“W-what’s going on ! ….How did a C-Cyclops variant end up here !?”

After killing the Cyclops with a single punch, the adventurers brought the corpse back to the guild by transfer, and the adventurers were in an uproar and the Guildmaster was stunned by the results of the battle.

“Don’t worry. It’s dead.”

“S-so it seems. It is certainly lifeless, but there are no wounds to be seen. What does that mean?”

“I pumped directly into its lungs with poison gas. In an instant, it suffocated and died.”

“Putting poison in its body…can you do something like that?”

Guildmaster looks at me as if he is a little frightened. It is true that my transference ability can instantaneously kill any opponent within visual range.
But I won’t suddenly kill someone who hasn’t done anything, so there’s no need to be afraid.

“Even if I could, I may or may not do it. ……You see, even those adventurers out there could slay a streetwalker if they wanted to, but they would never do it, would they?”

“C-certainly. ……I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to doubt you. But how could you bring back such a clean kill?
Not to mention the sharp corners, even the skin is hardly scratched. It is rare to find even the most valuable mutant material in such a clean condition. I’ll pay good money for it.”

“That’s very kind of you.”

My current assets consist of only five gold coins and a large amount of copper and silver coins that I found in the basement of the fruit shop.
I’m not sure how much I can afford to spend.

“And, regarding the adventurer registration……I’m going to certify you as an S rank from the beginning.”

“That’s unheard of !”

“right. But Sora is out of the ordinary.You can’t give him an evaluation worthy of being outside the standard just by looking back at past cases. What do you think? Sora.”

“Well, is there anything good about moving up to S-rank?”

“Of course there is ! The Adventurers’ Guild offers various services according to rank, but the S rank offers the highest level of service.
And since the S rank is proof of strength that surpasses the military of a country, its authority can be greater than that of most aristocrats, if not all.”

I see. In other words, an S-class adventurer card is a gold card in this world.
If you have it, you will be more flexible in many ways. ……In other words, it makes it easier for me to do what I do.

“I’m not obligated to accept requests or anything?”

“No, you don’t. Every request is a risk of life. I promise high rewards commensurate with the level of difficulty, but I will never impose a quota on adventurers.”

I see. Then that’s good.

“I understand. Then, please do that.”

“Are you not excited about it !? …..No, that’s so like you, Sora sama.”

Rhys was clutching her head and groaning as it seemed to be a great thing to be recognized as an S-class adventurer, but I didn’t really understand it since it had only been a week since I was summoned.

“Well, whatever. We’ll go home, Rhys.”

“Sora. …..I’ll make sure to have the S guild card and the Cyclops reward ready by next week.”

“Ah, yeah. I’m looking forward to it. Remember that bet we had earlier, I won in the end, right?”


After confirming that Rhys was turning red all the way to her ears, I transferred to home.
Needless to say, I quickly pushed her onto the bed.

“That’s right. Rhys, come to think of it, where did you live in that world?”

“Guild staff quarters, but……what about it?”

“No, I’m looking for a base of operations in the other world. thought it would be the quickest way if Rhys had a house…..”

“I’m sorry I can’t be of more help if that’s the case. The money is trivial compared to the price of the Cyclops that Sora sama defeated, and I have told my colleagues that they can throw it all away when I leave the room…..”

I see. My guess was a little off, but that’s okay.
A base. I’m kind of longing for a hideout in a secluded place with a basement, but I guess I’ll have to wait until the Cyclops is priced before I start thinking about it.

The next day, Monday.
I made breakfast again today, and Rhys and I ate it before going to school. My classmates are still missing, and I’m thinking that it’s another day off.

“Ito. You’ll be in 2-B from today. Until those guys are found.”

I was told that I would have to take classes in a different class.
I wished they would have done that earlier, but there was nothing I could do about it. I had studied on my own during the school holidays, so there were no blanks, and even if there weren’t, the overall level of this school was very low.
It would be easy enough to be the best even in B class.

Goo punch ! (o゚Д゚)=◯)`3゜)∵

As soon as I sat down in an empty seat in class B, I was suddenly punched in the face by Ishibashi Takuya.
Ishibashi Takuya has been a friend of Hashida’s since the first grade, and like Hashida, he is what you might call a yankee.

“You ! Even though Hashida and the other members of Class A are missing, there’s no way a trash like you would come to school !”

I couldn’t react because of the unexpected and sudden violence.
…..I see. The ability to transfer was thought to be invincible, but is it vulnerable to surprise attacks? I’ll have to think of a countermeasure for surprise attacks.

As I was thinking about it, Ishibashi’s kick flew toward me, so I opened the transfer gate and opened it in front of Ishibashi’s face. Mekk ! )Д;∴)┌┛Σд)
Ishibashi, who should have kicked me, was kicked to his own feet by my transfer gate and rolled.

“Who is it ! Who hit me right now !”

Ishibashi, you yourself. However, they do not realize the existence of the absurd power called the transfer gate. The members of Class B shook their heads in fright.

“It’s you !? Or is it you !?”

He must have been so angry about being kicked in the face that he started punching the guys from Class B. Kaneda, a timid-looking bespectacled member of Class B, said in a trembling voice at the moment he was about to be hit.

“T-the problem is Ito kun right now ! ……He’s the only one who came back and is living on the edge of his seat while everyone is worried about the disappearance of the others in Class A. He’s the one who’s a scab. Now, shouldn’t he be judged for being against justice !?”

“……You’re absolutely right. Kaneda. You say good things sometimes, don’t you?”

Kaneda is relieved that he was not beaten. ….He was smiling as he sold me out.

“Grrrrrr, you trash Ito ! !”

I used the transfer gate to duck Ishibashi’s kick that flew right at my face. The tip of the gate was right in front of Kanada’s crotch.

“Ugh, why !? Agghh, ouch ! !”

Ishibashi’s kick, which seemed to be from kickboxing, was strong, and Kaneda, who was hit by it unexpectedly at an unguarded moment, was fainting in agony with a terrible look on his face.
I was, of course, unhurt. The B class members, whose brains were not fully occupied, seemed to have noticed that the situation was bizarre.

“H-hey, Ito. What did you do just now?”


Then, I suddenly remembered that Ishibashi had kicked me repeatedly when I was a freshman.
Hashida hit me and Ishibashi kicked me. Ishibashi was the one who created those hellish days in the first year of high school. I was not angry with him, since I had the most powerful ability of transference, but it was not good that Ishibashi’s unmanned kicks harmed good citizens.

I stand up slowly and touch the thumbtack that holds up the sign in the back of the classroom. I then transferred it to the spot where Ishibashi’s knee was.

“Agh, aghhh! My knee ! ! ! My knee ! !”

Ishibashi screams miserably and rolls over holding his knee. The pain of a thumbtack suddenly breaking his knee plate is unimaginable. It will be difficult to stand up, and Ishibashi will probably never be able to kickbox again due to the aftereffects.
But that’s okay. A man who beats people outside the ring has no right to engage in martial arts.

The B class members were laughing at Ishibashi as he rolled around miserably and pathetically.

Perhaps as a reaction to the terrible treatment they had received from Ishibashi, they were holding their phones, smiling and laughing, and cursing at him as they liked, saying he was pathetic.
I hated the shallowness of saying that, but I see. It’s not so bad to see the sneers directed at those who don’t like you.

I was feeling more at home in my new class than I had expected–

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