“Kingo you idiot !”

With a high-pitched yell, the door was thrown open. The force of the shout, the force of the spirit, pressured me so much that I was blown into the living room and crumpled to the floor.

Ryoko came up to the room and stood right in front of me. Her slanting eyes are even more slanted, and she is looking down at me with a heavy burden.

“Do you know how worried I’ve been since last night? I told you to call me when you got home. I’ve been waiting for that. I was worried about what I would do if something happened to you. I can’t believe that you just brought a fan girl into your room and made love to her !”

“Y-you’ve got it all wrong ! I didn’t bring her here !

“Huh? You spent the night with a fan girl, and now you’re talking so casually about it !”

Ryoko misunderstands. Anyone would think the same thing looking at this situation, but I swear to God, I didn’t bring her from the park and I didn’t do anything nasty.

“After I parted with you, I went to the park by myself to have a drink and play the guitar. Then Ari san happened to walk by, noticed me, and called out to me.”

“Go on.”

“She asked for a song, so I pulled one out, and when I was done, I got carried away and…….”

“And what?”

“I don’t remember much after that.”

“You big buffoon ! In short, you got drunk, got carried away, and took a fan girl to your house !”

“No, I’m telling you, I didn’t !”

I tried desperately to explain myself, but she would not listen to me.

Ryoko held her head in her hands and spoke in a voice filled with anger and sadness.

“I didn’t think you were such a pathetic person. I know you’re in shock because you got kicked out from your band and your girl was taken, but you can’t take advantage of such a pure innocent looking girl……. I should have dragged you to my house if you ended up like this……”

“That’s you taking me in, isn’t it?”

“Don’t get carried away !”

Ryoko grit her teeth and yelled at me.

It’s bad, it is beyond the stage where human language can be understood. It means that the season for dialogue is over. My life is in danger.

I’ve been on the wrong foot since yesterday.

“U-um, please calm down ! It’s a misunderstanding that Kingo brought me here !”

Then Ari san came to my defense. She had done nothing but waddle around behind Ryoko, but when she saw that I was in trouble, she came to my rescue.

“Ari chan, you don’t have to defend a guy like this ! You might have thought that he was a good-looking guy with a lot to offer, but he’s just a band member after all. He’s a busy man that women shouldn’t date !”

Band-man, hairdresser, and bartender. For some reason, these professions are looked down upon by women. It is a terrible prejudice. There are good band-men and bad band-men in the world.

“Kingo is not such a bad band member !”

That’s right ! Tell her more !

“You’re still defending him !? Ha !? Or does Kingo have some kind of weakness for you? Did he take an unpleasent photo of you?”

“Hey ! You think I’d do something like that !?”

“You’re the guy who got drunk and sang a live song in front of his fans and got carried away.”

Grrrh. I can’t talk back even though I didn’t do anything wrong…… I can’t deny that I did.

But Ryoko is still very upset right now. Since she has a strong sense of justice, she completely supports the fragile Ari san.”

“It’s really a misunderstanding ! After I had a quick drink, I didn’t think I could go home by myself, so Ari san took me back to my room and took care of me until the morning. I didn’t do anything to her during that time.”

“You said earlier that you don’t remember. You are making this up, aren’t you?”

“I-I know for sure that I don’t remember, but it’s true. Right, Ari san?”

I clung to her.

I still don’t know how I actually got home from the park. So, only Ari san’s testimony can prove my innocence.

“I-it’s true ! Kingo didn’t do a single thing that I didn’t like !”

Oh, you are on my side after all !

I was relieved to hear Ari san’s clear assertion of my innocence.

“Kingo was nice to me. It was my first time entering a man’s room, but he talked to me gently to help me relax, and he said things that made me excited right up close to him……”

Ari san, what’s wrong with you? Your face was bright red and you fidgeted……. You can speak clearly like you did earlier, you know?

“After that, my……”

[ [My?] ]

“He ate my……(rice ball)!”

Hm? What did I eat? I didn’t hear you because your voice was too quiet, okay?

What I ate……erm, what was it?

Oh, I ate a rice ball !

I was convinced !

“Hmmm, Kingo, did you eat it?”

“Yeah, I ate it !”

I answered easily, feeling clear and satisfied with my answer.

Immediately afterwards, I realized that the conversation had taken a strange turn.

“Did you eat your own fan ! There are certain things you are allowed to do and certain things you are not allowed to do, okay !?”

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