“So? You put me in this disguise. You have a plan, don’t you?”

She must have thought we were getting nowhere.

Kujo san asks with a dumbfounded expression.

“We look like a trainee doctor and a nurse, so it’s better than having two students wandering around. The only thing left is how to make a surprise attack…”

“I’ll decide whether to get in or get out.”

She looks like an angel, but her language is completely devilish.

There is too much imbalance. I feel like my brain is going to get a bug.

“How about this then?”

I whispered in her ear,


Kujo  san reacts as if she is ticklish and itchy.

The gap is so drastic that my brain can no longer keep up with the process!!

For the time being, I act as if nothing happened. Specifically, I choose to be silent.

Hopefully, she won’t break my nose.

“I have weak ears…”

I don’t know your weak spot.

“….Do you have any last words?”

“Ehh !? you don’t think it’s my fault right !? You could have warned me before I got close to you.”

“Your movements were so refined that I easily accepted it. Like a ninja.”

Oops. I had a reason for that. As a former assassin, I take a certain amount of pride in my ability to sneak up on people. I may have unconsciously walked that way because the hospital was now occupied.

But still, I can’t take full responsibility for it.

“Whatever. If you save the dignitary, I’ll give you an arm and you’ll get off with it.”

“Even if we succeed, will I lose one arm !? What’s the point?”

After hearing that tsukkomi, I was starting to think that I might get along with Kujo san. I might be surprisingly happy if she thinks the same way.

“If we could, we can keep acting like a comedic dua, but what are you planning to do, Sakuboy?”

Kujo san flips a switch. The air is filled with tension.

She is a real pro at switching it on and off in an instant. She’s no different from a person who’s good at something in another world.

“I think we have three more raids to go. Probably, the quality on the other side will improve as we get closer to the important person. It is wise to assume that the difficulty will increase step by step.”

In this case, quality refers to cruelty—-the degree of psychopathic resistance to murder. When I looked into them with my 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》 I saw that the people on the top have experience in murder. There are people who have no qualms about taking another person’s life.

In other words, there are people on the third floor and above who will open fire at the slightest hint of discomfort.

A sneak attack only works until the next floor.

“I’m thinking of using this for the second floor.”

I took out a stretcher.

I guess she could read what I was going to say, because she looked as if she was biting her tongue,

“I don’t think you’re kidding, but–“

“–Yes. Please sleep here.”

“As I thought !”

Well then. Then, let’s go to the next floor.

After all, today my alter ego is collecting information in 《Mass Afterimage》. After the integration, I have to organize my brain, and above all, I have to materialize Syl and Riez.

I can’t take things too leisurely. Let’s pick up the tempo from here.

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