“Well, have a safe trip home.”

Time passed quickly and before I knew it, it was after school.

Hearing the homeroom teacher’s words, those who had club activities or other errands to attend to began to leave the teacher’s office, while those who had nothing else to do slowly chatted with their friends.

I watched them as they got ready to go home and began to investigate Saki’s condition.


“Huh, what’s going on, Sagami-kun?”

On my way out, I was approached by Nishizono Kanae san, one year older than me.

The 164cm height and beautifully coiffed brown hair are eye-catching, but above all, what makes Nishizono san a senpai is her overwhelming aura.

What should I call it? Nishizono is a rich family, which is different from the average Sagami family, and performs very well in both studies and club activities.

However, this does not mean that she is kept at a distance from others, and she is also called a goddess because of the way she treats people without dividing them.

“No, umm.. I don’t have any particular errand to run.”
“I see. But be careful, because I can’t go there if something happens, right?”
“Yes, I’ll be careful. …… Then, I’m goingt.”

After a brief conversation, I left the place.



“Haa…… pretty tiring …….”

I let out a sigh of exhaustion that had reached its limit in the car on the way home.

“Are you all right?”

Seeing this, secretary, Manabe, asked me worriedly,

“Yes, I’m fine. It’s a necessary thing, and maintaining a good image to the people around me will be a plus in time.”

No matter how good a person I am, I can’t help but wonder if I’m a good person 24/7. And even if you’re a good person, you’re going to need to be aware of all 365 degrees of the world.
Most people are tired and stressed out. But if there is a purpose, the story changes drastically.

“And Manabe. Report?”
“Yes. Sagami-sama’s girlfriend ……”
“Excuse me. The other party, Manaka Saki’s affair turned out to be a student of the second grade of the private Kagazame High School in the neighboring city. His popularity is high as a candidate for the ace of the basketball team, and according to rumors, he is said to have multiple girlfriends. As corroboration, we have confirmed that he is dating three people at the same time.”

While listening to the results of the survey I had ordered beforehand, I thought about it again.

“Yes. Everything is ready.”

A voice echoed through the room.

“Well then, finish it this week. I heard that next weekend is the anniversary, so please make sure you can do it around that time.”
“I understand. We will be making the personality change shortly.”

I smile at that.

“But please don’t let anyone find out about it, okay? I’m sure you know what will happen if they find out.”
“Of course. I’ll make sure to fulfill your wish and see to it that it comes true.”
“Thank you, Manabe. I trust you.”

After finishing what I need to do, I think about my future with him.

It’s stressful to direct my feelings toward the people around me when I should be directing them only toward him, but even with that, the future holds great meaning for me, and it makes me overflow with joy and excitement.

(Hey, Manaka Saki san. What you threw away is something that nothing can change. Well, it’s too late to say that now. I can’t allow you to throw something away when you had it in your hands so I’m going to tell you how precious and irreplaceable the thing you threw away is……)

If only one could have known that the thing one threw away was a wonderful thing.

And if she realizes it only after everything is over and she knows she can never have it again, how much pain will she be in?

I really want to make it happen with my own hands, but that would make him sad. I strongly remind myself that I will not make the same mistake again.

This time I will do it right, and I start to prepare.

You saved me from that place that time, and I want to save you this time. I’ll lend you all the help I can, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Besides, I am the only one who can truly protect him until the end.
So I decided to help him.

(TL/N : This is getting scary guys///)

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