After finishing the meal, we both line up in the kitchen to clean up.

I received the dishes Watanabe san washed and I wiped them. When we are dividing the work like that…….

Isn’t this just like a married couple?

I thought to myself.

We have been dating for less than two weeks, and yet she goes to my house, cooks together, eats together, and cleans up together. I thought we must have skipped a few steps.

“What’s wrong, Aikawa kun?”

Watanabe san looks into my face as she hands me a plate. She doesn’t raise any particular suspicion, just acts normally.

“No, it’s nothing.”

If you think about it, we had been going out fishing, going to the aquarium, and going to the beach before we started dating. If you think of those as dates, then maybe it’s what you call a normal flow of events.

Where does a relationship with the opposite sex start and where does it end in friendship?

As long as I don’t know the line between the two, I decide it’s pointless to worry about it.

For now, all I need to remember is how cute Watanabe san looks as she happily washes the dishes.

“Aikawa kun, where should I put the apron?”

Watanabe san asked me as she finished washing the dishes and took off her apron.

“Hang it on the chair.”

I said, and Watanabe san put the apron on the chair she had just been sitting on.

While confirming this, I began to make coffee.

I’m usually in the habit of drinking it after meals as well. When I asked Watanabe san if she would like some, she replied, [If it’s coffee that Aikawa kun makes, by all means] so I decided to brew it more carefully than usual.

I put the coffee bean powder in the filter, pour in hot water, and let it steep.

The taste depends on how long it takes to steep the coffee, so I need to be careful. Thanks to the special drip pot I asked my father to buy for me, I can adjust the amount of hot water I pour in, so I’m very serious.

Suddenly, I feel a presence behind me and see Watanabe san standing there. When my eyes meet hers,

“Aikawa kun, you look like you’re good at brewing coffee.”

“……Well, I’m used to it.”

I replied to Watanabe san as she spoke to me. I’ve actually brewed coffee quite a few times, so it’s only natural, but I’m honestly happy to be praised by Watanabe. san

“It will be ready in a few minutes, so could you wait in the living room for me?”

“Yes, sure.”

I urged her, and she headed toward the living room.

I prepared coffee and cookies and went to the living room.

She was sitting on the sofa, fiddling with her phone.

Watanabe san stopped playing with her phone when I entered the living room.

I put the coffee and cookies on the table in front of the sofa,

(Well, where shall I sit?)

A new problem came to mind.

The living room has a sofa and table for several people, and a TV across from it.

We have never had visitors to our house, so I have never been particularly concerned about it.

However, when the guests arrived, I realized what was happening.

In such a case, where should I sit……

If it were Aizawa or a male friend, I would just sit next to them without thinking about it.

But what if it was someone of the opposite sex,……and it was Watanabe san, who is so beautiful that she is regarded as School’s Madonna?

Even though I’m nervous just because we’re alone at home, I can’t stand sitting next to her. I naturally tried to sit upright on the carpet across from her, and she said to me…….

“Aikawa kun, please sit here rather than on the floor.”

She patted her side.

“No, but……”

Currently, it’s just me and her at home. My father doesn’t come back until late at night.

If something strange happens, there is no one who can stop it.

And since Watanabe san continues to unselfconsciously radiate cuteness, the closer we are, the greater the risk of a flight of reason.

“It’s not good to have the person from the house sitting on the floor and me on the couch. Then I should sit on the floor.”

“No, you don’t have to go that far !”

Of course it is impossible for me to sit on the sofa while letting Watanabe san sit on the floor.

I stopped her,

“Then please sit next to me. Or do you not want to sit next to me?”

Her beautiful, stardust-studded eyes wavered and her face fell in sadness.

“I don’t mind ! I’ll sit down !”

There is no way I would keep my distance from Watanabe san without making her sad. I would never do anything to make Watanabe san sad.

I made up my mind not to lay a finger on her and sat down next to her.

“The coffee that Aikawa kun made is delicious.”

She sipped the coffee calmly as she put her mouth to the cup.

“You should try the cookies over there too.”

I offered her a cookie the size of a coin that I had prepared.

“They are delicious too. Where do you get them from?”

“Well…..they were given to me.”

Watanabe san put her hand over her mouth and complimented it. I had a cup of coffee and a cookie myself.

“Then it’s time for me to talk to you…….”

She put her cup on the table and with a serious expression on her face, she began to speak.

What we’re going to talk about now is the future of the group of five.

“I asked about Riho san’s condition, and it seemed that she had not yet healed from her broken heart.”

It has only been two weeks since the fireworks display, so it seems she has yet to shake off her feelings for Aizawa.

“How was Sawaguchi san?”

When we finally parted, she had a regretful look on her face.

The shock that Sawaguchisan, the instigator of this confession, must have received must have been great, if not as great as Ishikawa san.

“While the three of us were talking, Maho san was always concerned about Riho san’s condition, and she didn’t seem to have much energy.”

I’m sure Sawaguchi san is feeling the same way. Sawaguchi san values her friends more than anyone else, so there was a good chance that she was still dragging them down.

In any case, it would be impossible to restore the relationship unless the two of them got back on track.

“This might take some time…….”

They say there is no cure for a broken heart. They say that it will heal over time, so rather than forcing the issue, I should probably continue to get information from Watanabe san.

When I told her this, she nodded her head.

After sorting out the situation for the time being, I sipped a cup of coffee……

“How was Aizawa kun?”

I hesitated for a moment and looked at her with probing eyes.

I didn’t talk about this during the fishing trip, and she seems to have guessed that it was a hard thing to ask, as she is still avoiding the subject.

“I’m sorry, I can’t….talk about Aizawa.”

“W-what…does that mean?”

Watanabe san raises her eyebrows and confirms my true intention.

“I…..can’t tell you why.”

It could be that I promised Aizawa, but I myself don’t have the courage to let Watanabe san hear this story.

“Really, I’m sorry.”

I apologized for not being able to tell her any of the information I’ve received. Normally, she should have been angry, but she smiled kindly.

“Please don’t look like that. I don’t believe that Aikawa kun would withhold information for no good reason. If you have a reason to do so, I have no choice.”

Watanabe san reaches out and touches my face. Her thin white fingers caress my cheek and pinch my face.

“Here !”

The next moment, she pulled my cheek.


“Watanabe san?”

“Fufufu, Aikawa kun’s cheeks are so soft.”

She smiled carefree and happily played with my cheek.

“Since Aikawa kun seemed to be feeling guilty, how about we call this a punishment?”

When Watanabe san let go of her hand, I touched my own cheek. The part she touched was hot.

“Are you sure you don’t have to ask?”

I would be baffled if she allowed me to do this much. I had been thinking that it would not be surprising if she pursued the matter further.

“It’s okay. Because, Aikawa kun, you were worried a lot about that today, weren’t you? Then it would be pitiful if I blamed you any more.”

Watanabe san told me this with a snap of her fingers.

She was so lovely that I was stroking her head before I knew it.

“Fwueh !?”


With her startled voice, I also came back to consciousness.

I had just sworn not to touch her, but I hadn’t been able to keep my promise at all.

I looked at Watanabe san and saw that she had fallen on her face in embarrassment and was trembling.

“Sorry, you didn’t like that, did you?”

I hurriedly removed my hand from her head…….

“No, I was a little surprised because it was rare for Aikawa kun to touch me, but I don’t…..hate that…….”

Watanabe san said, grabbing my right hand with both hands and guiding it to her own head.

“I like stroking Aikawa kun’s head, but I also like having Aikawa kun stroke my head.”

Saying this, she moved her body close to me and put her head on my shoulder. She started to purr, so I silently started stroking her head.

Then she relaxed her body and closed her eyes as if she had relaxed.

There was silence for a while and I continued to stroke her head.

It’s only a few minutes, but the time interval gets out of sync and I lose track of how long I’ve been stroking her head.

“Oh, tell me when you get bored and I’ll stop.”

Not knowing when to stop, I tell Watanabe san that…….

“I don’t know about that.”

Watanabe san opens her eyes. Before I knew it, I was even closer and her face was at a distance where my cheeks were touching hers.

“H-how’s that?”

The floral fragrance stimulates my nostrils, and her warmth and the soft touch of her touch makes my heart skip a beat.

“I like being touched by Aikawa kun so much that I never get tired of it. If I do, will Aikawa kun keep stroking my head all the time?”

“Sorry, that’s impossible.”

If it’s true, I want to stop stroking her right now and embrace her with my hands.

I’m desperately trying to hold back the words that hit too many pressure points and are about to blow away my reason.

“Muu……you don’t have to say it so straightforwardly.”

Unaware of my struggle, Watanabe san puffed out her cheeks and pulled away from me. Somehow I managed to endure it and let out a relieved breath.

When I touched my chest, my heart was beating wildly.

As I was relieved, Watanabe san approached me again.

I look up at her kneeling on the sofa and our eyes meet.

I wondered what was going on, and as I looked at her…….

“If you won’t stroke me, Aikawa kun, we’ll take turns. Let me stroke you next.”

I saw the walls of reason crumble to pieces as she said that and spread her hands out,

“I’m sorry. I can’t do that.”

I refused her request with a sense of resignation.

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