Episode 15



The time was 5:30. The meeting ended about an hour after homeroom. And today I was able to go home without Shirono doing anything to me.

But that place where she reached out her hand. It was completely aimed at my lower body. And those eyes. This time, my first time might be stolen from me. I must be careful.

I opened the front door,

“I’m home…”

and went inside. As usual, no one answered. If you do this everyday, you develop a certain tolerance for the feeling of loneliness. However, I am reminded that I am still alone.

Immediately after returning home, I go to the bathroom to clean up. As soon as I’m done, I start the laundry. I am the only one who comes home occasionally to this house. It is natural for me to do the housework and cooking by myself when I come home.

In a while, I finish everything except for the cooking. Tired, I plunge into the soft sofa. It is soft and fluffy. It feels good.

“Uwaa,……. I’m sleepy…….”

Yeah, …… I have to make dinner ……. It’s almost seven o’clock.

My eyelids fall down on their own. My whole body is getting weaker and weaker.

If it’s like this….

[Beep, beep, beep, beep!!]

“Whoa! What is that?”

The sound was coming from a fixed-line phone. It was quite loud too.

“What is it…… Who in the world would call me ……?……, hmm?”

There was a name displayed on the landline. The name showed a single kanji character, “mother.”

“Y-Yes. This is Taku.”
“Long time no see! It’s Mom! How have you been?”
“Yes, I’m fine. Thanks to you, I’m doing very well every day.”
“Let’s see… Just two things to tell you! We all had the weekend off from work, so I’m going home. That’s one thing!”

My mother continued.

“Tonight at 8:00, there will be a special program with [Hime] on it, and I want you to watch it. Make sure you check it out.”
“Yes. I understand. I’ll make sure I watch it.”
“I’ll see you this weekend, then! Watch Hime!”
“Yes~ Okay, then.”

I heard a sharp clunk.

I guess there is not much to talk about with me after all. Whenever I do talk to my parents, it’s usually about work or that “Hime”.

“No, is there anything else?” I feel like tsk tsk-ing at them. But it doesn’t matter. Even if I did, it wouldn’t change the fact that I am here at home alone.


“Today, we have a special guest, the very popular child actress-turned-actress “Hime Ashirogi”! Let’s have her appear! Please come on in!”

She emerged from behind the curtains to the cheers of the audience, and was the “Hime Ashirogi” that the MC had mentioned.

In the studio, the words “cute” and “beautiful” echoed each other.

And so it goes. The girl on TV right now, “Hime Ashirogi,” is a complete beauty. She is one year younger than me. In other words, she is 15 years old, the same age as Kurono.

She was marketed as a genius child actress. Since she was a child actress, she was told in a TV fortune-telling show that she would become even prettier when she grew up, and she grew up with such beauty that it was rumored to be a prediction.

Such a child is on TV.

“This project, you know…! This is about how you feel about your siblings! All of you here today have siblings, so we are going to talk about them to the fullest!”

The MC began the talk show with a voice so energetic that it broke his vocal cords.

“…..About that. Isn’t it amazing?”

Laughter was rolling in the air. I can’t make people smile just by talking. I am usually embarrassed.

And now it was the turn of Hime Ashirogi, who was standing there, to start her talk.

Just before that, another phone call came in. I immediately answered it.

“Eh? What’s up? What’s wrong?”

What’s going on? The “Hime” isn’t talking. What’s wrong?

But I soon found out why.


Somehow, I hear an agonized voice on the other end of the receiver. What are you doing, Hime?

“Hey, what’s really wrong?”
“Haaa….. It’s been so long since I heard onii chan’s voice, it was so precious that I died for a moment. Watch out, watch out.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Hahahaha ……! onii chan…..!”
“If there’s nothing else I can do, I’m hanging up now, okay?”
“no! No, no, no, don’t hang up! Okay, okay! I’ll tell you what I need!”
“What is it?”

When I urged her to tell me, she told me frankly.

“I wanted to call onii chan and watch Hime perform with you while listening to your voice, which I love so much!”
“Aah, so that’s what you mean. Okay, fine.”

I found her voice cute and innocent.

Then, Hime started speaking from the TV and the receiver at the same time. I felt a strange sensation.

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