(*Yuzuha’s point of view)

In the kitchen, which can be seen from the living room, Tsukkun is cooking.

Apparently, he is cooking stew today at Misato-san’s request.

He is basically in charge of cooking duty in the Irie household. It’s really delicious. Tsukkun can cook, he’s really high spec…

(S-should I be able to cook too? ……?)

I’ve never really thought about it before, but I think it would be fun to stand in the kitchen and cook together.

And then we could eat a meal together that we made together. …… That makes me nervous just imagining it.

(Was I ever such a first-timer ……?)

Just being aware of it makes the heat rise to my face all at once.

But now is not the time to be thinking about that…

“Hmmm…… finally, Yuzuha-chan has noticed?”

On the sofa in the living room, Misato-san is smiling at me with some kind of happy smile.

I sat opposite her and for some reason I shrank back.

“How did you know that ……?”

“Eh, because you’re really conscious of Tsukasa-kun?”


Certainly, now that I think about it, that’s true.

I know it’s hard for me to say, but I’m really conscious of Tsukkun.

“So…! How did you notice? You never acted like that before!”

Misato-san sits down next to me and asks me in a biting tone,

“Um, I just happened to walk into the changing room and…”

“I see, so you saw the scars on Tsukasa kun’s back when you went to peek at his naked body.”

That’s not the purpose.

“Or, You tried to photo Tsukasa-kun’s nakedness…”

That’s not my intention either.

“Or rather, did you know about it, Misato-san? That Tsukkun is my prince?”

“Of course, I knew that~! We’re family after all, and we were together when Tsukasa-kun was taken to the hospital.”

Well, if you were family, you would know, wouldn’t you?

When he was injured, they would say, “Why?” And of course they would be worried if their son did something reckless like that.

“But he insisted, [Don’t tell Yuzuha about it!]”

“That was it, rightt? Because it’s cool to be the hero who walks away without saying a word at that time. ……”

For my part, I think, “You could have told me right away,” but it can’t be helped because that’s the kind of hero Tsukkun admires.

Tsukkun helped me because he admired such person.

“T-The rest is, he just wanted to help ……right?”

He didn’t want me to feel indebted to him. He said it was that kindness that made him keep his mouth shut after he helped.

“Hmmm…that’s part of it, but…”

Misato-san puts her hand on her chin and starts to think a little.

But then she immediately smiles mischievously, sneaks up to me and overhears me.

“Yuzuha will be worried.”


“It’s true that he admired heroes like that, but he said that Yuzuha-chan would feel responsible for the injury, so he asked us not to say”

Hearing those words, my face turns red all at once.

“The type of hero Tsukasa-kun was looking at were, frankly, the type who just say his name and walk away. So, it is normal to say one’s name if you admire”

Indeed, the hero anime that Tsukkun used to watch and think, “Cool!~” When he saved someone, he told his name exactly when he saved him.

Of course, he only said the hero’s name, not his human name.

“But, he said he didn’t want the kid to worry, and that if she/he laughed, that was enough. Whenever I questioned him when he came to me injured, he would say so as if he was dishonest. Of course, I think it’s also what he would have said to Yuzuha-chan [I don’t want you to feel indebted to me.]”

I only had an image of him always playing the hero, being reckless and playing around.

It’s a long time ago, so it’s a bit hazy, but I didn’t realize that Tsukkun was thinking that way when he was helping someone.

But if you say it like this.

Yesterday, I thought that Tsutsukun had said the same thing…

(W-what is it moouu……)

I picked up a cushion that had fallen nearby and buried my face in it.

(He’s too cool!)

My heart has been beating loudly since a while ago. I’m sure Misato, who is sitting beside me, can hear my heartbeat.

My heart has been pounding ever since. My heartbeat was so strong that I thought Misato-san sitting next to me could definitely hear it.

“Hey, Yuzuha-chan. You like Tsukasa-kun, right?”

“……….. maybe, yes.”

“Is it because he is the prince?”


That being said, I can picture Tsukkun in my mind.

Certainly, I have felt this way since Tsukkun became a prince.


“I don’t know. ……”

Just for that reason I’ve become so aware of it.

It’s simply because of the prince, and I’ve always been attracted to him from long ago until now.

Even I can’t sort out or keep up with my feelings and the situation I’m in right now.

But, somehow.

I think I like …… him.

“Mfufuu~, I see~”

Misato-san began to gently stroke my head as I buried my face in it.

Then, without saying anything deep,

“I’m on your side, Yuzuha chan☆.”

There is no clear answer to my current feelings.

I want to sort them out as soon as possible and change my relationship with Tsukkun as well as my current attitude.

But for some reason, Misato san’s hand is warm right now.

Strangely enough, my current perplexed feeling cleared up – I felt like I was going to do my best.

“I-I’m going to definitely turn Tsukkun around!….”

“That’s great! If you have any trouble, just tell me, okay? I would also be happy if Yuzuha-chan became my sister-in-law♪”

Not sure how it all started.

But because I’m sure I like him.

We may not be able to go beyond being childhood friends just yet, but I’ll definitely make Tsukkun look up to me!

“If we become sisters-in-law, we can peek into Tsukasa-kun’s bathroom together!”

I’ll talk to Tsukkun later about locking the bathroom.


(What are you talking about?)

The kitchen overlooks the living room.

While I was cooking, the two women were having a conversation because they hadn’t seen each other in a while.

However, while I was concentrating on the cooking and took my eyes off the kitchen, before I knew it, the composition of Yuzuha burying her face in the cushion and my sister patting her head had been completed.

And when I looked away for a moment, Yuzuha was clenching her fists and getting into the spirit of the conversation. I couldn’t help but wonder what the story was.

(She wasn’t teasing her, was she?)

Well, as long as Yuzuha wasn’t crying, it was fine.

Besides, I’m a little glad to see that Yuzuha seems to be the same as usual.

That cute spunk is her usual self, that’s for sure. Cute.


Suddenly, the phone in my pocket trembled.

Who is it? I wondered, so I took it out and turned on the screen.

And there it was…

Kurusu, [I have something I need you to help me with as soon as possible tomorrow.]

A message from the three beautiful girls with whom I had exchanged contact information the other day.

Perhaps by cooperation, she means her search for a prince.

“No problem.”

I don’t know what she will make me do, but I will at least take responsibility for what I said.

With that in mind, I quickly replied and went back to cooking.

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