack, with one hand as if to firmly secure them to the bed.

Kohinata, who had been blocked from moving, rolled her eyes and stared at my face, which appeared to be upside down.

In fact, if I really wanted to attack Kohinata, she would have no way to resist. I can’t move my hands, I can’t make a sound, and my body size and strength are different.

Maybe this will make her afraid of me, but this will make Kohinata a little more wary of men,

“No, you can’t nod! You’re an idiot!”

Kohinata looked like, “Go ahead!” nodding herhead at high speed, “Go ahead! Why not? Why!

I smacked Kohinata on the head with a tsukkomi, and she moved her body happily and put her head on my thigh. Then she rubbed her head against my stomach.

She seemed to remember my embarrassment at “Go ahead go ahead” and her ears were slightly red. Perhaps it was a head-butt to hide her face.

After rubbing her head like that for a while, Kohinata rolled her head from side to side while looking up at me with her head resting on my thigh.

No good, this angel …… can’t help it …….

And I can’t help but be happy about this behavior of hers either. ……

“Haaaaahhhh………… I don’t know what’s going to happen to you.”

I dropped my shoulders and let out a deep sigh once more, then let out those words.

It doesn’t mean that I might attack Kohinata, but it means that I might like her as a heterosexual.

Then Kohinata nodded with her head resting on my thigh as if to say, “I don’t mind”. Somehow, I just don’t care anymore. I’m starting to feel like it’s useless to care.

However,……, I wonder if there is any difference between my love for Kohinata as a member of the opposite sex and my feelings of care for her. I’m kind of confused, and I’m not sure what’s going on anymore. 

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