The beautiful girl in front of me looked down at me with a sad expression. Her modest dress was pitted in places and stained with dirt and dust. She was reputed to be the most beautiful of the three most beautiful women of the Orient, but she was in shabby clothes. But she was still in good health,

“Thank God you’re all right. Luvia.”

I am so glad that her beautiful body and face are unharmed. It was worth fighting the Nephilim.

“Idiot …… idiot idiot idiot idiot! You are insane …… to fight until you are such a wreck.”
“How can I protect Luvia if I don’t fight until I’m battered and bruised?”
“‘! Eric,…… you are…”

Still below me, hot lava flows, shooting fire, threatening to engulf me. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that my life depends on Luvia’s will. No, before that, I feel like I’m going to die of shock due to excessive blood loss.

I do not want to die. I definitely do not want to die. But as the blood drains out of my body, my consciousness fades away.

I must tell her what’s on my mind before my mouth stops working.

“Luvia, you can let go of my hand.”
“W-What a stupid …… thing to do.”
“If it will make Luvia less angry, it will be cheaper.”
“Eric, aren’t you …… scared? If I let go of this hand, it will all be over. Are you okay with that?”
“No,…… I want to live happily with Sera, with Sophia, with Mandane,…… and with Luvia. I want to stop hating each other like we have been doing, and I want us to get along and share a joy I’ve never felt before.”
“Then why did you ask me to let them go? There must be another reason!

Luvia asked in a thin voice, her red eyes moistening.

The answer had already existed since my untimely death in Japan. I’m going to tell it to her as it is.

“Not a single one of them must be missing, I must make the three princesses my own and bring peace to this continent of the Orient,…… but if Luvia is not convinced, then I’m not good enough to make that happen. So …… that makes me a liar!”
“A-a liar?”
“Yeah. Sera, Sophia and Mandane believed in …… me and risked their lives to save me for the happiness that would come later! And yet, I betrayed them. Even if Luvia had not let go of my hand, I would have bled too much and would eventually die. So …… so …… I’ll give it to you if this scarred body of mine will help Luvia’s anger in any way!”
“I-I ……”
“Luvia has been wanting to kill me for a long time, hasn’t she? If you let go of my hand now, Luvia’s long-held wish will be fulfilled. So, let go of my hand. And take a piece of the fruit of the tree of life with you back to the royal palace.”
“No, no,…… I ……

Oh no,…… my consciousness gradually faded,…… my vision blurred,……

“Eric! Eric!”

Luvia is calling me sadly,

I fainted.

Ah, this time I had really died……After all, I had ended this life without being able to fulfill the mission given to me by truth san

Grieving, I wandered through the space, surrounded by white.

“Is Eric scared?”
“This is the voice of ……Truth san!”
“Is Eric scared?”

Truth san’s tone of voice is not the usual gentle one, but is blissfully calm. At the sound of his dignified voice, I shrink even more.

“I’m scared. ……”
“Please tell me why you’re scared.”
“I’ve betrayed you all, …… and failed my mission, …… and it hurts me so much to think of you all grieving. ……”
“Go on.”

“Seiji-kun has me. Seiji-kun is mine. Seiji-kun is mine to walk with me. And Seiji, you are the one I love the most.”
“Truth san? Who are you?”
“I am a glimpse of existence.”
“A glimmer of existence?”
“A glimpse of the being who controls all reason.”
“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”
“It’s natural that you don’t understand. Without Seiji-kun’s right mind, Seiji-kun cannot even hear my voice. If he sees my true form, Eric will be thrown into Gehenna, which is full of sulfur and fire. Therefore, Seiji-kun will never know the real me.”
“Go. Seiji-kun, there are many things you still have to do.”
“Things I have to do?”
“To share your love and be happy with those three beautiful princesses and leave them offspring.”
“Love…… offspring……”
“That is the right path for you, Eric. So go.”
“Truth san…..”

Once again, Truth san did not say anything to me. Instead, the surroundings gradually turned black.


I woke up.


The soft sensation and exquisite touch transmitted from the back of my head…… is like when you put your head on a pillow made of giant marshmallows.

“It looks like you’re safe …….”
“Why ……?”

I try to look at Luvia’s face while she is on my lap, but I can’t see what kind of expression she has on her face because of the two large marshmallows in between. But Luvia was pointing to a spot. I looked there and saw the tree of life.

“Luvia….. Did you use that thing to save me?”
“…… yes.”
“What about Her Majesty Queen Esther? Her Majesty Esther was more important to Luvia …… than I was.”
“There were two of them.”
“Ah, well,…… that’s good to know! Haaa……”

I let out a sigh of relief and turned my gaze once again toward the two giant marshmallows, and Luvia suddenly looked down and patted my cheek with an unmotivated expression on her face.

“!? Luvia!?”
“I’ve never been loved by my father.”

Luvia side

I have never been recognized or loved by my father before.

“Father! Look at me! I got a perfect score in the exam again!”

When I was five years old, I would smile at him, the king of Henesys and my father, and flap my examination papers, all round and round, to show him.


“…… out of my way! Don’t go into my office for something so unimportant!”
“Y-yes …… I’m sorry.”

It’s always like this. I have always tried my best to get Father’s approval, praise, and love. But every time I did, he would look at me with contempt and say terrible things to me. 

He is kind to other bureaucrats and aristocrats, but he treats me, his only child, coldly. There must be a reason. For some reason, he just doesn’t accept me. I told myself that, and I have been trying harder and harder. On the surface, he is like that, but deep down he must love me.

But all that effort came crashing down when I was 10 years old.

“I am the one who will be the next queen! So I must work harder!”

and having written a paper equivalent to the university level of the Henesys Kingdom, 10-year-old me came to my father’s room with the paper in hand to receive praise.

Then, through the crack in the door

“Kyaa! D-Dear….. what are you doing out of the blue?”
“Esther, …… a bitch who gave her virginity to a man named Cyrus of the Kingdom of Ilas.”
“I regret that I married you!”
“Please forgive me. ……”
“Did you really like that man’s body that much? Did you like that man so much that you, the most beautiful woman in our country, gave up your virginity before …… marrying me?”
“…. I am ready to die at any moment. If you do not like my defiled body, you can use the sword at your waist to …… my neck.”
“No, I will not kill you. Because there is no more beautiful woman in this country than you. That means you are a worthless bitch except for your beautiful body and face!”
“I know what I’m talking about. I know, I know. Cyrus swore you the name Gaia and swore you eternal love.”
“That’s ……”
“Hahahaha! But you are mine. But you are only a tool to fulfill my pleasure …… because you have been defiled!!!”

“I saw a sight I should not have seen. Then, after the deed was done, I saw that Father had left the room with a furious look on his face, and then I went into the room where Mother was.”
“M-Mother ……”
“Mother ……, Mother”

I jumped into my mother’s room with tears streaming down me. Bloody bedding, a body covered in scars.

“Luvia is my dear daughter.”
“Eeeeee!!! Mother!!!”

Since this incident, I have become devoted to beauty. I decided to become a woman as beautiful as Mother, or rather, the most beautiful woman on this continent of the Orient. If I did so, I am sure Father would be turn to me.

I would have to be the most beautiful woman in the world: exercise, clothes, perfumes, makeup, decorations, etc., etc. I have been studying beauty and trying to figure out how to become the kind of woman that men want.

As a result of my bloody efforts, I have become the most beautiful woman I know.

“My father would approve of this!”

At 15, I appeared in my ailing father’s bedchamber wearing extravagant luxury items: beautiful dresses, earrings, wrists, necklaces, legs, the finest perfumes, and jeweled high heels.


“You are a cursed woman. You are cursed by Cyrus, king of the kingdom of Ilas. Your mother was cursed by him, so you are cursed as well. It is true that you are my blood, but I have never once considered you my daughter.”

I am …… cursed.

The man named Cyrus who cursed Mother took everything from me.

I will not …… forgive him, I will not …… forgive him, I will not !!! forgive him!

Eventually, Father died of illness, and Mother became Queen.

And a year passed.

“You are the most beautiful woman on this continent of the Orient. So, give birth to my child. That is the only reason for your very existence.”

These were the abominable words that Eric had said to me.

The moment I heard those words, I secretly decided in my heart to kill Cyrus and his son, Eric.

Eric Side

I could only cry.
When I realized, I was shaking, hugging Luvia tightly.

“I’m sorry…… sorry…… It’s my fault. I did such a terrible thing …… to Luvia.”

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1 year ago

Ugh she was trying to fuck her dad?! That makes me disgusted, I don’t even know what else to say

1 year ago
Reply to  DasuiTL

“If I did so, I am sure Father would be turned on.”
Sorry, but my mind take a same turn from this line

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago

Wow Truth-san is also a heroine

1 year ago

I thought she’d have a good reason to hate him as much as she did, but nope. She wants to murder him and his father because her father hated her and her mother because her mother cheated on her father.