Episode 1 – The Main Character Sister, And The Supporting Character Brother



There is a famous saying that everyone is a main character……but in reality that is not true.

The proof is that I, Sagami Asahi, was a supporting character from the moment I was born.

Attractive face and figure, doing well in both academics and sports​, high morals….etc.

My older sister who does everything perfectly–Sagami Hanabi, was born to compliment me, e mob.

In contrast to Hanabi, I had to work harder than anyone else to be good in everything, and I was not good at studying, sports, or socializing.

I was always compared to my older sister because I was born as her younger brother.

Because I was Hanabi’s younger brother, I was expected to be perfect.

And I have seen their disappointed faces many times.

No matter how hard I tried, there was nothing I could do to beat my sister, and no matter what I accomplished, I won’t be praised.

As long as I was Hanabi’s younger brother, I would always be compared to her.

I couldn’t stand the pain of it.

That’s why I decided to be the one to make her look good.

An ordinary person to enhance Hanabi’s extraordinariness.

Leaves to highlight the bright flowers.

A decoration to color the main attraction.

A supporting cast to make the main character stand out.

It made me feel somewhat better.

I thought it would be enough if the supporting characters had a peaceful life and a little happiness in their own way…….

“Asahi kun, your sister will take care of you for the rest of your life~”

“Hey, Asahi. I-it’s not like I want to be with you at all !”

“Asahi san, please stay sharp. You’re such a hopeless person……”

I’m a side character, but for some reason I’m very popular with my sister’s friends……

Why is that……?

◆ ◆ ◆

It was a Monday in early June when the weather was getting a little sweaty.

All the students had gathered in the school yard in the morning, and the school-wide morning assembly was being held, as is customary at the beginning of each week.

I was in the middle of the line, a little behind. As I stood there in a daze, biting back a yawn, I suddenly heard a whispering voice behind me.

“President Hanabi is like the main character from a book.”

“What the hell, that was out of the blue. Well, I know that too.”

The topic of conversation for the two boys in the back, “President Hanabi,” was just now giving the morning speech as student council president in front of the entire school.

Sagami Hanabi, my older sister.

She is tall and has a slender body with long glossy hair, and has a clear face with large, powerful eyes that give her a calm atmosphere.

It was the season for changing clothes, and her virgin snow-white skin, stretched out from her summer uniform, was exposed to the gaze of the entire school.

“—Right, you’d never meet someone like that if you lived a normal life, would you?  I’m really glad I entered this school. To God…no, I’m grateful to myself during the exam period.”

“You’re overreacting. Well, a guy like you can’t get close to her.”

“That’s true~ I’m sure you’re right. But it’s still too early to give up. In any case, our class……”

There, the voice heard from behind becomes even more muted.

“Look, it’s Sagami. He’s the younger brother of president Hanabi. If I get along with him, I might have a chance, right?”

“No, you idiot. ……He’s usually gloomy, and when I talk to him, he’s not very friendly.”

“It’s true…… I still can’t believe he’s president Hanabi’s brother.”

“He’s just like a mob.”

Saying that, the two of them shook their shoulders and giggled.

And then, as if the other suddenly noticed, he put his index finger to his mouth.


“Hey, if you talk too loud, he’s going to hear you.”

I can hear you two, idiots……

I looked behind me to glare at them, but they didn’t seem to notice me at all.

They had already moved on to other topics, and I guess I had already blended into the background.

Well, that’s the way it always is. There have been countless people who say whatever they want, as much as they want. It’s nothing new.

Sigh…..I let out a sigh and looked ahead to see Hanabi finishing her speech and bowing in front of the microphone.

Immediately, the whole schoolyard was filled with applause.

The scene was like a standing ovation after the end of a stage performance.

Watching Hanabi respond to the applause with a cool smile, I was reminded of this.

Sagami Hanabi was born to be the main character, and I, who was born as her younger brother, will always be a supporting character.

……I clapped my hands as if to match my surroundings as a supporting character.

At this time, I don’t realize it.

Standing beside Hanabi as a member of the student council,

The vice president, Kohanai Futaba.

Secretary, Tachibana Juri.

Treasurer, Natsume Nagisa.

These three upperclassmen are giving me some kind of suspicious glances…….

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11 months ago


Non- epic
Non- epic
11 months ago

Thanks for the chapter. I really hate the way the president was intruduced ” skin as whit as snow” i really hate that, thats not attractive at all thats concerning please get help, writers should really stop using that.

10 months ago
Reply to  Non- epic

It’s better than “fingers like white fishes”

9 months ago
Reply to  Non- epic

It’s cultural. It’s not as much as in China, but in Japan, pale skin is considered beautiful for a woman. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that in the old times, peasant women, working the fields, got tanned, while noble women, who spent most of their time indoors, didn’t get much sun.

6 months ago
Reply to  Non- epic

Cry harder

11 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!
Hope this doesn’t turn brother-complex stuff.