The class went on, and after a lunch break, soon it was after school. I had been bracing myself for a second-year class at a high-level school, but to be honest, it was a bit of a letdown.

It was partly because today was the orientation day, but the overall difficulty level of the syllabus distributed to me was much lower than I had expected. Since I had already finished all the high school courses before entering the school, there seemed to be almost nothing new to learn.

By the way, it’s lunch break, but……of course, I ate alone in the classroom. Since first year, I bought bread every day at the convenience store on the way to school. I’m not a good cook, and my step sister, who’s the only one who can cook, doesn’t have much time in the morning because of her duties as a member of the student council. So she gave me 500 yen every day to buy lunch at the convenience store. And this continues even now that I’m in my second year.

By the way, my neighbor, Yukihana, was also a loner. Like me, she seems to have gotten her lunch at a convenience store, listening to music and shutting herself away in her own little world.

Kisaragi, on the other hand, was having lunch with a large group of friends. She didn’t come to us during lunch break, either because she didn’t want to interrupt our meal time or because she couldn’t get out of there.

As Yukihana and I were about to leave, someone approached with a smile. Of course, it was Kisaragi.

“Yukihana san, have you thought about what we talked about this morning?”

“…..Like I said.”

Exasperated, yet puzzled, Yukihana was troubled. Even though they’re only met a while ago, I guess she’s getting tired dealing with her. But if she says it out loud, it’s going to create a new conflict.

What’s more, Kisaragi turned to me.

“Oh right, how about you, Shiina kun? I’m thinking of going to a new crepe store in front of the station today, and it looks like some boys are coming too. You didn’t come last time, so how about today?”

(……I see, so that’s how it is.)

By inviting me, who sits next to her, it must’ve been her motive to create an atmosphere where Yukihana has to come along.

It’s a very effective strategy. It would induce a group mentality and create an opportunity to engage with me as well as Yukihana. It’s a very depressing situation for us, but for Kisaragi, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

(This girl, she’s very cunning.)

If I were to take her offer, Yukihana might reluctantly agree to it. That would be interesting, but it would be a bad idea to worsen the relationship with Yukihana, a neighbor with whom I have no relationship yet.

Well, regardless of Yukihana’s presence, whatever answer I will give, I have already decided.

“Sorry, I’m…….”

As I was about to give my answer, I was interrupted by a voice. 

“I’m sorry, but we can’t go.”


I questioned Yukihana’s phrasing. The same as Kisaragi, and she immediately questioned that part.

“By any chance, did you two have an errand together?”

“……You may take it that way.”


Of course, I don’t know anything about it. It’s confusing, but I try not to let it show on my face. So Kisaragi won’t notice it.

 “I see….if you have promised, then it can’t be helped. Well then, see you next time !”


Yukihan doesn’t reply. She probably has no intention of accepting any more invitations in the future. And then Yukihana turned to me, so I finally decided to talk to her. This was our first conversation, by the way.

“You didn’t promise anything, did you?”

“……I’d like you to come with me for a sec. Come to the rooftop.”

She completely ignored my question and returned one-sidedly with a simple conversation. She then walked off alone toward the balcony, not looking at me at all.

(What the hell with this girl.)

I’ve been thinking about this since I was talking with Kisaragi, but she’s a type of person I’ve never met before. I can barely read her emotions, and I have no idea what she was thinking.


I silently follow Yukihana out onto the rooftop. Normally, people are allowed to come and go freely in this space, but since it has only been a short time since the class change, everyone refrains from using it. After a few days, some students will probably use the rooftop, but it has become a great place for secret talks during this limited time of the year.

“….. I should tell you, I have nothing to apologize for.”

“That’s quite a greeting.”

“….I’m the one who helped you out.”

I almost replied to it unintentionally with her sudden aggressive tone, but I refrained from making unnecessary remarks as much as possible to avoid breaking the conversation. While sighing, Yukihana stared at me blankly and began to interrogate me.

“……I have a question, are you related to Kisaragi Yuu?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“…… I saw the way you look at Kisaragi Yuu. I couldn’t read any emotion from you that would normally be shown like other people..”


I always put on a poker face. I tried not to show my true emotions, but it seems that for the third party who studies psychology, my behavior was strange.

And she continued to pursue.

“…..It’s not just at Kisaragi Yuu. I can’t read your emotions and thoughts at any time. It’s as if I’m dealing with a puppet.”

“It’s just your imagination.”

“…..Even now, I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

So that’s why Yukihana was watching me all the time. She had been looking at me from time to time during class. But what’s the point of calling me and telling me that?

“……Two things I’ve thought about after spending time in this classroom.”

“Are you some kind of nerd or something?”

“……Don’t make fun of me.”

Oops, I was trying not to say anything unnecessary, but I slipped.  

After regaining her composure, Yukihana returns to the topic.

“……First of all, Kisaragi Yuu is going to be the ruler of this class.”

“Surely it’s only a matter of time before that happens, but what’s the problem?”

“….If we entrust the class leader to someone like that, the class will collapse in no time.”

(……This girl is surprisingly very thorough.)

Of course, I won’t show it on my face, but I raise my opinion of this Yukihana Ruri woman several notches. Because she came to the exact same conclusion that I did.

Kisaragi’s goal is to have fun together with crappy things like friendship and justice, but high school isn’t a sweet place where things like that go unnoticed. At best, such things can only be tolerated in elementary school.

It’s obvious that someday, somewhere, she will do something reckless and cause too much trouble for the class to handle. And we, the students in the same class, will be the ones who experience it.

In other words, Kisaragi is nothing but a bomb itself. Everyone is enjoying the new environment, but it will soon turn into a relationship problem.

If Kisaragi becomes the center of the class, she will be consulted by many of her classmates. And that includes, of course, love.

On top of that, Kisaragi herself is also in the cute category. It’s quite possible that she’s unknowingly in that party. Perhaps the boys who hang out with Kisaragi today are looking for a more intimate relationship with her.

And unfortunately, Kisaragi is not capable of handling that correctly. She will be punctured by many consultations and will explode.

In other words, the countdown to class collapse has begun as soon as the guys in the class allow Kisaragi, the idiot, to have free reign and entrust her with the class’s problems. Perhaps she had an excellent stopper among her friends in the first grade.

Well, I have no plans to build relationships with her, so leave me out of this.

Then, after looking at Yukihana’s face, I tried to continue the conversation further. Apparently, this girl is better than I thought.

“I honestly agree with you on the first, but what’s the second thing you’ve figured out?”

“……Yeah, this one is more troublesome for me to be honest.”

Yukihana always keeps a poker face, but I didn’t miss the serious look on her face. The fact that the emotion is directed at me, I somehow predicted what Yukihana would say.

“……That this landmine, you, is spending time in the same classroom as me.”

(……As expected.)

I somehow knew that Yukihana was confused about my existence. And through our current conversation, Yukihana must have decided that I could be a threat to her.

“…..I called you because I wanted you to make a promise.”

“Promises, huh?”

I tried to recite the words in my head, but I can guess what kind of promise she will propose. Perhaps she will offer me a cooperative relationship.

“……Please at least cooperate with me. You, as an entity, are nothing but a disturbing molecule.”

(I knew it.)

I knew for sure that would be the case. If you make a promise like that at the beginning, you can prevent yourself from being harmed. I’m sure that she’s trying to avoid getting involved in the troubles of this class in her own way. And I, as a disturbing element, would be nothing but an obstacle.

“I don’t have to agree to a threat like that.”

“…..Huh? What are you talking about……?”

Yukihana was surprised when I refused flatly.

So, in order not to let her take the lead in the conversation, I piled on my own words before Yukihana could speak.

“I have no intention of doing anything in this class. I’m not going to interfere or bother you any more than I have to.”

“……You want me to trust you?”

“If you have it ready, I can sign the document.”

I’m going to go through me just like Yukihana is going to go through herself. I’m sure Yukihana sees it that way. 

After a while, Yukihana sighs in resignation.


“I understand. That’s all for today.”

Saying that, Yukika leaves the rooftop and heads for the door back to the classroom. It seems that she has given up trying to persuade me. 

But Yukihana turned around once and said firmly, .

“…..It’s not like I trust you.”

Saying that, Yukina returned to her desk and left the classroom. This is the last chance for me to get involved with Yukihana. It would be equivalent to throwing away the chance to build a relationship with a talented person.


But I hold back a grin and look up at the clear, sunny sky. I don’t think Yukihana would have thought so.

This turn of events was doing me a favor, and that it gave me the push I needed to make an advance on my plan.

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1 year ago

Childish brat had to get the last word in. She’s annoying.

10 months ago

fr like ayanokoji in the anime in the first few episode he seems like he is trying to be super edgy on purpose unlike the LN

Kanzaki riku
Kanzaki riku
1 year ago

Lets we see how mc’s plan will executed

1 year ago

What’s going on?

5 months ago

Dayum it seems our MC is actually smart unlike most who claim to be smart, but then again they always become dumb after one girl shows affection so idk he could become another dumbass mc