When I arrived near the shooting location and was examining the gifts at the flower shop, I suddenly activated my 《Evil Eye of Future Vision》

As the name suggests, this is an evil eye that can see into the future.

At first glance, it seems invincible, but in fact it has various limitations, or weaknesses.

The point is that you can’t look into the future unless you open your eyes.

Needless to say, there is no point in opening it after everything is finished.

It is only by detecting dangers and signs that may befall you in advance that you will be able to enjoy the greatest effect.

That’s why I had set the trigger so that the《Evil Eye of Future Vision》would trigger automatically.

Of course, it was not free. The cost of the trigger is the consumption of magic power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There are two main triggers.

①When there is a possibility of damage to the surgeon.

②When it is judged appropriate to trigger based on Sakuma Ryunosuke’s personality.

I’m a hypocrite, which I inherited from my master. It is a mechanism that is activated only when the target is a good person. 

In addition, the target, the range (distance), the time from reality to the future, and the background can be set.

The reason for the detailed settings is the high consumption of magic power.

20% of the magic power is taken by this trigger.

Well, I’ll leave this as a side note.

The future is flowing into my eyes, which have been opened from the above conditions.

It seems that a light truck is passing at high speed from the opposite lane.

There are two people on board. The driver and one person in the back of the truck.

It seems that the criminal who snatched the young woman’s bag jumped onto the back of the light truck, which was waiting at a traffic light.

The《Evil Eye of Future Vision》can see the background of the occurrence of the fact, but the consumption of magic power is huge, and I will use the《Evil Eye of Guidance》to confirm that.

I wasn’t sure if the driver and the men who jumped onto the truck were accomplices, but I decided to run out right away. This is because there is not enough time to pass through the flower shop line.

I ran out, but I couldn’t see the opposite lane because of the line of cars parked on the street !

……Ah, I’m so overwhelmed.

I immediately invoked 《Granting Magic》. The muscular strength of both legs is improved, and the jumping power is knocked up.

Jumping off the roofs of cars parked on the road one after another, I caught sight of a light truck approaching me.

I jump onto the back of the truck just before it intersects with the light truck.

Just before I land, there is a sudden brake, and even my legs, strengthened by《Granting Magic》are no match for the law of inertia, and I tumble over.

I fall down,

“What the hell are you doing !”

The robber, who had escaped falling over, immediately mounts up on his horse.

Now, how to get over this bad start?

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6 months ago

Was interesting revenge powerfantsy wishfulfilment at first but chapters are short as hell and the author feels the need to make 1/3rd of an already short chapter on mc explaining his ability to himself for some reason when he should already know this. Recent chapters have been large infodump about his abilities for no reason(because why is mc talking to himself on how his stuff works?) besides being filler wordcount or trying to exposition WORLDBUILDING to the audience when this shouldn’t matter since this isnt a shounen battle manga.

Last edited 6 months ago by Rico