At Yuri and Kairi’s junior high school, test results are posted on the bulletin board.
Due to various privacy reasons these days, the lower ranks are not announced, and only the names of the top 20 students in each subject area and up to the 20th overall rank are posted.

Today, the results of the test held at the end of November are finally announced.
It was expected to be quite crowded with students who wanted to know the test results, but …… everyone there was stunned.

The reason for this is …….

“This …… in math and English, seriously?”
“What in the world is going on?”
“Maybe they typed the wrong name?”
“I knew it was a printing error, didn’t I?”

Yes…… that test result sheet had names on it that would never make it into the rankings.

Math test results

1st place, Kairi Otaru, 100 points

“There’s no way the student council president lost …… to her gal sister! This is a typo!”
“Yeah, but there’s also the student council president’s name underneath it!”

Math test results

1st place, Kairi Otaru, 100 points

1st place, Yuri Otaru, 100 points

Yes, the result of the stepsister showdown – a complete draw.

But …….

“Hey, English one, take a look.”
“Yeah ……, it’s amazing just that someone got a 98 on that question by no means, but the one who got it…”

English test results

1st place, Kairi Otaru, 98 points (well done!)
2nd place, Yuri Otaru, 95 points

“The school’s best gal, Kairi Otaru, ……?”
“Maybe she cheated?”
“Maybe she used her perky body to make a fool out of her teacher?”
“Those are female teachers for both English and Math!”
“Lilies are blooming. Let’s take good care of them.”

Among the students, those who could not believe Kairi’s results were making a fuss about this and that.

One person among them was Yuri Otaru, who bit her lip at the result.

(I lost to Kairi ……. I had a tie in math, but Kairi got a 98 on that test, whereas I only got a 95!?)

All other tests were, of course, overwhelmingly won by Yuri.
The only tests in which Kairi was ranked higher were English and math, but the students were talking more about the fact that Kairi, a gal, had beaten Yuri, an absolute honor student, than about Yuri’s overwhelming victory in this test.

When Yuuri was about to leave, Kairi deliberately stood in front of Yuuri.

“Onee-chan, this is a tie between us, right?”
“So, that’s why! Onee-chan was supposed to go on a Christmas date alone with Onii, and I’m going to be there too!”

And so Christmas turns into chaos.

And …… again, Yuto, who knows nothing about it.

“…… Hnn…! O-Ooooh!”

He was having a lot of fun with the late-night, ● V-tubers ear-licking ASMR.

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1 year ago

Ear licking ASMR as a teenager? Dudes a lost cause.

1 year ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

Agreed – this is ruining the story. I’ll give it a couple more chapters.

10 months ago

Man, author better make some good development for this lost cause of an MC.

Screw it, make the two sisters a yandere and cure MC from that