Volume 2 Episode 13- Kanna is a natural boyish gyaru



The fact that there has been no rejection of women from Onii means that Kanna’s male attire is a success, right?
I think this means that even Kanna can learn from Onii.

My best friend, Kanahara Kanna, is a former volleyball ace and a gal who always hangs out with me.

She has flat chest, a manly personality, and is 170cm tall, so she would not look out of place in a man’s outfit.

And since she wears oversized clothes, she should be able to cover up a lot of things for now.
One concern is that …… Kanna has a very cute voice. ……

“Kanta-kun, what’s your relationship with Kairi?”
“She’s my best friend!”
“B-best friends..Hee”

If it’s a junior high school student, there are boys who haven’t changed their voice yet, and I think it’s okay.

The study materials are spread out on the table in the living room, and I and Kanna sit side by side, with Onii sitting in the chair across from us.

“Well, then, please”

Kanna was being taught by Oniii with her signature charm.

The only thing left to do is to make sure she doesn’t get caught up in the …….

Well, I’m sure she’ll do fine.

“Hmmm? Kanta-kun, there’s some kind of pink string coming out of your shoulder.”
“Aah, that’s a bra strap!”
“A bra strap?”

Please don’t collect the flag from the person who said it!

“K-Kanta! That’s not it!”
“O-Oh, ……,yeah yeah”

At my exhortation, Kanna scratched her head and said, “I’m just kidding~.”

“This is a sporty bra! I have big nipples and it rubs a lot!”
(TL/N: Holy)


“H-Heeee….., I didn’t know that boys do that too. I don’t know much about fashion, so I didn’t know.”

Onii said as he touched his nipple area.
Onii’s nipples are there? Surprisingly, it’s on the side—not that!

If this continues, he will find out that Kanna is a woman!
If he finds out,…… we’re in big trouble.

…… Huh? 
Well, I know Onii doesn’t like girls, but what happens if he find out that Kanna is a girl?

Will he faint or something? Or get pissed off. ……

It would suck, but I’d like to see it.

“Whoa, what’s wrong, Kairi? Is there a problem you don’t understand?”
“Huh?…Ah, um….I want you to look at me, too, not just Kanta.”

I deceive myself by being clever, and then I nonchalantly speak up about my desires.
Maybe it’s because I’ve become a little wiser, or maybe it’s because I don’t like the fact that I’m becoming more and more like my grandmother. Blood is blood, I guess.

“Kairi, you’re so jealous.”
“Shut up!”

While saying, “Watch out!” I appealed to her with my eyes.
She responded with a friendly wink.
She doesn’t get it!

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