He asked me to go out with him after I finished my part-time job.

Of course, [going out] means [I want you to give me your time] not [I want you to go out with me.]

I did not ask him directly, but I’m sure he meant it that way. Because the other person is Kobayakawa Kingo, a close male friend.

Well, from the flow of things, it must be about Ari san’s band activities……

“So, you said we should go out, but where are we going?”


“Ha !?”

I found myself thinking…….

No, because, you know, there is a flow, right?

After the awkward rejection with Ari san who wanted me to be in a band, you would think that he would ask me out next time, right?

I’m not that dull, you know?

And yet….a hotel? Why?

“W-what a place you’re going to ask me out !?

“Eh, you don’t like it?”

Don’t tell me we’re going to a love hotel !?

What kind of thought process is that !?

It’s not that I don’t like it or anything, but that thought process makes no sense !

It’s the flow of a couple who’s been together for three years !?

“It’s not that I don’t like it or anything, I’m just surprised when someone suddenly asks me out ! I’m just trying to be prepared……”

“I don’t think it’s the kind of place where you go to get worked up about something like that. We’ve been there before.”

“T-that’s true, but….we went there together before…..”

The only reason we checked in was because we were on the brink of camping out or not, and I had no choice.

Don’t try to check in when we are in the city !

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay for it.”

“It’s not about the money though !?”

Is that equivalent to my virgin stay?

Wouldn’t you pay more for a night in a brothel?

I don’t know !

“And look, I’m dressed like this today. …..It would be embarrassing if what I’m wearing is shabby, wouldn’t it? Besides, my underwear is….murmur.”

Today’s outfit is a quiet, casual coordinate. I’m feminine, but my sex appeal is subdued. Being invited to a party dressed like this makes me feel like a cheap woman.

And the underwear I’m wearing today is a sports bra and panties, which are not cute at all. I’m embarrassed to show them off.

“Don’t worry. I’m fine with the Ryoko right now.”

“Don’t try to enjoy my normal self !”

Do you want to see your girl friend, who is not dressed up, being humiliated !?

At least ask me out when I’m wearing my cutest underwear…… No, don’t ask me out ! That’s not the kind of relationship we have !? We ended up being friends last year, didn’t we? Or did you decide to cross the line?

“I-I see, I’m sorry. Let’s change the place then.”

“We should do that. As expected, we should be mentally prepared, and there are phases…..”


I thought we were friends for a long time. We almost crossed the line last year due to an accident, but in the end we settled down to the same relationship as before, right?

It’s not that I don’t like Kingo, but I’d like to see a phase where we can talk about our feelings for each other.

“How about Kingo’s room? I think I can relax there too.”

If it were to happen at a hotel all of a sudden, Kingo would definitely have high expectations and end up sulking.

Will I be able to make up my mind then?

I wonder if I will be ready to give my virginity to Kingo……

As expected, I do not have that confidence. I still have my doubts about whether Kingo is the right person for me to be with for the first time. I still need to calm down and confirm my feelings with him.

“The time it takes to move around is frustrating.”

“You’ve got to put up with that much !?”

It’s only a 20-minute train ride home, right !?

How much are you hungry for?!?

You’re a sex monster ! 

No, male college students are like monkeys in heat !

Kingo, you look like you could sing pop songs, but your lower half is metal !?

“I’m sorry, I can’t stand it. I’ve been suppressing my feelings for a long time.”

“For a long time !? You’re always wanted to do this !?”

That’s why you’re a sex monster !

Since when is [for a long time] !?

Since you broke up with Yua !?

I know you’re lonely because you broke up with her, but it’s not [my body wants a woman’s body.]

You should at least control your own sexual desire ! You’re already 20 years old !

“I-I get it. If you insist, let’s go somewhere close by.”

If he can’t stand it, it’s a pity to make him wait so long. Let’s take him to a bar or something to cool him down.

“Nearby, nearby…. That’s right, let’s go to a park near here !”


You pervert——– ! ! ! ! !

What kind of guy would just go to a park just because his sex drive is about to explode ! ! What if people see !? Worst case scenario, we’ll get caught !

“P-park is the worst place to do it ! What if other people come !?”

“Don’t worry, it’s the middle of the night and people won’t come.”

That’s the problem !

You want to enjoy the tranquil night air and indulge yourself !?

“But I’d be surprised if people suddenly showed up.”

“Don’t try to enjoy the extreme thrill ! It’ll be embarrassing if people see !”

I’m beyond surprised !

We’ll be arrested !

“If you don’t want to be seen, why don’t we sneak behind a tree?”

“Don’t try to enjoy the extreme thrill !”

What’s going on with this guy’s ethics !?

It’s not like [We’ll be fine if we do it secretly and quietly in the shadows !]

“And what if someone hears us !?”

“Don’t worry. Just keep the volume of our voices down.”

Are you a devil !?

How sadistic are you to try so hard to hold back my moaning !?

“Are you a connoisseur ! Don’t try to test me !”

What we are doing is like an adult video.

Don’t try to enjoy me enduring the pain of losing my virginity !

“I mean, I don’t want my first time in a place like that !”

I knew you and Yua have been dating for a long time, so you must have tried everything.

But I’m still a virgin, so that kind of abnormality is a bit…

I want my first time to be a beautiful memory at least…….

“I’ve had enough of this. This is not going to get us anywhere. Let’s go to the hotel like we planned.”

When I talked about my feelings properly at the hotel and was convinced that I could develop love with him, then…

“Um…I don’t know anything about it, so please take the lead.”

“Of course. Leave it to me!”

“…..yeah, Ill leave it to Kingo.”

Ah……I’m graduating today.

I’ve been a virgin for some reason or another, but my graduation partner is Kingo.

I hope he’ll be nice to me, even though I don’t know what he’s thinking sometimes.

“Ryoko, are you okay? Do you have a fever?”

“Don’t act like a gentleman now !”

That’s not the kindness I want !


Ryoko’s shoulders slumped with relief when she was taken to a bar in a rather luxurious city hotel.

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