After eating takoyaki, Yuri and I stopped by a supermarket in the shopping arcade.
I almost lost sight of my original goal because of Yuri.

“Soy sauce, toilet paper, and tissues.”
“Tissues ……?”
“Yeah, mom said we were running low.”
“…… hmmm.”

For a moment, Yuri’s face seemed to go dark, but I didn’t care and continued shopping.
As there are only three, I quickly found them and put them in my basket, but unbeknownst to me, there was a limited time flavor chocolate candy in my basket.

“Yuri.. was it you who put these in?”
“Onii chan, please! Buy me this candy!”
“You know, you’re not a kid anymore, so use your own allowance to buy it.”
“I’ve been running a little short on money lately, so I’m taking you shopping with me, so I’m going to pay you for that.”

Yuri winked mockingly and clasped his hands together.

Unexpected……… Yuri is the type of person who doesn’t do fancy shopping like Kairi…I had an image that she would be saving money.
“Well, I don’t mind.”
“Thanks, onii chan!”

Through the day, my impression of Yuri is changing a lot.

She is the student council president of her junior high school and has a serious and mature image, but she also has a childish side, like when she wants me to buy her sweets,…….

“What’s wrong, Onii chan? Looking at my face like that.”
“No,…… I thought Yuri was like a perfect superhuman since she became a junior high school student, so I was surprised to see that she has a cute side to her.”

Yuuri suddenly felt lightheaded and crouched down on the spot.

“Yu-Yuuri? Are you sick?”
“…… no, I’m just a little wet.”
“No! My feet are wet. This is the fresh fish section!”

Yuri stood up shyly with a slight blush on her cheeks, saying, “Ehehe”
“Onii chan, are you going to …… say that kind of thing to Kairi?”
“That kind of thing?”
“…. nothing.”

Yuri laughed a little when she said that.

“Okay okay, let’s do it quickly and go home. I want to study too.”

She quickly put her basket through the checkout, put the soy sauce and tissues in her eco-bag, and left the supermarket with a roll of toilet paper in her hand.


When I returned to the apartment, I found Kairi standing in the doorway, waiting for me to return.

“I was wondering why you’re so late. …… you’ve been shopping with Yuri?”
“I’m sorry, Kairi? I’ve been having fun with onii chan ♡.”
“It’s …… fine with me. Rather than that, I want you to come to the living room to teach me about a problem.”
“All right, all right. You both have a test coming up, you need to study for it—”

Maybe because I brought up the subject of the test, the air in the room suddenly became heavy.

“Fufu ♡ Kairi, what’s wrong with such a scary face?”
“I’ll protect him, …… onii.”

Kairi says so and walks out to the living room, pulling my hand.
What do you mean, “protect”?

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1 year ago

She’s wet??? I bet she’s gonna grab some tissue and go straight to her bed or somewhere she could be alone and do God knows what……

Light novel junky
Light novel junky
1 year ago
Reply to  Jack

Well, I mean yeah…… Technically she will be grabbing tissues….. Just not the new ones. Also is no one else gonna comment on the fact that this dude not only has a mass grave in his closet, he is actively away of the body count. Like bro that’s NOT what the term spank bank means…….