My class has a lot of cheerful people. This is already obvious when you compare it to the next class, the Specialized Department. It seems to have many friends, to be lively, to be fun. Shirono has such an image of me. Not to say that all the students at this school think this way about my class, but according to the research she has done on her own, the majority of them think the same way as Shirono does.

So let me tell you the truth. First of all, I seem to have a lot of friends. That’s only for people in the sunny side of life. I am not. Second, I’m lively. Try being in that classroom. It’s not so easy. To put it bluntly, it’s loud. And third, fun. That guy should see me on a regular basis. I’m sure he’ll change his perception soon enough.

Now, there are certainly a few of us who feel comfortable in this class, but it’s all a bit too much fun. Well, that’s all sunshine, too.

In any case, it turns out that the students in the class are friendly, and are subject to being thought of as such.

The cheerful students are the main cause of being thought of as such. If I had to name a representative cheerful person in my class, I would name ” Kamiki Reina” first and foremost.

I finally got to know her in my second year this year. In the first year, I didn’t even know her face or name. After moving up to the second grade, we switched classes and happened to be in the same class. And we happened to be seated next to each other.

When I first moved up to the next grade, I had built a one-sided wall between the two of us because we were both (cheerful) and (negative) students. But She repeatedly destroyed it with her attacks, which she called “teasing,” to the extent that I was reduced to a tiny piece of wood. I had no choice but to try to communicate with her in some small way. However, since Shirono had told me not to talk to any woman but myself, I was not going to have a conversation with her. This was the second wall.

And that was also easily destroyed. She began interrupting my classes. I couldn’t stand it, and we ended up having a conversation. Since then, she continues to interrupt me every day, but I ignore her because I don’t know what Shirono will do to me. Sometimes she does things that seriously annoy me, but I try to ignore those as much as possible.

What is she doing here, always bothering me like that? What on earth does she want here on this stair where I’ve been quietly eating alone?

I didn’t know, as I was puzzled by the sudden visitor.

Kamiki-san approached me without changing her grinning expression, as if she was up to something. I put away the phone I had been using to call Shirono. I had a bad feeling. I had a feeling that something bad was about to happen.

I asked her.

“Umm, …… why did you come here, Kamiki san? Are you eating your lunch here like me?”
“Huh? Why am I the same as Matsukaze? Are you saying that everyone who comes here is sad and eats alone like you?”

…… No, I’m not sad. I just prefer to be alone. And please don’t say it so snappishly. That’s very intimidating. I’m not halfway there. I wonder if this intimidation is on par with Shirono’s.

Kamiki-san says so and starts to walk away, grinning again. I think she’s going to do something to me.

Then, this time, Kamiki-san said

“Matsukaze, do you have time right now? Well, of course you do, don’t you?”
“Y-yes, I do.”
“Hmmm. And this morning, I saw something amazing.”

Oh, I guessed. I saw something amazing this morning. I knew what she was going to say with just these keywords. It’s about the relationship between me and Shirono. Despite all the advances and deceit, here you are still. It’s already a pain in the ass.

Kamiki-san took out her own smartphone, operated it for just a few seconds, and showed it to me.

“What? This is …….”
”This is the picture of a junior high school student. It was sent to me by someone I know.”
“….. so what’s this about?”
“The kid in this picture is you in junior high school, right? No?”
“Umm, yeah, this is me for sure, but ……. What about this?”
“Hmm. I see, I see. ……”

Kamiki-san crossed her arms and nodded twice.

“I remember when you were beating up that punk. You were saving a girl who was getting tangled up with that punk.”

It was about two years ago, but I don’t remember much about it. I remember that the guy was weak as shit and boring. But a girl, huh? I was at the train station on a business trip when I spotted a girl getting tangled up with a bunch of obvious yankees. I went to stop her, and of course a fight broke out, as is often the case. Well, I won.

I replied in a puzzled manner.

“Oh, yes, that’s happened. But how did you know that?”

This time, Kamiki san hugged me. This is already the second time today. One time at the entrance before going to school. This was by Shirono. And now for the second time. This time it was by Kamiki-san. There are a lot of sudden hugs today. No, hugs are not something that happens that often.

“Finally, ……, we meet ……!”
“What? Wait, eeh? ha?”

I don’t know, it’s too sudden. Finally met’? Don’t tell me that the girl at that time was Kamiki san? What do you really mean? I feel like I’m losing my mind.

“Get away from me for now! What if someone saw us, Kamiki-san?”
“Huh? Are you in trouble?”

She started grinning again.

“I’m in trouble!”

Yes, I’m in trouble. In many ways. If that girl sees me….

Without paying any attention to what I said, Kamiki-san gave me another hug.

I think I’ve learned that kids who don’t listen to others are a pain in the ass. Teachers must be in a lot of trouble.

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