After finishing our meal at the restaurant, we finally bought tickets from the ticket machine, checked in, and headed to the locker room to enter the pool, the main attraction of the day.

“Well, I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance of the pool when you’re done changing into your swimsuit,”
“Okay, Ryoya kun, I’ll see you later.”
“We’ll be there as soon as we change into our swimsuits.”

After parting in front of the locker room, I went into the men’s locker room and began to change into the swimsuit I had taken out of my bag. By the way, in the locker room was also crowded to a certain extent, so it was hard to find an empty locker.

“Everyone has a pretty good body.”

I muttered in a quiet voice as I looked at the muscular bodies of the people changing around me. Now I’m 167cm 55kg and have a rather skinny body, so I look inferior to those around me.

“……I’m pretty thin as it is now, maybe I should work out and put on a little more muscle too.”

I’m not very tall, even just below average height, so I feel like I’m going to get licked if I don’t build up my muscles and improve my physique.
I was thinking about this as I showered and headed toward the pool entrance when I realized I didn’t have my goggles.

“I probably left them in the locker room. …… It’s a hassle, but let’s go back and get them.”

The two had not arrived yet, so I went back to the locker room to get them. There was a possibility that I hadn’t brought them in the first place, but they were in my bag.
Then again, as I was heading to the entrance of the pool, I heard a few men and women struggling as I approached it. I didn’t recognize the male voice at all, but the female one sounded familiar.

“So I’ve told you many times before that I have a partner I’m coming with. Neither I nor this girl have any intention of playing with you guys.”
“That’s enough of your persistence.”
“Eeeh, that’s fine. Leave that guy alone and come with us. I’m confident I can entertain you.”
“That’s right, any guy who makes a cute girl like you guys wait for him is definitely not a good guy.”

Reona and Riona were being picked up by two guys who looked like college students.
The two guys were quite ugly and big, and to be honest, I was quite scared of them, but there was no way I was going to run away from them. So I summoned up all my courage and tried my best to stop them.

“Excuse me, Reona and Riona are my companions, so can you please quit picking on them?”
“Eh, by any chance, you don’t mean this guy who’s meeting up with you?”
“No, no, it’s absolutely boring to play with such a small, dull guy. Not with such a plain guy, after all, let’s play together with us.”

When the two guys saw me, they started grinning and saying whatever they wanted. They must be looking down on me for sure.
Realizing that it was useless to take them seriously, I took Reona and Riona’s hands and tried to ignore them and go to the poolside. But the duo stood in front of us and blocked our way.

“Hey, hey, don’t try to go on your own. …… I just realized that you’re really creepy back there.”
“Uwaa, it’s true. When I looked closely, I saw some kind of stab marks.

“Uwaa, it’s true. If I look closely, I can see some kind of stab mark, don’t show me such a dirty thing.”

Of course, he started to laugh at me, making fun of the stab wounds on my back that I got in the incident. I was really upset by that, but before I could say anything, Reona and Riona were on to the duo.

“…… Hey, what did you just say? I thought it sounded like you said the scars on Ryoya’s back were disgusting and dirty.”
“Ryoya’s back scar was made by protecting us sisters, and I will never allow you to say anything bad about it.”

The aura of tremendous anger was emanating from their bodies and was extremely powerful. It was at a level that would make a small child completely start crying if he or she saw it. The duo was completely deflated by Reona and Riona’s leopard-like behavior.
The duo couldn’t stand the atmosphere any longer and tried to leave somewhere, but that didn’t seem to happen as they were seized by the strong male staff of the pool who came to the pool after hearing the commotion.
They were taken away somewhere, but after being told off, they must have been banned from the pool.

“Are you two all right?”
“Yeah, we’re fine.”
“Thank you, Ryoya. I’m glad you tried to help us.”

The two of them were back to their usual calm atmosphere.
Needless to say, I made a strong vow not to make Reona and Riona angry, because I now know that it is terrible to make them angry.

“We had some big happenings out of the blue, but this time the three of us will enjoy the pool together,”.
“Yeah, let’s have a lot of fun today.”
“Let’s get back on track and get in the pool.”

The three of us slowly walked to the side of the pool. The whole thing was so conspicuous that many people were watching us, so there was no one who wanted to get involved with us.

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