Episode 64 – Encounter



“—Thank you for waiting. Here is your order, the DX Strawberry Parfait and DX Mango Parfait.”

“T-thanks.” “Wow〜, this is amazing !”

Indeed, this is amazing…….

The parfait placed in front of me is quite a size.


I took a picture anyway and posted it on Twitter with the text, [Eating parfait.].

“Ah, you put it on Twitter?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

And the next thing I know, the number of RTs is over 100 and I’ve received over 10 replies.

It feels kind of good…….


I suddenly see a tweet at the top of my timeline and my hand stops.

The parfait in the picture in this tweet–DX parfait?

[Today I came to eat parfait with Meguri-chan~! Lol]

Meguri chan…..no, no way. As expected. Yeah.

I was thinking that, but when I fearfully looked at the top of the tweet, I saw the string [Shijou Elena].


The unexpected event stopped me from thinking.

Ten seconds ago, that probably means she was in this store, right?

Thinking that, I looked around–

“This is Ryoga……right?

“Eh? I mean, it’s indeed Ryoga sama…….”

In the seat diagonally behind me・・・・・・Elena with her twin tails on is showing Nanahoshi san the screen of her smartphone.

I mean, what’s with that hair….?

“Aren’t you going to eat, Senpai?”

“N-no……. After all, why don’t you take some home?”

I don’t know what it is, but I have a pretty bad feeling about this.

I shouldn’t have done anything wrong, but for some reason I can’t stop sweating……

“eh, isn’t it impossible?”

“I-I guess so.”

The ice cream inside will melt, and transferring it to a to-go container is indeed impossible.

The best way is to eat the parfait as soon as possible and leave this place…..


“Hey, is that Ryoga?”


I don’t know.

“R-Ryoga, is that you? Say something.”

“……,You’ve got the wrong guy.”

I tried to hide my face by looking down, but my resistance was in vain as Elena came around to my side and took off my glasses.

“Eh? S-Shijou Elena and Nanahoshi Meguri, w-what is going on ! Senpai !”

“What’s your relationship with this girl, Ryoga? Tell me the details…….”

W-why am I the only one who has to go through this….no, seriously…….

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