Ichinomiya High School. The name of the high school I attend, and it’s one of the top-ranked schools in the prefecture in terms of deviation score. It’s also famous in my hometown for its track record of advancing students to various famous universities, including Tokyo University, and for its refusal to cut any corners in academics.

Well, I chose the worst path in a sense, but it has already been a year since I started attending this school. Anyway, let’s take a look back at the recent situation.

It was still good when I first entered the school. Some of my classmates talked to me moderately, and I was forced to have conversations with them during group work, so I thought my friendships would naturally expand.

However, every time I tried to make connections with various students, I whispered to myself.

[I’ll be betrayed again.]

When I realized this, I stopped trying to befriend anyone. Or rather, I had always been creeped out.

In middle school, I was a righteous person who was very careful about his appearance, but because of my absence from school, my hairstyle was messy. My hair had grown down to my eyes, making me look like a ghost. I had less chance to exercise, so my muscle strength had also deteriorated.

The people who initially spoke to me out of curiosity ended up making other friends and stopped engaging with me. Or rather, they began to blatantly avoid me.

But I was fine with that.

I decided to live on my own. I don’t want to be friends with students who blindly believe foolish things such as friendship, not to mention a colleague after entering society. Or rather, I don’t want any more friends.

I didn’t belong to any clubs, and I studied as much as I could, and the year passed by more easily than I expected. My homeroom teacher was a little worried about me, but this is the path I have decided to live on. I will not allow anyone to influence my life anymore.

(I’m sorry, Grandma. I’m going to live my life as I please.)

I can’t even remember my grandmother’s figure, who once seemed so great. If I were to go to heaven, I wouldn’t think of apologizing to her. I don’t even want to see her anymore.

And so, as a second-year high school student, I headed off to a new class.

“Good morning !”

“I’ll be seeing you from now on.”

By the time I got to the classroom, many students had already arrived at school. There was a class change in the second year at this school, and today was the announcement day.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to make the announcement on the same day, but it seems that this school has its own system to promote communication. Well, it’s a system that has nothing to do with me, because I don’t want to talk to anyone.


Suddenly, someone’s gaze pierced me. After that hellish day, I had become sensitive to someone’s gaze. I don’t know what kind of feelings are being put into it, but I somehow know that someone is watching me.

But it’s strange. I walked into the classroom quietly, with no one looking at me. I looked around and didn’t see any of my classmates paying attention to me.

I look around as if to search for it……and there she is.


A woman with a short haircut and slanted eyes was looking at me like she was glaring. What, I haven’t done anything that makes people hate me at this school, right?

She walked toward me, but the new homeroom teacher arrived at the classroom before she did. Then she stopped approaching, sighing and reluctantly sitting in a seat away from me.

(What the hell…..that girl.)

At the very least I don’t recognize her and I don’t remember talking to her at this school. It’s just……

(If you disturb my peace……I will show no mercy)

If that woman is going to take away my quiet life that I finally have, I’m going to fight back fair and square. That is my way of doing justice.

As I was double-checking my resolve, the teacher stood in the front and began to speak.

“Hi, I’m Shichimiya Koharu, your homeroom teacher from today. I’m in charge of mathematics, and I was wondering if any of the kids who took my class in the first grade would be among you?”

Just as Shichimiya sensei said, I was taking her math class. Her teaching style was quite easy to understand, but she is famous in some circles for being a pain in the ass. Even so, she seems to remember the name of each and every student, and is respected as a teacher who puts in a lot of effort where everyone just wasted. She’s also popular with many male students because of her mature appearance. In fact, the boys sitting near her were also doing a gut pose under their desks.

“Well then. I’m going to choose a representative for this class right away. Is there anyone who would like to run for it?”

Shichimiya sensei was trying to decide who would be the class representative in a hoarse tone of voice.

(Class chairman……huh.)

Very nostalgic. When I was in middle school, I actively ran for this position that no one else wanted to do. I really believed that I could be useful to the class.

Well, I’m just used as a handyman.

(How could anyone be stupid enough to run for such a position……)

“Yes ! I’ll do it !”

There it is.

If I look closely, she’s the woman who was staring at me earlier.

Shichimiya sensei didn’t think that the decision would be made so quickly, but she soon returned to her gentle smile and beckoned the girl from earlier to the front.

“This lively girl has run for the position. Then, I would like you to introduce yourself to everyone.”

The student stands in front with a dignified step. The girl’s smile was like the sun, instead of the dumbfounded look she had earlier.

“I am Kisaragi Yuu. I belong to the track and field club.”

What a typical phrase. It was at that time when I decided that there was nothing remarkable about her and turned to look outside the window.

“Everyone….I hereby declare !”

Kisaragi’s loud voice, which had changed drastically from the previous one, caught everyone’s attention, including the teacher’s and myself. Her smile was fearless and triumphant, a complete change from the sun-like smile she had earlier.

“Now I’m the class president, I won’t let you all have a boring school life. We will be in the same class for the next two semesters and I plan to make lots of memories ! I will take the initiative and be the bridge that connects us all. So everyone, I’ll be in your care from now on !”

While everyone was stunned, the applause gradually started to roll in. After a short time, the applause turned into cheers.

“We’re counting on you, class rep !”

“Fufu, that girl is bold.”

“Sigh……you said it.”

“I’m glad to be in the same class as Kisaragi san !”

Clap clap clap……

The applause continued until Shichimiya sensei stopped it. Satisfied with the applause, Kisaragi left the platform with a big smile on her face and returned to her seat.

While everyone was filled with anticipation, I was looking down with a grim expression on my face.

(Kisaragi Yuu……huh.)

I see. When I heard her name, I finally remembered.

That girl, Kisaragi Yuu, was a stupid girl I saved when I was in elementary school.

I guess time has passed and her personality has grown since then, but she’s going to be a nuisance in my life.

(…..But what I do doesn’t change.)

I just defend my territory. If necessary, I’ll do anything, no matter how outrageous.


As I was thinking of that, for the first time, I didn’t notice the gaze that was focusing on me from the seat next to mine.

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1 year ago

You dirty cliffhangers… just two chs and I’m hooked

10 months ago
Reply to  chance

bro fr 2 chapters and im sitting up in anticipation

1 year ago

I imagine it’s understandable for most people reading Japanese novels, though for a minute when the teacher mentioned first grade I was thinking “after kindergarten” not “freshman year” (first year of high school), which was a bit of a disconnect.

2 months ago

There’s a little problem with the MC genre at the beginning of chapter 1.

He is referred to as "daughter" when it is evident that he is a boy.
I couldn't leave this comment in the previous chapter, so I'm leaving it here.
2 months ago
Reply to  Beatrice

IDK what’s happens here, lol