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This is a list of characters. If you are wondering who this person is in the story, please refer to this list.

This may contain information that may be a spoiler. Please be aware of this before reading this page.

[World Line β]


Person’s name: Hozuki Akane

Introduction: A popular person surrounded by people who are heavy with love.

Person’s name: Hozuki Akari.

Introduction: Akane’s aunt. She is a hard worker and overprotective. She works day and night, so she and Akane rarely see each other.


Person: Izumi Hisako (a.k.a. “Ojou/Miss”)

Introduction: The heroine and leading heroine of the story whose love is heavy, and who has time leapt from the future world. In the future world, she was unable to marry Akane, whom she loves, and became a single woman. She has a curt attitude toward everyone except her relatives and Akane, and has no interest in other people. She is a rough and tumble person whose love is severely damaged and often goes out of control.

Name: Izumi Yuzuru

Introduction: Izumi Hisako’s father. He is a hard worker who is confused by his daughter’s sudden stupidity. He has a soft spot for his daughter.

Person: Izumi Yuuko

Introduction: Izumi Hisako’s mother.

Person : Umehara Azuma

Introduction: A young head of the Izumi family. He has some feelings for Hozuki Akari.

Person : Umehara Hotaru

Introduction: Umehara Azuma’s younger sister. She loves Izumi Hisako and Hozuki Akane very much. She loves her brother.

Character Name: Goliath

Introduction: The Izumi family’s pet dog. She is a spoiled girl. She is a Samoyed.

[Shungetsu High School]

Name: Yuzuriha Arisu

Introduction:A beautiful, pure and innocent girl with a natural disposition and shyness. She is smart enough to get the first place in the academic examinations, and also has good athletic skills. She is an outsider, a commoner who is not familiar with the realities of Shugetsu highschool, and is a disruptive presence in the story. A jealous person.


Character’s name: Tsukishiro Yukina

Introduction: A sick, orthodox, beautiful girl. She is a fragile beauty who uses a wheelchair because of a disability in her legs. She is a popular and mild-mannered person who is benevolent and treats people equally regardless of their status. She is jealous and heavy with love.

Character Name: Konohana Sakuya

Introduction: Tsukishiro yukina maid. She is a beautiful girl with a hidden eye and bangs that cover her left eye. She is loyal to her master, Yukina, and acts as her hand and foot. She is not very good at expressing her emotions, and her facial muscles are rigid without any change in expression. She is unable to read the air.

[The Three Families]

Name: Kanae Suzaku

Introduction: Junior son of the Kaneeda Zaibatsu. He is a hardworking person who ranks second in the academic examinations, but he is arrogant and looks down on others. He loves Izumi Hisako. He is the emperor of Shugetsu.

Person: Tsukimiya Keijyu

Introduction: The son of the Tsukimiya Zaibatsu. He is a popular person who is much favored by the opposite sex because of his mild-mannered and good-looking face. He is the prince of Shugetsu.


Personality:Oda Maki (a.k.a. “Okashira”)

Introduction: A student who is hostile to Izumi Hisako.

Person: Maki’s crony 1

Introduction: A friend of Maki.

Person: Maki’s crony 2

A friend of Maki.

[Fujihakama High School]

Person: Fukami Ichika

Introduction: Akane’s childhood friend. One of Akane’s few friends. An accomplice who knows about Hozuki Akane’s fake girlfriend contract with Yukina. Possessive

Person: Hayashi Ichigo

Introduction: A friend of Fukami Ichika. She wants a rich boyfriend.


Person: Majo (Witch)

Introduction: A mysterious person who became engaged to Akane in Worldline Alpha.

[World Line α]

Person: Izumi Hisako

Introduction: Izumi Hisako before her time leap. She is a person with an extreme temper tantrum, who gets agitated over trivial matters. She is often favored by the opposite sex for her good looks, but she is also brusque and arrogant, and is feared and feared by others. She had a liking for Hozuki Akane, her own servant, but was defeated because she was unable to confide her feelings to him. She was one of the main culprits in abusing and maligning the witches who befriended Akane. She was eventually run over by a truck and killed.

Person: Tsukishiro Yukina

Introduction: Tsukishiro Yukina of World Line Alpha. She is not much different from World Line β, but she is the one who incited the conflict between the White Rose and the Red Rose. She eventually dropped out of school and disappeared.

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