Episode 14



[Otsuki Saki & Nakayasu]

Nakayasu was stunned.

It all started three days ago at a press conference.

Narukawa san, who belongs to a major entertainment agency, was absent from the filming due to health problems. Furthermore, the filming had been canceled due to the onset of depression.

The apology letter in Narukawa Rin’s handwriting suggested that harassment by students & teachers was the cause, and the high school was immediately hit by a storm of evacuation.

Furthermore, Narukawa Rin was about to start filming a drama in which she had been cast as the lead actress, and a major entertainment agency decided to file a claim for damages.

‘What a thing you have done to me, you !’

Nakayasu was yelled at when she was summoned to the principal’s office.

“I had nothing to do with Narukawa san being harassed–‘

“Do you think you can get away with it after all this !? Look at this ! !”

The principal held out his phone to Nakayasu.

There is a video of Sakuma begging Narukawa to do something about the harassment.

There was a video of Nakayasu asking Otsuki Saki to make it look like they had made up, even if it was only superficially.

The video has already been viewed more than several million times on social media, and it is inevitable that major entertainment agencies will use it as evidence in their lawsuits.

Furthermore, the video does not end. A video has even been uploaded showing her overhearing that Sakuma Ryunosuke is being bullied by a classmate and destroying the evidence.

“……I’m done and so are you. The eyes of society are not so lenient that [I don’t remember] will work in the face of this much evidence. If you only lose your job, you will have to bear a large amount of damages. Of course, you alone will have to bear all the damages.”

The lead actress is unable to participate in the filming.

The damages would be more than several times the lifetime wages of Nakayasu alone.

No wonder the blood drained from her face.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to put the blame on me alone !?  This is not a problem of one teacher ! The entire school–“

“What kind of a mouth are you talking out of ! That’s enough ! I will now hold a press conference with the school board. From now on, the administration, the media, and all other quarters will demand reports. I’m going to put you in charge of the business. Be prepared.”

“W-wait a minute, Sir ! You can’t do all that work by yourself—“

“–Don’t come any closer ! You are lazy. You are no longer qualified to call yourself a teacher ! Please don’t touch me !”

The principal coldly shoves Nakayasu away.

She sits back with a heave.

Meanwhile, Otsuki sAKI,

“What’s this……”

She can’t hide her surprise as soon as she arrives at school.

A large number of studs were found on her shoes in the shoe box.

And as soon as she stepped into the classroom,


She pulls the door and a blackboard eraser falls on her head.

White powder dances on her head.

At the same time, the stifled laughter of her classmates leaks out. It was a sneer.

“There’s no seat for you.”

Ohashi Erika, the No. 2 in the girls’ hierarchy, said that.

She was a student who didn’t like Otsuki Saki, the queen who always reigned at the top of the hierarchy.

“Do you…..realize what you’re doing?”

Otsuki glares at Ohashi Serika.

“Ha? I’ll give it back to you just as you are.”

“Your life is over ! Good job !”

A well-behaved male student shouts.

In his hand is a news article about a lawsuit by a major entertainment agency.

She reads that Narukawa Rin is involved in the series of disturbances and immediately checks the facts on her phone.

“You’re lying…….”

Otsuki’s brain processing speed cannot keep up with the unimaginable situation.

The status she had risen to by polishing her makeup and fashion was lost in an instant.

“Stand down.”

A shout demanding that she jump out of the classroom window while clapping her hands.

[ [ [Stand down] ] ]

The voice grows louder and louder.

Otsuki bites her lip, tears welling up in her eyes.

As soon as she confirms that Sakuma Ryunosuke is not coming to school, he immediately leaves the classroom.

Some of the videos uploaded on social media and video sharing services were claiming that Sakuma Ryunosuke was the victim of a crime.

(It must have been Ryunosuke…..I’ll never forgive him for using such a sneaky trick to do it back !)


The nightmare never ends.

As soon as Otsuki Saki’s father came home in the evening, a family meeting–a disaster named “family meeting”–immediately broke out.

“I’ll be fired at the end of this month !? What do you mean !? Yes, yes,……I’ve had my contract with an entertainment agency canceled? But because I lost an important business partner,……eh? My daughter is the perpetrator !? What do you mean……Sir? Sir !”

Otsuki Saki’s father works for a company that has a business deal with the firm Narukawa Rin belongs to.

The images being spread in the current disturbance were by no means exculpatory, and the perpetrators were soon cracked open to the public.

“What’s wrong, Dear……”

“I got fired from my job.”

Otsuki Saki’s father sat down as if he had run out of strength.

He immediately called his daughter into the living room,

“What have you done, Saki ! !”


It was the first time Otsuki Saki had ever seen her father in a rage.

Saki, who was looking for a place for her heart, was hit with anger and lost her mind.


“C-calm down, Dear……!”

“It’s only a matter of time before Saki is fully recognized as the perpetrator of bullying. I wonder if we’ll even be able to pay compensation for the damages…the public’s eyes will probably grow colder. It may be quite difficult to get a job again. No. I have to let go of the home I bought–“

“–No !”

Owning her own home had always been a dream for Otsuki Saki’s mother.

“We had no choice ! What are we going to do with the money if we don’t let go of the house?”

It didn’t take long for the two, who were known as a lovey-dovey couple, to start cursing each other.

Of course, the blame was soon directed at Saki.

“The biggest mistake I made—Saki, was that you became my daughter.”

“If you had been a smarter daughter, none of this would have happened !”


Eventually, Saki’s mother becomes bedridden.

Saki’s father had fled, leaving behind his wife and daughter.

When she went to school, she was abused every day.

Gradually, they run out of money to go to high school.

She is also harassed at home by threatening letters, graffiti, and animal carcasses left on her doorstep.

When they go out on the streets, they are pointed at, and they hear taunts and abuse.

For more than a year, she was subjected to hostile stares and insults.

Moreover, Sakuma Ryunosuke, whom Otsuki Saki had been looking for for a long time, was missing.

Meanwhile, Nakayasu lost her job after spending her life almost being killed in the line of duty to fix the situation. She was unable to sleep for days on end, and became mentally ill from the verbal abuse and hostility she was subjected to. Eventually, she also developed depression.

At midnight, the two lost everything and were about to take their own lives.

“Long time no see, Saki. How are you feeling?

“It’s been a while, Nakayasu sensei. How are you feeling?

The one who appeared in front of them was Sakuma Ryunosuke, whom they had been looking for for a long time.

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