Time has passed since then, and it’s the day before the Sports Festival. On this day, there are no club activities, and the students are working on final preparations. The student council, the sports committee, and volunteers. In addition, the faculty and staff provide backup. I can see the passion and enthusiasm for this event.

(Last year, I was just taking it in stride.)

Now that I’m somewhat familiar with the school, I can see how many students look forward to the Sports Festival. The wave of excitement affects various classes, regardless of the grade.

First year students are looking forward to bonding with their class and achieving a top ranking.

Second year students are trying to catch up with their seniors and show their juniors that they have their backs.

Third year students are trying to make a lasting impression at the last event of their high school years.

How did I feel a year ago when I went to the sports festival? The fact that I don’t remember well means that the event wasn’t that important to me. If you were to ask me to list the differences between me last year and me now, I probably don’t have a single one. After all, I haven’t changed a single thing over the past year.

Unlike me, who’s just chilling, every class is standing on their feet and making preparations and strategies for tomorrow. And it’s the same in my class. Just as I was about to leave after homeroom, Kisaragi, the class president, called out to everyone,

“Everyone, tomorrow is the day of the long-awaited Sports Festival. I think everyone here had a hard time struggling with the short amount of practice time.”

I’m sure that’s true for many of the students. Hayama, for example, has been thinking about the strategy for the pole topple all day and communicating with the relay team members. Yukihana, too, seems cold on the surface, but deep down inside she feels the heat. Many of them probably want to show off their good side at the sports festival.

“Still, there’s a bond in this class that’s as strong as any other class. Even though there are students who are involved in club activities, we have been practicing more seriously than any other class. Tomorrow, let’s definitely win….no, we’ll win !”

Kisaragi declared victory. Hearing this, the classmates were excited. The homeroom teacher, Shichinomiya sensei, was also looking at the situation happily. I’m sure the homeroom teacher also wants this class to win. I applauded dryly so as not to be conspicuous. Yukihana next to me was doing the same thing.

“Well then, let’s wrap it up for today. Rest well !”

And so we were released. Under Kisaragi’s influence, many students become motivated. Some of them are usually pretending to be cool characters, and some of them are originally hot-blooded characters. All of them were united towards one goal, the sports festival. Maybe her charisma is more real than I thought.

(Well, I’m going home too…….)

“……Wait a minute.”

As I got up from my seat with my luggage to leave quickly, I heard a girl’s voice calling out to me. No matter who it is, it’s Yukihana. For some reason, I’ve been called out by this girl lately.

“What is it?”

“…..There’s something I need to check on.”

I thought I would have left if she had tried to ask me something silly, but she had a serious expression on her face and was staring into my eyes. The power of her eyes made me even want to look away. It was as if she could see right through me.

“What do you want to ask?”

“…..There are two things I want to ask you. First, which class will you fight first in tomorrow’s pole topple?”

“Ah, there was a lottery today. As I recall, Hayama said it would be year 1, class 2.”

To be precise, I didn’t hear it directly from Hayama, but I eavesdropped. I wondered what happened, but Yukihana’s eyes widened and she was seriously thinking about something. I’m not sure what on earth she’s thinking about.

(Come to think of it, Nanase’s class was also class 2.)

When Nanase and I went to the arcade before, I saw her name written on her bag. I guess she does it to prevent lost and found items, but I was impressed by how conscientious she was to write her name on her bag.

(Well, even though it was Nanase’s class, the pole topple is a boys-only event, so I wasn’t going to fight her.)

This time it didn’t happen because of gender, but if Nanase was my opponent in the pole topple, my class would lose unless I was serious about it. That’s how much specs Nanase has in her.

If there was someone in that class who had the same or better specs as Nanase, we would still lose.

(Well, I don’t think there are that many people like her.)

In that sense, I can also mention Shinkai, who challenges the game with strategy and tactics. That’s why it’s easy to take advantage of it. It’s much more troublesome to be challenged head-on with raw physical ability like Nanase.


When I recalled Nanase, Yukihana sighs as if she’s given up. Rather than giving up, she’s become defiant? I wonder what she was thinking during this time.

“……At any rate, I won’t be cheering for pole topple in particular. You guys just need to protect yourselves from getting hurt.”

“Oh, I can’t believe you just said that.”

“……It’s not a joke”

Yukihana looks at me sullenly. I didn’t mean to make fun of it, though. Without hiding her displeasure, she asks me another question.

“…..I know you can move around. That’s why, get serious.”


“……I know that you will lose at pole topple in the first round, but depending on the situation on that day, someone might be unavoidably absent due to health problems or something like that. At that time, you are to act as a substitute.”

This girl came up with a ridiculous idea to me the day before the sports festival. It’s true that if a student is unavoidably absent due to illness or other reasons, someone from his own class may participate in the event. As a rule, though, there’s a restriction that they must be of the same sex.

“Why do I have to do it? That kind of thing is the role of Hayama and the likes of him.”

“……He’s busy, as you know. Then I have no choice but to ask someone who seems to be free.”

“I can’t play an active role even if I go out as a substitute.”

“……Because you’re going to cut corners?”

“Because I’ll be a liability anyway.”

No matter what she says, I’m not going to play an active role directly in this sports event. Depending on the situation, it may be possible to bring someone back to win, but I don’t think such a situation will ever come.

(Besides, this school’s sports festival. Maybe that person too……)

If so, I can’t stand out even more. I’m a loser and can’t afford any more ugliness. Besides, if that person finds out I go to this school, who knows I’ll be dealing with……

“Hee, I heard something interesting.”

[ [……] ]

Yukihana and I both fell silent at the same time. The reason is that this conversation is being heard by someone who I don’t want to be heard. Yukihana also has a troublesome face, and she doesn’t even try to hide it.

“Such as losing is confirmed, or cutting corners.

That person, Kisaragi, interrupted our conversation with an amused look on her face. Then she looked at Yukihana and warned her with a puffy face.

“Ruri chan ! You shouldn’t talk like that when you haven’t even fought yet, okay? Everyone’s trying to give it their all, and you should be cheering them on.”


Yukihana doesn’t answer. Apparently, she doesn’t have anything to say. Or did she intend to take back what she said earlier.

Ignoring Yukihana, Kisaragi looked at me this time. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a conversation with this girl.

“You too, don’t you dare say you’re going to cut corners either. You know what? They said Shiina kun played amazingly in soccer. I don’t believe it, but Hayama kun said so, so it must be true. Then maybe you can use that talent to contribute to the class.”


“Or do you have some other purpose in mind?”

Kisaragi looks at me with stern eyes. I wonder if she think I’m up to something because of the previous feud. I don’t intend to do anything, at least not in this sports festival.

“Anyway, do your best. Okay?”

Kisaragi said so and headed towards the others. I’m sure she was talking to each and every one of the people who remained in the classroom to cheer them up. Was it just a coincidence that I was asked to speak earlier? If so, I was quite unlucky. Yukihana also let out a sigh.

“….I’m going back home.”

Yukika said that and left before me. Good grief, she’s also having a hard time. I wish she could control Kisaragi a little more, but that may not be possible.

“I’m going home.”

Then I leave the school a little while later. Although preparations were being made in a hurry at school, my step sister or Shinkai were nowhere to be seen. They were probably having their last meeting in the student council room. I go straight home without waiting for anyone in particular.

About an hour after I return home, my step sister also returns home.. She comes home very early today.

“I’m home, ah, I’m tired.”

“You’re home early today.”

“I’ve finished what I have to do today. All I have to do now is make the final preparations for tomorrow morning.”

My step sister said that, but she must be quite tired. But that life will soon be over. As soon as the sports festival is over, the student council will be disbanded. Maybe she’ll be home earlier than I am. She doesn’t have many friends. Most of the people who exchanged contact information, except for family members, were…..

“Are you thinking of something rude?”

“……No, not really.”

“Is that right…”

I was remembering what I thought might be my step sister’s only flaw, and she immediately glared at me. She might have really been able to use her divine powers.

As I was thinking this, my step sister got up and immediately headed to her room. Apparently, she is going to take a rest right away today.

However, she turned around and looked at me once.

“Hey, you……”

“Eh, what?”

“……Bo, it’s nothing.”

What was that all about? Well, even if I think about it deeply now, I’m sure I will never know. For now, let’s just think about myself.

“Tomorrow’s pole topple, what should I do is…..”

And so I spent the night a little longer than usual.

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1 year ago

He’s definitely lying to himself here:

“If you were to ask me to list the differences between me last year and me now, I probably don’t have a single one. After all, I haven’t changed a single thing over the past year”

I hope all his plans fall apart during this school festival and he has to confront everything he’s running away from as well

7 months ago

Tbh the only way I see him actively going back to how he used to be is if his step sis gets injured badly or SA’d. That’s like the one person he kinda cares about due to being related. I also kinda noticed why he’s staying hidden, he’s hiding from the guy from his middle school who he wished he voice recorded and ruined his imagine. I’m guessing sakura was being used by the chairman’s son as blackmail and he had no choice but to leave? Or huh I wonder