Episode 7 – It’s study time you know?



-After school the next day.

The day after I promised to teach Kairi how to study, Kairi’s studies began in earnest.
Kairi came home before me and sat quietly in front of the living room table.

“Onii, you’re late.”
“I’m sorry. I had to go to the bookstore.”

Kairi was wearing the same light T-shirt as yesterday, with a slouchy neckline (revealing a glimpse of her huge cleavage) and a pair of hot pants underneath.
I couldn’t help but notice Kairi’s slightly tanned gal skin, both cleavage and thighs.
It’s too well-developed to the point where you wonder if she’s really in junior high school. ………… not that

“Let’s get to studying, shall we?”

I put my bag on the floor and sit down in the chair across from Kairi, rolling up the sleeves of my uniform.

“Kairi, take a look at this.”
“What’s this?”

I opened my bag, took out a few books and spread them out on the table.

“In order to help you get into our high school in the next few months, I bought you the latest edition of the textbooks I used when I took the entrance exam.”

Yesterday, I also told my dad that Kairi is aiming for the same Gakutoku High School as me, and he gave me the funds to buy the materials.
So after school today, I stopped by the bookstore and bought some good reference books.

As I am always short of money, I wanted to skimp a little on the teacher’s fee, but as a big brother, I held back.

“Let’s start with math for now. We’ll start with the material I taught you lightly yesterday.”
“Y-yes,……, but first, do you want to eat some snacks?”

Kairi presented me with a “mushroom swamp” of chocolate candy that was on the table.

“sweets? Y-You’re awfully thoughtful,……, but I prefer bamboo grass to mushroom swamp.”
“If you complain, I won’t give it to you.”
“I-I’ll take it …… . Thanks, Kairi.”

I took the box of mushrooms from Kairi and picked them lightly.

“W-Wait, not about that…”
“……, what are you doing?”
“I-I want some too, so give me some.”

Kairi said, “Ahn,” and opened her mouth stupidly.
There has been something wrong with her since yesterday, but is she still in the middle of a raving frenzy today?

However, Kairi has always had a distant tendency to want to be spoiled, so – no, no, at her age she doesn’t want to be spoiled.
I don’t know what Kairi is thinking, but I want to start studying as soon as possible,…….
I picked up a mushroom and offered it to Kairi.


As soon as I reached out my hand toward Kairi, she bit not only the mushroom but also my finger like a fish biting its prey.

“Ohoooooh, Delicious!”

Kairi sucked my finger into her mouth, making a splatting sound, and licked my fingertip with her slightly rough tongue.
The face of Kairi sucking my finger in front of me is too erotic,……, why is my sister doing this to me?

“……ppa. Did it feel good?”
“W-What the hell are you doing?”
“Yesterday at the family restaurant, I was so frustrated that Onii made fun of me for being ignorant that I studied a lot.”
“If you have time to study such things, learn at least one English word!”
“What onii? What are you embarrassed about? You’re so shy when your sister gives you a finger-wrap, you’re such a virgin”

She probably doesn’t even know what “virginity” means.

“I’m going to wash my hands.”
“What’s that! I gave it to you as a reward!”
“What’s the point of a reward?”
” ……, I-I heard that boys get off on that kind of thing.”

Kairi’s mouth was agape as she fiddled with her blonde hair, which hung down to her shoulders.

“You first-timer gal. …….”

I muttered to myself as I washed my hands in the kitchen sink.
I was surprised that Kairi was so pure, and since she’s a gal, I imagined her playing with more guys,……, but I’m not so sure about that part.

When I came back to the table, Kairi was flipping through the pages of the educational materials I had bought her, looking very interested.

“Kairi, don’t you have a boy or something you like in junior high school? You know, since you’re a gal, maybe a Yankee of your own kind.”
“I don’t have any Yankee friends, but …… there is a boy that I like.”
“Hee, ……?”

I guess Kairi likes boys too.
Of course, Kairi is an adult, so it’s only natural.

“I-I’m studying like this for the sake of the boy I like!

Kairi said impatiently and grabbed her pencil again.

Ah, I see.

You suddenly said you were changing your school of choice to mine, and I wondered what happened because you wanted to go to the same high school as a boy you like …….

If he’s coming to my high school, then that boy must be a pretty good honor student too.
I can guess the romance between an honor student and a gal …… phew, I can guess.

“Well then, let’s go for it. For that boy you like?”

Kairi was glaring at me in a strange way.

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