Currently we are studying together as a group of four classmates, but no one takes the initiative to joke around or derail the class, and we are basically serious about our studies.

If I had to say something, it would be that Kohinata would doodle secretly behind my back, or Saejima would talk to Keiichi when he got tired of studying, saying, “You know, about sports festival,~” and so on. In other words, it was a light relaxation level.

If Kaoru and Yu from Harukanade Academy were here, they would have started playing games for sure. They don’t like studying. There is a possibility that I and Keiichi could not resist the trend.

“Ooh, you’re doing great, aren’t you, high school students?”

“I bought snacks for you!~”

Around four o’clock in the evening, Shizuka san and Yuka san, who had just returned home, came into the guest room in a lively mood. They had a plastic bag in their hands, and the container of pudding could be seen through the bag.

It’s that time already,……, and this time it went by rather quickly too.

Or maybe it was fun to study while teaching Kohinata.

Although Kohinata’s test preparation is going well, I feel like I’ve done all I can do. If she doesn’t forget anything during the test, I think she can get a 50 on all subjects. I would like score 60 on the final exam, but I will wait for the final exam to see how that goes.

“Thank you very much. Well, let’s take a break.”

After thanking Yuka san and the others, I turned to Kohinata and said so, and she shook her head up and down with a vigorous “kokukoku”

I don’t know whether she wants a snack or to escape from her studies. …… Well, either way, she is sure to be cute. When the exam is over, I’d like to give her a big pat on the back.

Keiichi and Saejima also thanked me and then drove their study tools to the edge of their desks to make room for their food. What Shizuka san and the others took out of the plastic bag was still pudding. There are six of them.

“Well, I’m tired of carrying all the baggage, I’m exhausted. Maybe I should bring Tomoki-kun with me next time.”

“Ara, that’s a good idea, Shizuka.”

While saying such things, the two of them sit down in front of the table as if it were a matter of course, and settle down on the spot. It seems that they are going to eat together,……, and it kind of sent a shiver down my spine. The sixth sense that lies dormant within me sensed the disquieting atmosphere – maybe it was.

“How is it, Tomoki kun? Does Asuka seem to be okay with her red marks?”

Shizuka-san asks me as she peels off the lid of the pudding.

“I don’t think she’ll get a red mark. Asuka-san apparently just doesn’t like to study, and she has the ability to memorize and apply. However, since we don’t have much time, I think she will probably settle for a score of 50 to about 60.”

“Ee! But it’s still great! Asuka definitely needs Tomoki kun, after all.”

“Ufufu, I guess so.”

Hey, you two, stop trying to surround me! 

I know you’re saying that because you think you need me to get Kohinata’s expression back, but when you say it like that, my face gets all hot.

And if you say it like that, Kohinata might get annoyed – oh, it doesn’t sound like that. You are huffing and puffing as if agreeing with your family …….

As I look at Kohinata with a sigh, Keiichi speaks up to fill in the gaps in the conversation.

“I hear that Tomoki stayed the night, how did you two get along?”

“Ara? I thought it would be better if I kept quiet, was it okay to tell ?”

“I was going to keep it quiet, but they found out.”

“Asuka is not good at hiding things…”

In response to Shizuka san’s words, Saejima and I each responded.

Kohinata bumped her forehead against my shoulder as if to say, “I’m sorry”. Cute.

“It’s very unfortunate, but it looks like they were studying seriously. Tomoki kun, for example, was sitting in the corner in the morning. I was considering the possibility that he might accidentally cross the line.”

“Ara, you can’t do that, Shizuka san. Asuka and others are still in high school, so they should not go beyond kissing and hugging.”

“Then what about touching?”

“As long as it doesn’t develop into something more than that. If they are under the supervision of a parent or guardian, they can take a bath or something.”

Bath time is a possibility—Noo! What are these people talking about? We’re not even dating, we’re just friends! Are you in a flower garden in your head? Is Hau10 ten Bosch open for business in your head? (TL/N : IDK)

“M-me and Asuka-san don’t have that kind of relationship!”

Or rather, this conversation is not going to happen in the presence of the person in question and his classmates. …… Keiichi didn’t seem to be making fun of us and was looking at us with a pitying gaze, while Saejima, perhaps not tolerant of that type of talk, was red-faced and her gaze was wandering about. 

And Kohinata?


Kohinata has been silently hitting my knee since a few minutes ago. This time, it was a two-handed version, more powerful than usual. My knee is not a drum, you know?

Although I can’t see her expression or complexion because she is lying on her face, I guessed that she is embarrassed by this situation as I am, because her ears are bright red.

“Let’s pretend you didn’t hear that …….”

I blurted out, and Kohinata slowly shook her head, keeping her head down. Then she glanced at me, but immediately turned her head down and resumed her pecking. I mean, why are you hitting me? If anyone should be hitting me, it should be my family.

“Until what time are you going to study today? And Tomoki kun, are you going to stay over again? You can study better here, too.”

“Ah, ……, as expected, it would be a nuisance if I disturbed you every day, so ……”

It was a bad situation.

“Ehh, Tomoki, you’re like a little brother to me, and I don’t mind, you know? It’s not a problem, right, Mom?”

“Yeah. I’m going to be working tomorrow and won’t be home until around midnight, so I won’t be able to prepare dinner or anything like that. ……”

We are talking about today, right? Why is this person talking about tomorrow night?

“Me and Asuka will take care of that much, don’t worry~ Asuka doesn’t like it when Tomoki kun stays over?”

Wait, wait, things are unfolding too fast! I’ve got a traffic jam of various tsukkomi going on in my head!

A-Anyway, that’s not a good way to ask, Shizuka-san!

“Hey Shizuka-san, that question makes it hard for Kohinata to say no. — Well, Kohinata, are you going to be able to study by yourself without me? Or do you want me to stay and study with you?”

—Fufu, that’s settled, isn’t it?

If I ask this way, I’m sure Kohinata will be reserved with me and refuse to stay over.

Not that I don’t mind spending time with Kohinata, but getting hugged all morning by a classmate girl whose hands are not supposed to be touched, you know? I am about to lose my mind.

If we were a couple, I would rather ask her to do it, but the other girl is Kohinata, who thinks of me like a father. I am not allowed to have romantic feelings for her – at least, not until she returns to the old Kohinata.

I feel the four of them, except for Kohinata, giving me the “you’re such a wimp” stare, but I don’t care.

I say a few more words to Kohinata.

“Kohinata has been working hard recently, and she might get tired of having the boys in her class at home all the time. I think she needs some alone time to perform well on the test…well, that means you do not want me to stay over…no? The one where you want me to stay the night? …… Are you serious? Ah, yes. Is that so…… Kohinata want me to stay the night? …… Is that so……?”

I look at Kohinata hesitantly shaking her head and the four of them grinning at me as I say the words that are slipping out of my butt.

It seems that during this exam period, my endurance race of reason is going to be held.

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