There is only one week left until the regular test for sisters.

Kairi, who was a gyaru just a few weeks ago, has made rapid progress in the past month, and I think she has reached 50 deviation marks in math and English alone.

I realized that she and Yuri have the same specifications in terms of intelligence, since they are twins.

As for me, I had to go to cram school and managed to pass with a deviation score of 56. …… Apparently, I didn’t inherit the same smarts as the girls.

Why am I inferior to my twin sisters in both looks and brains? ……
If my world has a comment function like a video site, let me know, expert anikis.

“What’s the matter, Onii? You look so difficult.”

I was studying with Kairi in the living room as usual, and I was thinking about something else, and it seemed to show on my face.

“Did I make a difficult face?”
“Actually, ……, I was getting jealous of you.”
“Huh? Onii Is jealous of me ?”

Kairi clapped her hands and laughed.
She didn’t have to laugh that hard.

“Are you in a rush because I’m doing so well in my studies?”
“That’s …… right.”
“It is because of Onii Juku, so you should be more proud of yourself, right? Or are you one of those guys who only likes girls who are inferior to him?”
“I’m not that kind of a jerk!”
“You’re just saying that, but you really want to dominate me, a stupid girl, don’t you?”
“Oni…… echi-♡”

As Kairi gets smarter and smarter in this study group, the level of her agitation seems to be increasing.

“I don’t have such feelings for my sister,”
“If it wasn’t your sister, would you have those feelings?”
“No! I’m not interested in the third dimension, and I don’t want to dominate!”

I said quickly in my characteristic otaku way and looked away from Kairi.
Why is Kairi asking me these questions?
She’s just grossed out by her own brother’s habits.

“Hey, hey, onii.”
“Even if you’re not interested in 3-D, you can still treat us sisters normally, right?”
“That’s because …… we’re sisters of the same blood.”
“Then you don’t mind if she does this to you, right?”

To my feet under the table, Kairi’s raw feet touched my feet.
“⁈ O-oi!”

Kairi’s raw foot was brushing my thigh under the table.
It was ticklish, yet somehow pleasant, and I felt a strange emotion rising up in me.

“You’re so weak, oni. It’s really funny.”
“Ugh, …….”

Somehow, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make Kari any smarter than she already is.
Kairi might be the one who is doing this to the boy she has a crush on. ……

“This makes me look forward to Christmas.”

Kairi put her index finger to her nose and said, “It’s still a secret,” and went back to her study.
I don’t know, but I guess Kairi will spend Christmas with that boy she likes.

“Sorry Kairi, I’m going to the restroom for a while, you can solve the problems until then.”

I left my seat and headed for the restroom.
When I went out into the hallway, I ran into Yuri in her school uniform who had just come out of her room.

“O-Onii chan”
“Are you going to cram school now?”

Yuri nodded with a smile, looking in a very good mood.

“Did something good happen to you?”
“Let’s see… I’m looking forward to Christmas.”

Even Yuri is looking forward to Christmas …….
That’s because, unlike a shady boy like me, Christmas may be a big event for the beautiful sisters, but …… it’s still a month away.

I haven’t heard of any man in Yuri’s life, but I wonder if she has a boyfriend or something.
The other day my best friend Takaki was talking about his fantasies about Yuri being sexy, but I just don’t know, maybe Yuri has a boyfriend.

“I see. But before that, you have a regular test, so make sure you do well.”
“Yes! Will you praise me if I get first place?”
“Eh, Y-yeah. Of course I will praise you.”
“Yay! Hehhehheh. I have to win even if I die….”

Yuri’s eyes narrowed momentarily and I didn’t miss it.

“Well, I’m off then.”
“O-ou, be careful …….”

I look away from Yuuri and then go into the bathroom.
I had an image of Yuuri not saying things like “even if I die”…
At the time when we were shopping, Yuri’s image changed a bit compared to the old days.

After washing my hands and doing my business, I was about to go back to the living room when I noticed something.
The door to Yuri and Kairi’s room was slightly opened and the light in the room was left on.

“Yuuri was so excited, she must have forgotten to turn off the light in her room,”

I’ll turn them off.
I opened the door to my sisters’ room and stepped inside.

It had been years since I had been in my sisters’ room.

The room is divided into two spaces on the right and left, with Yuri’s space on the left and Kairi’s on the right.

Yuri’s room is tidy and clean.
In comparison, Kairi’s is a messy pile of fashion magazines on her study desk and cosmetic goods here and there,……, which is why she studies in the living room.

I turned off the light with the remote control that was on Kairi’s bed and tried to get out of the room.

“…… Whoa!”

I was returning to the room when I stepped on a magazine that Kairi had left on the floor, and I fell to my knees right there.

“Ouch.. hmm?”

As I was writhing on the floor of the room, I saw something …… under the bed on the left side.

It was dimly lit, so I couldn’t make it out, but the cloth looked vaguely familiar, and I reached for it.

“Hey, Onii! What are you doing in our room?”
“Oooo! K-Kairi!”

Kairi opened the door to the room from the hallway.

“I was wondering why you were so late…were you going through my underwear or something?”
“I-I’m not! Yuri forgot to turn off the light and went to cram school, so I turned it off. Then I fell on your magazine.”
“…… Really?”
“What am I supposed to do with my sister’s underwear when I steal it from her? Resale?”
“If you resell them, I’ll really kick your ass, but since you’re …… oni, I’ll do something like ……O-Ona…”
“Oh ……, I-it’s nothing at all! You’re a pants reseller!”
“I told you, I won’t do it!”

Kairi and I were fighting, I got up and left the room.

Earlier …… on the left, so it’s under Yuuri’s bed, right?
The cloth that was there? It looks kind of familiar….

I wonder if it’s my imagination.

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