We finally made it home after buying stew ingredients at the supermarket to fulfill my sister’s request.

“By the way, Yuzuha, how many days has it been since you’ve seen my sister?”

I ask Yuzuha as I open the front gate.

“Well, let’s see, …… it’s been, what, two weeks?”

“Hmmm,……, I’m surprised you haven’t seen her.”

“T-That’s right!”

Admittedly, my sister was busy with college and we were all busy with school

We didn’t have much time together, and there were days when we didn’t see each other, which was unusual for a family member.

So…….That’s why–

“You don’t need to bring refreshments, right?”

She was holding carefully wrapped sweets in her arms.

“I’m just saying hello to your family,……”

“I think we’ve already done that years ago?!”

It seems as if the distance between us has suddenly opened up, even though we were supposed to be close as a family until yesterday.

Funny …… is this another harmful effect of the discovery of the true identity of the prince?

“Haa,…… anyway, I’m going to go inside right now. Let’s eat the pastries while playing games some other time.”

“W-wait, I’m not ready…”

“No, no. If you’re that shy, please throw it in the trash.”

Ignoring Yuzuha’s nervousness, I open the front door.


“Tsukasa-kun, welcome home~!”

My older sister—Irie Misato greets me from the doorway with a big smile on her face.

“Ah, that’s an ingredient for the stew, I can see the roux!”

She is a college student, but she is very noisy.

However, her charming face combined with a mature and innocent atmosphere creates a sense of sexiness and beauty.

Even in high school, she was quite popular thanks to this innocent and friendly personality and neat appearance.

It was a different school, but if she had attended the same school, she would have been renamed as one of the four most beautiful girls.

“….. because onee san asked to eat it, right?’

“Yeah, yeah, I’m glad you did what your sister asked for~!”

I think the word “blackmail” fits better than “request”.

“Ah, it’s been a whileYuzuha-chan!”

“I-it’s been a while!”


The voice is somewhat strained and strained.

Perhaps feeling uncomfortable about that, my sister looked at Yuzuha and tilted her head. I understand how you feel.

“Um, this is something!”

“Are you really going to give it to me??!”

“Because I went to the trouble of buying it. ……”

Sure, she boughtit, but… it really was the one I bought at a Japanese sweets shop near my house, right? If that’s the case, we were eating something together about three days ago, right?

“Arara~ this is so polite of you!”

“……Onee san on board too?”

“Come on, come on! I can’t offer you great hospitality, though.”

With that said, my sister was excited and invited Yuzuha to her house.

To take advantage of someone when something is clearly wrong…it’s too bad.

“…Yuzuha, I think you should take a deep breath for now.”

“I-I get it,……, she’ll hate me if I’m rude!”

Maybe the direction I want you to calm down is exquisitely different. …… I’ll say no more.

“Oh, yes, Tsukasa-kun!”

my sister, who was supposed to be in the living room, comes out of the living room.

She winked at me and pointed at the plastic bag I was holding.

“I’m so hungry, I wish you’d hurry up and make it for me!”

“…… you’re so shameless.”

Why do you assume that I do the cooking every time?

Even though I’m always in charge of cooking, I only do it myself when I request it…

“My lips are getting lonely. ……”

“Well, let’s put our skills to the test today.”

My sister is doing her best at university.

I have to work even harder today so that Yuzuha, who is acting strange, can get better.

With that in mind, I walked past my sister and headed towards the kitchen.


(*Yuzuha’s point of view)

(H-Huuuuhhhhhh!!!???! Was Tsukkun’s house always like this!)

After Tsukkun went to the back of the living room.

Finally, I realized what I was doing.

(P-People will definitely think of me as a strange girl! What’s the point? We don’t have that kind of relationship anymore, and even though it was my only advantage, I’m keeping our distance from ourselves!?)

Sure enough, Tsukkun was worried.

Ugh. ……It’s really been like this all day. Since I found out that Tsukkun is a prince, I can’t talk to him like I usually do.

“I think even Misato-san thinks I’m a strange girl. ……”

At least …… I have to make up for it somewhere!

“Yuzuha-chan, Yuzuha-chan.”


As I was making this determination, before I knew it, I saw Misato-san in front of me.

I was surprised, perhaps because I was in a world of my own.

I bowed my head as best I could in a panic.

“I-I’m sorry! I’ve been acting weird since a while ago. ……”

“No, you don’t have to worry about it at all~”

Even though my behavior was strange, Misato san gave me a smile.

Rather, I feel like she’s grinning…

“Hey, Yuzuha-chan.”

And then,

“Perhaps you’ve noticed that Tsukasa-kun is Yuzuha-chan’s prince?”


She suddenly said something like that.

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