My life has changed since Riho started using a hypnosis app.

I started acting out against Riho’s hypnosis app, and this led to an extraordinary life, or rather, sexual life.

I have been devoured by the family of sluts next door, devoured by my frenemies who hold the secret of my performance, devoured by my stepsister, and I’m now being used like free material.

A few days have passed since I had sex with Moka, and on this day when school finally entered summer vacation, I was being devoured by the sluts family with Moka from the morning.

Yes, Moka is in the mix too (blank stare). This has been going on for several days, and it seems like she can’t stand not interfering with the oyakodon feast.

Riho and Rine san were surprised at first because they didn’t know that Moka was my stepsister, but now they are all sluts friends.

Such a carnal feast eventually comes to an end as all four of them are about to go out. Riho and Moka have club activities, Rina chan is going out with friends, and Rine san has work.

After a brief respite, I’m released, and after a brief rest, I receive a call from Himi and am invited to her home.

“Eh !? You did it with Moka chan too !?”

“Yeah……we’ve entered a forbidden relationship.”

Himi didn’t ask me to have sex with her, treating my storage tank.

For now, we’re talking in an air-conditioned room while feasting on ice cream.

“…I feel like you’ve gone as far as you can go.”

“I know..I’m screwed.”

The dark side.

I feel like my head is immersed in a swamp of darkness that cannot be purified.

That’s why I want to ask myself, is this okay?

“I mean……Ryuto, is it okay if you stay like this?”

And such words were also uttered from Himi.

“Isn’t it probably tough to spend your whole life acting?”

“I’d say it’s tough…well, it’s impossible.”

“You’re aware of it?”

“Yeah. No matter what anyone thinks, it’s impossible. That’s all I know.”

There is a limit to what I can do if I keep on acting.

There is a limit to the tightrope-walking situation.


“Then, from Ryuto’s perspective, are you considering telling everyone?”

“In terms of perspective, I think I should do that now.”

I came here thinking that if they found out eventually, I’d just have to admit it, but I still think that’s dishonest.

I think the way to take responsibility for starting a story is to fold the story from myself.

In short, I should come clean.

“You’re pretty determined, aren’t you?”

“Well, yeah. But I’m too scared to tell them…….”

“They might dislike you. …But I think the possibility of that is low.”

“……Is it?”

“Yeah, because at the end of the day, everyone likes Ryuto. And aren’t they treating Ryuto nice with a hypnosis app? Even if it’s not real. So in the current situation, Ryuto isn’t the only one on the dark side.”

……It is true that Riho and the others are losing to their desires.

Everyone is on the dark side. We are crazy.

“So, to be honest, it might not be all that surprising.”

“I hope so…….”

“I’m the only one who will stand by you even if everyone else hates you.”

Himi’s kindness is heartwarming.

“So, what are you gonna do?”

“Well, I thought I’d confess…….”

I also have the idea that it’s about time for a change.

It can’t be right to continue being devoured like this.

It’s good to be on the dark side, but I think it would be even better if I could just stand out and have fun with everyone.

“Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice? But if you say it in front of the whole group, it’s going to be hard to grasp, so I think it’s better to tell each person one by one.”

“Maybe. But are you okay with that?”


“You know, you’d lose the advantage of knowing my secret.”

“Ah, I don’t care about that.”

Humi said so matter-of-factly.

“I mean, whether or not there’s that secret, Ryuto and I can still be good friends. We’ve become nothing more than a facade.”


“So it’s okay. You don’t have to worry about me.”


I appreciate Himi’s thoughtfulness.

Okay……this is the beginning of a confession journey.

After that, I gave Himi a big thank you shot and left around noon, wondering who to confide my secret to.

In the midst of all this—

[Ryu kun help ! I forgot some important documents at home, can you bring them to my work?]

I received a LINE message from Rine san.

[I need it for work in the afternoon, but it seems like it’s too time-consuming to go back to get it during my lunch break, so can you help me?]

She said.

If that’s the case, it might be possible to make Rine san the first person to confide in me as I go to deliver it.

She’s an adult, and I think she’ll listen to me properly.

[I understand. Then, please tell me the details of the documents.]

As I asked her this, I rushed home.

After receiving the details of the documents, I broke into Tamachi’s house through the unlocked window of Riho’s room and obtained the documents. Then I went to Rine san’s workplace.

Now…it’s the beginning of a confession journey.

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