We arrived at Geranium, a coffee shop frequented by the young lady, and ordered a couples-only cafe.

The order was questionable right from the start, but the price was reasonable and the food looked delicious, so we didn’t go in for any particular reason.

There were no customers except us and an elderly couple, and only one female waitress in a maid’s uniform.

As I watched the waitress working alone, the lady grabbed me by the face and made me look at her.

“In the presence of such a lovely maiden as I am, how dare you look at other live girls! Akane is that kind of girl your type?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

“…… Speaking of which, what kind of girl do you like, Akane?”

I had never drawn an image of the kind of girl I liked until the young lady asked me about it.

That being said, I don’t know what kind of woman I like.

…Now that I think about it, the young lady said that in the future, I will have a lover. It’s not that I’m not interested in who that person is.

It’s just that I can’t believe that I, who has no female relations, or rather close friends, other than the young lady, would fall in love with someone else.

If I were to ask the young lady directly who is my future lover, the answer would be no. She would probably ask me to marry her for a price.

“I’ll tell you, so tell me who my future lover is instead.”

“You’re really pushing it, aren’t you? Is Akane prepared for what will happen if I tell you?”

“No, I’m not, so I’ll refrain. But, well… a cheerful personality, perhaps.”

“Cheerful girl ………….”

The young lady keeps her mouth shut.

“It’s me right!”

 ….. present day young lady is, well, emotionally unstable and has become very fragile in spirit. But she’s got guts, and she’s got energy, too, though she’s flailing around. She is more aggressive when agitated, which makes her easier to deal with.

In her previous life……, the young lady of the past was nervous and moody, but she still had a clear sense of her own will and the leadership ability to pull others along. She was not easy to handle because she would argue with you when you tried to provoke her, but she would also be in a good mood.

The difference was that she was faithful to her sexual desire …… and straight to love. Apparently she had liked me since then, but her attitude softened when she stopped being violent and abusive.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting. It’s an extra-large parfait for couples only. Coffee and apple juice will be served with it.”

“Thank you. Ah, you don’t look familiar. Are you new here? Amagasa-san isn’t here today?”

“Yeah, well. The manager has a back injury and is out for the time being. …… Excuse me, but do you know the manager?”

“Well, I’ve been here since college—”

The young lady’s face flushed and she knew she had misspoken. She was so flustered that she reached out to me for help, and I dutifully fulfilled my role as her servant.

“No, it’s not that we are acquaintances, She just wanted to meet the manager of this restaurant, as she had heard good things about it for some time.”

“I see. …… I will let the manager know.”

The clerk leaves us.

In the short time that I was relieved to have the situation under control, the young lady’s expression clouded over.

“You know, I’ve been coming here since I was a college student, but I was a regular.”

The young lady turns her head and begins to talk, and I listen.

“Even though I’m relatively more relaxed than I was in middle school and high school, I was giving Akane trouble… I often consulted with Amagasa-san about such things.”

“So that was your first time, huh?”

“Like I said, yes, I’m the first visitor from Amagasa san’s point of view, since I didn’t come here in high school. Amagasa san doesn’t know me.”

A solitary dictator who never shows any weakness means that there was someone to whom she could reveal her true feelings.

There is no way to know what kind of future the young lady had, what kind of people she had met, what kind of memories she had gained, but everything after high school was a blank slate.

I can’t lightly and irresponsibly say, “Why don’t you just start over?” So I scooped up the parfait with a spoon and shoved it into the young lady’s mouth.

She wipes her mouth, which is now coated in white cream,

“Nn……! Akane, you put out too much ……!”

“Have you lost your mind?”

“Ah, you called me a lunatic again!I really can’t do it, I’m sick …….”

“But,” the young lady continued.

“Thank you. You were trying to comfort me, weren’t you?”

Not anymore.

The young lady smiles serenely and plunges her spoon into my mouth. Cream and fruit juices spread sweetly in my mouth.

I take a sip of my coffee to compensate for my overly sweet taste buds.

“That’s the kind of Akane I like…that’s why I like you.”

“…Is that so?”

“That’s right. I mean, I’m not particularly depressed, you know? Akane is enough, and I don’t need anything else. If she becomes my boyfriend, lover, and marries me, I’ll be satisfied.”

I think the young lady should look at the world more broadly and not focus on just one thing.

“I am not the man you think I am—“

She interrupts me with a finger to my mouth.

“Don’t say anything more. Don’t be so down on yourself.”

“I’m sorry, miss, I misspoke.”

“You are the man that this Izumi Hisako has always loved. That alone is an honor, so be proud of yourself.:

She stroked my head as if comforting a helpless child and touched her fingers to my lips.

“How do you like it? Are you ready to be with me for the rest of your life? I think I could have done that to myself just now. If Akane did it to me, I would fall in love with him, or rather, I would get wet. Well, I fell in love with you a long time ago.”

“Don’t you realize that you’re ruining your impression with that one word, young lady? Well, I wouldn’t be in love with you even if you didn’t say …… that one word.”

“Aaah! I won’t overlook it, there’s a bit of a build-up right now! A glimpse of Akane’s personality has been revealed! I’ll be able to take this off soon…! It’s okay, just get married, you!”

“Really give me a break. The old couple is looking at us with a huge smile on their faces.”

Ignoring the annoying young lady who is getting on my nerves and pouring coffee into my mouth, the door to the store opens to announce the arrival of a visitor.

“Haa, it’s so crowded everywhere, I can’t do it.”

“If it’s Maki’s power, she’ll give it away even if it’s crowded, right?”

“What if she doesn’t want to use her power to the fullest?”

The visitor was the person who had thoroughly beaten the young lady’s spirit and two of her cronies.

The young lady frowned at the visitor’s visit. I quickly quieted her down, thinking that she was going to start getting back at me.

“Miss, please calm down. Don’t be violent.”

“Do you think I’m a rabid dog that won’t take a leash? I’m an adult now, I’m not going to fight back.”

Then we inevitably caught the eyes of the trio, as we were the only visitors and we were the only ones standing out.

“Huuh Look who it is, isn’t it the black rose maiden who was ugly and pathetically crying to her boyfriend?”

“I’ll definitely make her cry…”

The young lady, who was about to go and kill someone, was restrained from using her favorite restaurant as a murder scene.

The main culprit who provokes the young lady and the two who ridicule the scene are led to their seats by the waiter.

For now, I bring the parfait to the young lady, telling her to calm down. She tucks into her parfait, but her mood is not improved, and she threatens the trio at every turn.

“Maki, you tease them too much. What are you going to do if Izumi takes a shot at you?”

“There’s no way I’m going to lose to that little fish of a woman.”

“Because, right ……? Izumi’s house is …….”

The three of them are excitedly talking about the young lady. The three of them are talking loudly, so we can hear what they are saying.

Feeling uncomfortable, I try to get up from my seat to ask the trio for a favor, but for some reason, the young lady prevents me from doing so.

“Please sit down gracefully and wait for me to return. Don’t worry, I’ll settle this peacefully.”

“No, don’t do it, ……! If Akane goes, it will make things sulky. …… But I’m conflicted by the joy of Akane going for me. …… In case, what are you going to do ……?”

“Do I look like the kind of person you’d make such a wild, immediate move? Of couse, of course I would bow down and ask for it.”

“I’m stopping you because past history says so…! I’m telling you not to do anything, but I’m so happy that you’re angry for me that I finally get my hands on you…!”

With the approval of the young lady, I go before the trio.

Bowing at the outset, I apologize to the young lady for all the rudeness.

I don’t know what the circumstances were between them. But the young lady must have had a part to play if she had experienced that behavior.

“She is trying to change. So, please give her a break–“

A hot sensation comes over me. The main culprit, she drips her unfinished coffee on me.

“I’ll think about it after you wipe up the coffee I just spilled.”

I kneel down on the floor and try to wipe the coffee with a rag,

“Who told you you could use that? Use your tongue, drink it, and clean it up. Then I’ll think about it.”

“You’re so bad, Maki. You’ve gone too far.”

“That’s enough. Whatever.”

I was hesitating, thinking that cleaning with my tongue would be awkward, when I saw the young lady standing up with a darkened expression on her face.

─ ─ That’s not good. That emotionless Noh mask would have a state of emergency declared.

I must sweep the floor, I must stop the young lady for the three of them to lose their lives at this point, and I must avoid turning the place of memories into a murder scene.

The priority – decided to appease the young lady. And when she tries to go on a wild goose chase to somehow get rid of the young lady’s desire to kill,

“You wipe that off your face, damn customer.”

Then a clerk threw a cloth at the face of the main culprit.

“! What are you doing to a customer?”

“I don’t want your money, so please leave quickly, customer.”

A fight suddenly broke out between the clerk and the main culprit, while we, who were out of the way, were not so sure.

“─ ─ Let go of me, Akane! I can’t kill them!”

I restrained the angry young lady who was about to twist out the main culprit’s heart at any moment.

The young lady reaches out and tries to grab the criminal. I whisper in her ear.

“─ ─ I’ll do anything you say next time except for marriage, so please restrain here.”

“Ugh …… Akane’s beautiful voice and charming proposal in my ear ……!”

Once I’ve got the young lady in a heap of battle, I return to the conflict that has broken out in a hurry and try to take up the role of mediator.

“Umm, I’ll take care of the cleanup, so if you two will just put your differences aside…”

“I’m a customer here! How dare you talk to a customer like that!”

“I don’t give a shit about customers. You’re making a racket in my precious store and staining the floor. In the first place, we don’t want vulgar customers like you, so if you understand, I don’t want your money, so get lost.”

“—! I’ll never come here again, this kind of store, get out of business and die in the field!”

The criminal takes 10,000 yen out of the wallet, slams it down on the desk, and leaves the store with the two girls who had been watching from the sidelines.

I’m in the store, covered in coffee. The clerk who changed and snapped unexpectedly. The young lady who fell to the floor.

What in the world is this?

But I praise myself for getting over it without touching them.

When I try to sweep the floor again to clean up my mess, an elderly couple calls out to me.

“I’m sorry, I’m …… the oldest, but I couldn’t do anything, are you all right? It’s not much, but …… yes. Here, take this to clean your wet clothes.”

The wife made me hold 10,000 yen in my hand.

Is this …… what on earth?

o, no, no, it’s too good to be true, but there’s no way I can accept it, I said, shaking my hand as I tried to give it back to her,

“We are in love with your manhood that you got angry for your precious girlfriend. Just take it.”

“Ah, yes. …… Thank you.”

And no, it’s not my girlfriend.

The young lady who was misidentified as my girlfriend was in a better mood than before.


“W-What is it, Miss?”

“You said you would do anything…didn’t you?”

I realized that my comment to calm the young lady had dug a grave.

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