“Even though you’re a semi-baroness ……!”

After school, in my dorm room.

I was irritated as I sipped my tea.

I’ve done pledge magic with a guy like Grundy. ……

There is no way that His Highness Claude would ever lose, but the fact that I made a “promise” to such a stray dog pisses me off.

“Cerys ……! Get those cookies now!”

“Yes, ……! Young lady!”

Cerys, the maid, is freaking out and brings the cookies.

(Ah! I’m getting annoyed ……!)

That face of Grundy’s.

He’s a semi-baron, bottom of the barrel aristocrat, and he’s been the “mob” of the class all this time, and now he’s demanding great things from me. ……

(I’ll definitely let you lick my feet ……!)

I’m going to make you my dog, and I’m going to make you understand thoroughly.

I’m going to make you my only toy. ……

“Grundy ……die!”

I grab a cookie and throw it at Cerys.

“Kyaaa….! Young lady, don’t do this!”

“Damn damn damn! damn you Grundy!”

Bullying Cerys doesn’t make me feel any better.

I can’t stop thinking about Grundy.

I can’t get that piece of garbage out of my head. ……


I heard a knock on the door.

“Haahaa ……. Someone’s here. Answer the door quickly.”

Cerys, who had been crying, wiped her tears and opened the door.

“……! master ……!”

“Eh? my father ……?”

My father, the Marquis of Hanstein, had come to visit the dormitory.

For some reason, he is wearing a splendid tailcoat. ……

“F-father,……, what brings you to the academy?”

“Actually, I’ve been appointed as the royal treasurer. That’s why I came to the capital.”

“Royal treasurer……?! That’s amazing!”

The royal treasurer is in charge of the kingdom’s finances.

To be chosen is quite an honor.

If you become the Royal Treasurer, you will be the next in line to become the Sixth Elder – the King’s closest aide.

In other words, becoming a royal treasurer is a stepping stone to the highest level of the kingdom.

“I have a word of advice for you today.”

“Eh? You’re giving me advice ……? You don’t want to worry father…”

“Yes, you do. I’m talking about your bet with the baronet’s son.”

“H-How did you know about that ……?”

Father looks at Cerys.

“Cerys ……. You told father…”

“Don’t blame her. Cerys did what she needed to do. Instead, Farnese. Why did you take a risky gamble?”

Father glared at me.

“T-There’s no danger ….Because there is no way that His Highness Claude would lose to a semi-baronet.”

“It is true that there is a small chance that he will lose. But if there is even a 1% chance of losing–“

“Father, there is not the slightest chance of losing.”

“…… can you be sure?”

“Yes. Yes, I can assure you!”

I answered confidently.

There was no way His Highness Claude would lose to a mob like that.

“I know. ……. I believe in you, my daughter. But if you lose, my reputation as the royal treasurer will be at stake. So, when the time comes–“

“And when that time comes, ……?”

“I will take you out of the Marquise Hanstein’s–No, nothing. You are smart enough to know that I don’t need to tell you that, right?”

“Yes, I do. Father ……”

If I lose the bet with Grundy, I will be expelled …… from the Marquise of Hanstein.

Father’s eyes are serious.

If I lose, he’s really going to exile me. ……

“The Marquise of Hanstein has been a vassal of His Majesty the King for generations, and has upheld his honor. If you, my daughter, should lose to a quasi-baron, …… our family name will fall to the ground. Such a thing must never happen.”

“I understand perfectly well. Father.”

“I believe in you, Farnese.”

He hugged me.

“Father, please believe in me! I won’t let the sub-baron beat me. ……”

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