Episode 1 – I wonder if anything good will happen on the way home



I wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to school just in time, attend classes normally until after school, go home, spend time jacking off while playing social game or watching erotic videos until bath time, eat dinner, and then go to bed at a reasonable hour. This is an average weekday for me, Yagami Ryoya.
My face is rather normal, but my height is a little short at 167cm, my grades in high school are a little below the middle, and I am not good at ball games, but other than that, I am not very good at sports.
On top of that, I was a loner with no friends, and since I did not belong to any clubs, I had no place to be at school. Of course, I didn’t have a girlfriend.

“……I wonder if my life would be a little more fun if I had a friend or a girlfriend?”

I mumbled to myself as I walked to my shoe box after homeroom, but I didn’t know how to make friends or get a girlfriend.
I used to make friends on my own until I was in elementary school, but since I became a junior high school student, I have not been able to do so. I can have normal conversations with other people, so my communication skills may not be poor, but I just can’t make friends.
I was miserable because I couldn’t make friends, even though everyone around me was making friends normally.
I was unable to even make friends, so it was even more impossible for me to get a girlfriend, and even if I did find someone I liked, it would only end in a one-sided love affair.
I sometimes fantasize about suddenly becoming popular with girls like in anime and manga, but I know that the world is not that sweet.
As I was walking down the hallway thinking about this, a girl walking in front of me dropped something through the crack in her bag. It looked like a pencil case, but she didn’t notice and was just walking away, so I picked it up and hurriedly called out to her.

“Hey, wait a minute. you dropped something from your bag. You dropped something from your bag.”
“…… is it me?”

The girl stopped and looked back at me slowly when she recognized my voice. Looking at her face, I realized that I had called out to a famous person on campus.
The girl was Tsurugi Riona, a famous beautiful twin sister of Japanese-English heritage.
Tsurugi san is an identical twin sister and has an older sister with the exact same face. The older sister, Tsurugi Reona, is in the same class as me, but we hardly ever talk to each other.
Incidentally, the Kenjo sisters have opposite hair styles and personalities, with the older sister having a cheerful personality and long hair, and the younger sister having a cool personality and short hair.

“Look, here. Isn’t this Tsurugi-san’s?”
“Yes, it is. Thanks for picking it up.”

Tsurugi san thanked me with a blank expression on her face and then took the pencil case and put the bag on her back down on the floor.
If it were an anime or manga, this would have been the start of a romantic comedy of youth, but alas, this is reality.
As soon as she finished putting away her pencil case, Tsurugi-san thanked me once again and walked away.

“…… an event that doesn’t usually happen happened, and maybe today is one of those days. I wonder if anything good will happen on my way home.”

This hunch came true in a bad way, but I wouldn’t know it until a little later.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“S-Someone hurry up and call the police and an ambulance.”

On my way home from school, there was a commotion in the area when a large motorcycle ran a red light, ran into a crosswalk, and hit several pedestrians.
The motorcycle came to a stop on the side of the road, and everyone there, including me, assumed that it was an unfortunate accident.
However, to my surprise, a small, fat, middle-aged man got off the motorcycle, took off his helmet on the ground, and began to attack the onlookers who had gathered there one after another with a kitchen knife.
I realized from the man’s maniacal smile and the way he seemed to be enjoying himself that his goal was to cause indiscriminate murders, and I hurriedly tried to escape from the scene.


But when I hear a familiar voice screaming from nearby, I stop in my tracks, even though my life is in danger.
Looking in the direction of the voice, I found to my surprise that the Tsurugi sisters were there. It seems that they too were caught in the middle of the situation, but while running away, the younger sister unfortunately fell down.

“Ri, Riona. Hurry up and stand up!”
“…… sorry, I don’t think I can run. Please run away at least, Onee chan.”
“There is no way I can run away without Riona.”

It seems that she twisted her ankle and can’t run. The man, still smiling maniacally, seems to have locked onto the two as his next targets.
Thanks to the two being targeted, I was able to escape. Under the circumstances, no one would probably blame me if I abandoned them.

“No, I can’t abandon them,”

But I couldn’t abandon them. I might die if I did badly, but abandoning the girls was not a choice I could make with the pride I had as a man.
Even if I had to die, it would be the coolest thing in the world to die protecting two beautiful girls. So, I got in between the man who was about to draw his knife and the Tsurugi sisters.

(TL/N : Another of this kind of thing, lately I’m like addicted to these things….bear with me)

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8 months ago

Another banger im sure no one mind cuz this tropes da best!!

8 months ago

What a simp lol

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
8 months ago
Reply to  canalnoodle

Know the difference between the man’s pride and simp please,
He wants to save those sisters without expecting anything from them in return, all he wanted is just to save their life, thats not a simp thats a gentleman, he wants to die as a man.

3 months ago

There’s like 8 stories with the exact same setup and yet I read them all

20 days ago

Don’t worry translator I will bear with you.