“…… Okay, sorry. If you see him, please call out to him.”

At an adventurers’ guild in a certain country.

After Princess Knight Karina finished speaking with the receptionist, she quickly headed to the attached bar and met up with her fellow girls sitting at a table.

“Just in case, I’ve submitted a request to the guild to search for him. But they said it would be difficult to find him because he was too uncharacteristic.”

“…… It’s not impossible. After all, we only knew in the form of the hero Alta. ……”

“The voice was Alta’s, the habits were the same,…… the only difference was that he was very strong, and he had a pure and gentle atmosphere.”

Karina nodded at the words of Saint Fiala and Miriel, the daughter of the Elf tribe.

“Alta said that he was hired at the black market handyman guild, but it seems that such a guild does not exist.”

“If that’s the case, why don’t we just go to the black market in each country? It might be dangerous for us girls to go to the black market though. ……”

“There is nothing wrong with going to the black market. We’re a party of heroes, and we’re not going to be beaten by a bunch of guys!”

“As Karina said, if I can find out where is he even a little bit, I’ll go to hell…Wouldn’t it be more likely that we’d get lost even more if we just moved blindly?”

The other two nodded at Fiala’s thoughts.

The girls in the party were the friends and fiancées of the former hero Alta.

After the engagement was called off, they had been searching for “him” on their own for a long time.

–The girls are looking for Seti, the fake hero.

However, the girls do not know Seti’s true face. As he had told them, he was always dressed up as Alta in front of everyone.

The only difference between the two is their fighting skills and the unique atmosphere of their soft demeanor and mannerisms when approached.

Too little information. It was like finding a pebble in the desert.

“There is one thing I can do.”

Manisa, the magician who had been silent until now, opened her mouth.

“What you can do? Manisa, tell me.”

Manisa nodded and pulled out a handkerchief from the cleavage of her ample bosom and placed it on the table.

Everyone wanted to ask, “Where on earth have you put it ……?” but she dared to keep her mouth shut.

“Hey, what is this handkerchief?”

“Miri, this handkerchief contains his tears. You see, don’t you remember? The first time I had dinner with him…”

Manisa asked, and Karina, Fiala, and Miriel shouted, “Ah!”

It was two months ago.

It has been a week since the heroic party was formed and went to defeat the Demon King.

At first, they were not as united as they are now because they were the fiancées of the hero, Alta, and they seemed to have an extremely dry relationship due to their different statuses and races.

Surrounded by such beautiful girls, it was naturally only Alta who was the most excited.

It is no exaggeration to say that the other girls had half given up on their lives because of the relationship they were forced into, not of their own will, but because of the mission they had to carry out, the position of their bloodline, or for political reasons.

All of them were particularly casual and disrespectful toward Alta, who was all talk.

The same was true when Seti joined the party under the organization’s orders, taking the place of the hero Alta.

However, thanks to Seti’s strength and precise instructions in battle, the girls gradually change their view of Alta as they kill powerful demons and dragons that they would have been unable to handle on their own.

However, there is always a suspicion that something is amiss.

They began to feel uncomfortable with the gap between the hero Alta in battle and in everyday life.

Soon there was a decisive event to prove it.

That night, the heroic party would make camp in the forest.

It is said that there is a capital and a downtown area a few kilometers from here.

Alta suggested that they stay there, but none of the girls would budge.

The reason is that there is a vicious dragon lurking in the forest that must be defeated, and it cannot be left unattended.

Wanting to have some fun, Alta called Seti, gave him an alibi, and flew downtown on his own.

The girls were unknowingly dining together around a bonfire with Seti, who was dressed as Alta.

“…… delicious.”

Seti mumbles and presses his lips.

From the look of it, he can’t believe what he’s saying.

“Hero-dono, what happened? ”

“No, I just wondered if the …… meal was this good. ……”

The apologetic person on the outside looks like Alta, but on the inside it’s Seti, and not only Karina but the other girls tilt their heads when he say that.

It was because he had such an innocent gesture that they couldn’t believe he was a frivolous man who always shouted, “IFuu

“To thank you for making it, but…I didn’t make any special changes to the taste. It’s just a makeshift thing.”

“No, Fiala,……, that’s not what I meant.”

“No matter if I am a commoner, I thought it would not be suitable for the prince’s palate.”

The sarcastic tone was heard from Manisa sitting next to him.

She especially despises Alta and hates him.

Even though she is the daughter of the great sage Magus, who was proclaimed a hero, she is still a commoner.

She was annoyed by Alta’s frequent attempts to have her mounted.

“I’m sorry …… no, I’m sorry, but it’s true that it’s delicious. But I don’t know why I suddenly felt it was delicious.”

“That’s easy, Alta.”

“Eh? What do you mean, Miri?”

“It’s because we’re all eating together like this. It’s not good to be alone, is it?”

“With …… everyone. I see……”

Suddenly, something warm wells up in Seti’s eyes.

Many drops were falling down.

“Hero-dono… are you crying?”

“Huh? No… I wonder what that is… It’s weird. It won’t stop, why?”

“can’t help it now, here.”

Manisa takes out a handkerchief and wipes away Seti’s tears.

“So-sorry,…… no, thank you.”

“No problem,…fufufu, you’ve got a cute side too.”

“Really. If you are that pleased, I should have made it a little more elaborate.”

For the first time, Fiala also smiled kindly.

Next, Karina and Miriel also narrowed their eyes and laughed, and the atmosphere became more peaceful than ever before.

It seems that the girls’ maternal instincts were overpowered by the tears that Seti shed.

The next morning, however.

“Good morning~! I’m going strong today, too! huh, What’s wrong with everyone? Your eyes are dead. What? Hey, what’s wrong~? What’s wronggg?!”

When Alta returned in the morning, everyone was once again disillusioned with the heroes.

At first, the girls were disillusioned, wondering if they had been dreaming something.

But after repeating the same thing several times, the girls are convinced.

–The good one, Alta, is a fake, isn’t he?

But the girls did not pursue the matter.

They knew that if they found out, the better Alta would be in trouble.

And they were worried that he might disappear from their lives.

Therefore, after defeating the Demon King, they called “him” and tried to discuss and confide in him about their secret feelings. ……

But Alta beat them to it.

The present

“The handkerchief he used to wipe away his tears at that time. It is coated with magic. That’s why it’s still there.”

“But, Manisa, why did you bother to keep the handkerchief in your chest?”

“Of course, Karina. I wanted to keep the warmth of him in my heart and keep it to myself.”


The eyes of the three of them turn the color of attack.

“I-I’m just kidding,……, but it’s the only proof I have. Even ‘he’ can’t fake tears, can he?”

““”S-sure …….”””

The hostility disappeared from the three of them.

“But, Manisa. How do we find ‘him’ in that handkerchief?”

“Yes, Fiala. The actual “Pendulum Magic” will help me to locate “him” to some extent. It’s much more probable than just looking for him in the dark.”

“I see, indeed, you are the daughter of the great sorcerer, the Great Sage Magus, who is well known throughout the continent.”

“well…..,boobs aren’t that big. For slender elves, that’s a turn-off.”

“Hey, Miri, are you trying to pick a fight?”

The girls are laughing cheerfully because they have discovered a way

The girls, who once had no contact with each other and had a dry relationship, are now more united than a family.

Perhaps this is the bond that an assassin who has regained her heart, even though disguised as a fake hero, can bring about.

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Thanks for the chapter. Wao, this is the power of the Harem Skill “Harem Vow”. The heroines had become a big family ready to go after their beloved. Someday Seti will become truly happy thanks to them.