In the end, Mai decided to take a bath first.

After waiting for my sister to come up, I finished taking a bath, yawned, and crawled into the futon. The next moment,

[Ryu kun?] [Master?]


I clicked my tongue.

I was expecting that I could sleep like this somehow because of the bad atmosphere with Mai, but it seems that it would be impossible.

no, of course I didn’t forget my promise.

i was relying on [Evil Eyes] for something today. Syl’s achievements are particularly remarkable.

I can’t hold it. Give and take.

Yeah, I know that.

But to be honest, I want to avoid it tonight.

It’s true that both mind and body are exhausted (it would be convenient to exercise healing magic at such a time), and above all, to embody two peerless beauties there is a fear that sleep is inhibited.

Then I’ll try to fall asleep.

[You have the courage to break your promise to a witch.]

[Syl cannot help but feel disappointed and despair.]

No, um…….

[Ryu kun !] [Master !]

Not good. I can’t run anymore.

I decided to materialize the two of them, preparing for further physical exhaustion.

However, I just encountered a returnee other than me.

It is too reckless to consume all the magical power left.

That is why I try to save magical power consumption by limiting the original appearance and ability of the witch.

The result of suppressing the magical power to consume about five percent per person to nearly two or three percent――、

I know firsthand the stupidity of jumping to immediate profit.

[Fufu, it’s been a while…..wait, eh !?]


When they materialized in exchange for their enormous magical power, it was hard to believe that they were over 2,000 years old — or rather, no matter how you looked at it, the two witches had become as young as middle school students.

Both of them are in the same proportions as gravure idols, and the size of their clothes does not fit and falls off smoothly.

Riez wears a jet black dress (more exposed) completely misaligned and becomes an underwear figure.

Even black underwear embroidered with roses is large in size, so she desperately holds it by hand and hides it.

What’s more, she looks younger than junior high school students, isn’t it? I feel like I’m going to lose consciousness because of immorality ! I can smell the smell of crime!!

Of course, Syl also does not fit the white kimono, and the skin like snow is flickering from the gap. Because the pure underwear assimilated with the skin, it was about the illusion that she was naked for a moment.

She’s also staring at me like a middle school student with moist eyes, so it’s just too uncomfortable !

[M-Master, so you have this kind of fetish?]

Y-your wrong !? I definitely don’t ! I just wanted to save my magical power……!


Riez glares at me while holding down her underwear with her hand.

No, no, no ! When she materialized in her original form, she sometimes took off her underwear and approached me !

W-why is it going like this !

In fact, I have a harder time understanding it  !

[Ryu kun you lolicon.] [Master is a lolicon.]

After this, I will encounter more terrible things than [Infinite Hell] due to the counterattack of the two witches.

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