Volume 2 Episode 8 – We’ll be here again next year – it’s not going to happen (I assure you)



I didn’t miss the fact that onii chan’s gaze went in a different direction from ours for a moment.

There was no doubt—- the other end of the line.

“Mizuno, Chifuyu: …….”

The girl in school uniform with light-colored hair and a face as attractive as ours.

The original cause of onii chan’s strong aversion to women, and the hateful person who turned my beloved brother into a purse,…….

“That woman. Kill–“
“Onii! Hurry up or I’ll get fries!”

Kairi’s big voice distracted me, and I took my eyes off Mizuno for a moment, and Mizuno, who should have been at the end of my brother’s gaze, was gone.

……I wonder if I was looking at it wrong?

I still remember when onii chan was in the second year of junior high school and came home excited after a girl confessed her feelings for him.
And a few weeks later – the day he came home with a downcast face is also vividly …….

She was the most hateful person in my life for making onii chan suffer.
I heard that Mizuno Chifuyu went to a high school in a neighboring town with a very low deviation score.
Why she came to the flower park alone in her school uniform on Christmas night like this,……, I don’t understand at all.

There were a number of strange things about her.
First of all, the fact that she really had oni chan as her purse in the first place, and the fact that she went to a high school in a neighboring town.

Before the incident with onii chan, I did not have the impression that Chifuyu Mizuno was a “bad girl”.

When I became the secretary of the student council in my first year, I had an errand to the library and had a one-time conversation with Chifuyu Mizuno, who was a member of the library committee.
It’s impossible to uncover a person’s true nature in a single conversation, so I’ll just say “she had a secret face” and that’s it. ……

I certainly hate her. But that’s the only thing that’s stuck in my mind for a long time.

“Yuri, do you want some fries?”

I was pondering about Chifuyu Mizuno, and before I knew it, onii chan who had bought the fries lightly tilted the cup of fries towards me.

“U-Umm,……, I don’t think I’d like it. I’m on a diet.”

I said that to show off my girl power, but I’m not really on a diet.
Rather onii chan’s pixi search history, it seems that recently, plump is his favorite taste, and since the winter vacation, I have been eating a lot of high-calorie food at night to fatten up my body.
“Dieting,…… onee-chan, you ate twelve pieces of fried chicken at midnight last night.”
“I didn’t eat.”

Kairi….. in front of onii chan on purpose.
B-but today, I stopped Kairi’s rushed confession, and I also succeeded in implanting in onii chan a siscon nature that makes the elder brother aware of his “younger sister”.

I’m sure onii chan is thinking in his heart, “Oh, I want to squeeze Yuuri’s breasts,” and if I keep this up, I can make it to Valentine’s Day in the shortest possible time. ……

Together with chocolate, I’m going to put my love in onii chan’s mouth ♡.


Ah, I can’t wait to go home and listen to Tenshigaoka Yurutan’s ear-licking ASMR.

As I was eating my fries, my brain was filled with thoughts of ASMR.
While the 2-dimensional otaku of the world are enjoying a white Christmas in their rooms listening to erotic ASMR, I’m eating half-priced fries with my sisters in a chilly flower park. ……

“Hey, onii! What’s with that sigh?”

…… sister, huh?
I look alternately at Kairi, who is pouting next to me, and Yuri, who is very quiet.

I’ve been afraid of the girls around me ever since Chifuyu turned me into her purse and I’ve been avoiding them.
But Kairi and Yuuri, who are my immediate family, have always been okay with me.
Even if they were cold to me, I probably felt somewhat at ease …… because of our blood ties and the brother-sister bond.

And recently, the two of them suddenly started to spoil me.
I can never say it out loud because I’m embarrassed, but as their older brother,…… I was a little bit happy.

“Hey …… Yuri, Kairi.”
“Let’s do this again next year, and the three of us will come to see the illumination together, okay?”
“”That’s not going to happen.””

Yuri and Kairi said so with a strong look 

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