We decide to go to the family restaurant next to our condo for dinner and to listen to Kairi’s problems.

I wondered what “more amazing things” …… would be.

Kairi’s words had always stuck with me.
The more I thought about it, the more pink fantasies flooded my brain.

“N-No! Kairi is my little sister, I can’t do that kind of thing.”

While I was shaking my head in confusion in front of the doorway, Kairi came back from her room.

“Thanks for waiting.”

Kairi is wearing a black leather jacket over the loose-necked T-shirt she was wearing earlier, and she is also wearing a black cap over her blonde hair.
By the looks of it, she looks like a gal.

“……S-sorry, I’m going to go change my clothes too.”
“Eh? Yeah”

I was going to wear my usual loungewear since it was a family restaurant, but when my sister dressed like that, I wanted to be a little determined.
I went back to my room, put on a pair of black skinnies, a white T-shirt, and a leather jacket that had been lying in my closet, and left my room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Shall we go?”

I apologized to Kairi, who was waiting for me at the door, and took my keys out of my pocket.

“Onii, you’re …… a non-motivated, gloomy guy, but you have clothes like that, don’t you?”
“D-Don’t make fun of me. I had a girlfriend in junior high school.”
“Oh, that’s right. Is that the one that used onii as a purse and dumped you after two weeks?”
“Geh,……, how..”

Yes, as Kairi said, I once went out with a beautiful girl in the same grade for two weeks, but she turned me into her purse and dumped me after two weeks.
Since then, I have a complex about girls, and I even avoid talking to them in high school as much as possible.

“Why do you, who is one year younger than me, know about this?”
“I know everything there is to know about you.”
“L-look! We’ll go to a family restaurant and talk about my problems!”

Kairi pulls my arm as she opens the front door.
I go out and lock the door that I just put out and take the elevator down to the first floor with Kairi.
In the vertical mirror on the elevator wall, I saw the two of us standing side by side.

“You’re wearing a leather jacket, too, so it looks like we’re a pair.”
“Really? But in my case, I’m not as stylish as you, so I might look tacky.”
“Hahaha, that’s true.”
“You should follow up a little bit.”

How many years has it been since I had a normal conversation with Kairi like this?
Before I knew it, Kairi had turned into a blonde-haired gal, but I couldn’t believe how cute she looked …… as she giggled next to me.

Kairi had become cold to me since she entered junior high school, and we no longer had any conversations in which we laughed at each other.

“Kairi and Yuri are nice. They have the same face quality and style as their mother.”
“I was born beautiful, and so was Onii, who is a normal guy. Though you might have been a child prodigy once upon a time, right?”
“Guh. ……”
“But you’re lucky we’re your sisters, aren’t you? Most men wouldn’t even stand next to us.”

Kairi was proud and spoke proudly with her nose in the air.

“Well, if I were a stranger, I wouldn’t even think of approaching you guys”

At the same time I said that, the elevator arrived at the first floor, and I walked out as the elevator doors opened.

“…… hmm?”

For some reason, Kairi stopped in the elevator.

“What’s up? Did you forget something? are you going to the bathroom?”
“…..I-it’s nothing.”

Kairi put her cap back on a little deeper and came out of the elevator.


When we arrived at the family restaurant, we were shown to a sofa table for four, and Kairi and I sat down facing each other.

“I’ll have the hamburger set. Onii?”
“……, then I’ll have the steak set.
“Sure thing, sir.”

After ordering, I immediately started the conversation.

“B-before I ask you about your problems,……, tell me more about that amazing thing you were talking about.”

I was curious about that.
Although she is a younger sister, if such a beautiful girl with big breasts said such a thing, I would be concerned about it,…… because I am a shady virgin.

“You’re too stubborn Onii.”

Kairi, sitting in front of me, said while bumping the top of my nose with her long pink nails.

“What do you mean by ‘awesome’? ……”
“Mouth-to-mouth …….”
“Chuu, I’ll give you”

I was stunned.
The ice in the ice bucket that was brought in earlier made a cracking sound.

……Wait a minute.

“You’re talking about something great, is that it?”
“What? Are you complaining? I said I was going to give you a fresh lip kiss this time, not the finger one time! Don’t make me say this embarrassing thing twice.”

Is this girl in a shoujo manga?
No, shoujo manga these days are less than shoujo manga because they at least “act” like it’s normal.

“Haa. ……”

Kairi is just a JC, after all.
I’ve never heard rumors about Kairi’s boyfriend,……, but I didn’t expect her to be such a “newbie gal”.
I was disappointed and dropped my shoulders.

“Don’t be discouraged!”
“Because, you know, ……”
“W-Well, then! When my problem is solved, I’ll do what you wanted to do. How about that?”

How, you may ask, is …….
I think it’s out of bounds to gawk at my sister’s body, but my gaze ends up on Kairi’s breasts.
So, do I rub…?

“W-well, ……, we’ll think about that later. In the meantime, let’s hear what your problem is.”
“I-is it okay?”
“Come on, tell me.”
“U-umm ……”

Kairi is shy and fidgety.
For some reason, she looked even more embarrassed than before.

Is that trouble more difficult to say than “chuu”…..?

“I ……”

She had been looking down, but when Kairi looked me in the eye, she opened her mouth.

“I want to go to the same high school as onii…….”

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