Kaizei Riku 

Main character. 1st year Highschool student.

Due to family circumstances he has used Matsudaira and Kawabe surnames in the past. 

He has low self-esteem and has a negative side, he is a hard working guy who can continue to be an author and do karate. When it comes to study, he had average grades.

He sees himself as a mob-like person, with his hair covering his eyes, and you can barely tell that he’s wearing glasses.

However, his true appearance is well-groomed and although he’s the center of attention for passersby, he perceives himself as paranoid.

Kaizei Sora

Heroine number 1. 1st year highschool student and one of the three most beautiful girls in the class, she’s the step daughter of Riku’s mother’s second marriage.

She used to have a twin brother and she was a bit brocon, but her mother and brother died in an accident, which spurred her brother complex. 

That’s why she despises her step brother, Riku, who has the same name as her actual brother.

One day, she falls in love with the person (Riku) who helped her when she was being hit on by a thug…

Miuchi Asuka

Heroine number 2. Riku’s classmate, one of the three most beautiful girls in class, and his childhood friend.

She used to look like a boy, but when she entered middle school, her appearance became her complex.

She has a romantic personality and a strong prejudice she’s been chasing over Matsudaira Riku, a web author with the same name as her childhood friend, since she realized that she was in love with her childhood friend for the first time.

One day, she denies the act of violence out of a sense of justice against Riku (in his karate uniform), who saved a girl who was about to be attacked by thugs….

Reizei Ayano

Heroine number 3. Riku’s classmate and one the three most beautiful girls in class.

Known as the school idol, she has a beautiful face and she’s a refined lady of a former conglomerate company.

Born in a strict family, she was painfully aware of the suffocating nature of her surroundings, as a result, she dislikes people who are perfect or pretending to be.

When she was in middle school, she met a student named Kawabe Riku who went to the same cram school as her despite her parents’ objections.

At the same time she felt envious and charmed by Riku, who was quite the opposite of her bright and talented self, and she pretended to be ordinary herself as she studied hard with him.

Originally, she was going to attend a school for refined ladies that’s been decided by her parents, but when she found out about the school he wanted to go to, she decided to follow him. 

She has noticed that they’re in the same class now, but Riku himself is unaware of it because her appearance was different from when she was in cram school.

Izumo Risa

Heroine number 4. Riku’s classmate and possess a cuteness as good as the three most beautiful girls in class, but unfortunately she’s excluded from the beautiful girl category because of her gyaru-like appearance and she has gone too far for her highschool debut.

She hates Riku, and picks on him every time she has an opportunity.

Originally, she had a complex about being an otaku and a gloomy person, and she’s angry at him because he reminded her past self.

In highschool, she belongs to the group full of cheerful people, but at home she spends most of her time playing video games.

She married Rikku in an online game called “Guardia Fantasy” and is known by the nickname of Yandere Demon Bride….

Kuroyama Genpaku

Riku’s friend and the most handsome guy in the class.

He is a cheerful guy and is considered to be incompatible with Riku, but he cares about him.

(TL/N: i don’t know why the author change his surname from 玄川: Kurokawa to 玄山: Kuroyama, but whatever.) 

Tamio Eiyuu (Mob Hero) 

A 28 year old single, handsome man who’s the editor in charge of Matsudaira Riku, the author. 

As Riku’s 

He has been a good advisor to Riku, he takes care of both his work and personal life.

In work, he’s only an editor at the moment, but he has an excellent record and plans to become editor-in-chief at some point, and he recommends his unrequited love, Aigou Tsukasa, as his successor.

A favorite character that often appears in the author’s novel, but his appearance is still lukewarm.

Aigou Tsukasa

She became the successor editor to Matsudaira Riku. She is Tamio’s junior at university.

Originally known as “Demon Aigou” at Tokyo head office, she had an excellent record, but she was transferred to a countryside where the main character is located because she was tired of human relationships.

Her work ethic is stricter than Tamio san, but other than work, she’s a bit clumsy.

She has been in love with Tamio for a long time, but she doesn’t deal with him because of her past romance.

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