“And, you know! During a break in the filming, the actor was very insistent about talking to me! He was so insistent, I almost ignored him!”
“Heee. Is he good-looking?”
“Onii chan is better looking than him!”

I’m at a loss for words. I was frustrated that my question had been passed over with such skill.

Really, what is she talking about? How can I be cool? What is wrong with the princess?

Is that it? I’ve seen too many good-looking actors in the flesh and my senses are bugged. I think there’s a scientific name for that. I think it’s called guest star therapy or something like that.

“No, I’m not asking about me now, I’m asking about the actor’s face. I’m honestly flattered, though.”
“Hmmm. I guess so. I think he’s a medium to good looking guy. People say he’s good-looking, but he doesn’t strike me as good-looking at all.”

It doesn’t resonate with you at all? I think your senses are really buggy and malfunctioning.

“On the contrary, has anyone ever resonated with you?”
“No one. No, but one person did!”
“onii chan!”

please don’t say anything that will leave me speechless. I’m going to be at a loss for a response.

The same goes for your earlier comment that I’m better looking than him. Seriously, what is she talking about?

“It’s onii chan!”
“Yes yes. You don’t have to say it twice.”
“Heheh! Are you embarrassed, onii chan?”
“No, I’m not embarrassed.”
“Liess! You’re actually embarrassed! Even though You’re so happy!”

She lets out a “Nfufu” sound, as if she’s feeling good. I guess she’s really enjoying talking to me.

“Haa, ……. You’re really pissing me off. I’m hanging up, okay?”
“I’m sorry.”

Unlike before, this time she made a light apology, which was graceful, or rather, plain and simple, with a whole lot of sincerity missing.

The princess’s statement made me a little curious about my own face. No, it was not that I thought I looked cool, by any means. I simply wondered how I looked.

I ask her about it.

“Well, let me ask you, what is the level of my face? How good is it?”
“Ummm ……”

The princess thought for a moment.

“Over the top!”
“Not that. Have I reached the upper limit, my face?”
“Actually, it only contains the personal opinion of the princess!”
“I know. Otherwise, it would not have been a “max”. Obviously, the princess must have applied some kind of correction.”

Onii chan’s correction. Maybe she’s applying something like that on her own. What if this was an adolescent sibling? They would never apply such a correction. But even though we are siblings, we are not blood relatives.

“No. Maybe other people would think you’re good-looking, too.”
“Haa? Why?”
“I told you. I told you that onii chan is good-looking!”

What? Why are you saying I’m good-looking?

“Are you flattering me? Don’t be that way.”
“You’re being modest, aren’t you?”
“No, I’m not. I’m just telling you the truth.”
“truth. ……”
“Yes, it’s true.”
“The truth is, the princess thinks onii chan has a cool face! And by the way, there’s no correction!”

I see. From the bottom of her heart, she thinks her brother’s face is really cool.

I am embarrassed when people say that kind of thing without hesitation. I felt my face heat up a little.

“Oh, yes!”
“Hmm? What’s wrong?”
“I forgot.”
“I’m going home for the weekend, and I thought we could hang out that day.”
“Eh? Yeah, yeah, okay.”

The pure joy in her voice made me think that she was still a child.

“So…….! This is what’s next. ……”

After that, princess continued her story. I quietly listened to her complaints and frustrations about her work.

“Well then, onii chan. Good night!”
“Yeah. Good night.”

And then the phone hangs up.

“Uwaaa~. Is it that late already?”

I yawned widely. The clock had struck midnight. In other words, I had been on the phone for roughly four hours. Long. Quite a bit.

“Ah, that reminds me, we were talking on a landline. I completely forgot.”

I had also forgotten about the call charges at that time. I realized that the next day.


“Hnn~? You don’t look well, Matsukaze.”
“…… hmm?”
“Did something happen?”
“Hey. Why don’t you say something? I’m worried about you like this.”

I felt grateful that she was worried about me. In the past, she never used to worry about me. However, after that incident, the way Kamiki-san treated me changed drastically. She has become kinder, or she doesn’t use harsh words anymore, or something like that.

Yesterday, or maybe today, since it was midnight. I yawn again.

“You’re yawning like that again. Not enough sleep?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Oh, you finally answered me.”

Ah, No. Kamiki-san, who immediately recognized that I hadn’t slept at all due to yesterday’s call, looked at me gently while resting her cheek on my desk.

That made me a little nervous.

“I’m sleepy, too. Hey, Matsukaze. How about we go to the infirmary together next class?”
“Ditch the class.”

No, you can’t.

“Come on, let’s go.”
“Eh? Wait!”

She pulled me by the arm and we both ran out of the classroom.

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