A rental studio at a favorite music store. The sound of an electric guitar blends into a space that is acoustically cut off from the outside world.

A soundproof space is a place filled with a very unique atmosphere. There is no noise because the outside sound is shut out. Not only that, but the soundproof walls prevent the sound inside from reverberating. So even if you strum your guitar, you will soon find silence.

It is a place where sound is made, yet it is silent.

I like it because it seems to be designed to create a space that is not disturbed by its surroundings.

I like this space where I can concentrate on my own sound.

It has been a long time since I have been in a space like this. When I was at Lyconess, I spent a lot of time practicing in rented music rooms and studios. It seems like a long time ago.

No, it has been almost four months since I was kicked out of Lyconess, so a long time has passed.

During that time, I was living an extraordinary life in my daily routine of going back and forth between the university and my home.

I came into contact with a fan, Ari san, and became friends with Misumi senpai, with whom I had a minimal relationship, and I ended up tutoring her with my long-time friend, Ryoko.

When I think about it, it is a mystery how such a relationship came to be.

I wanted to help my fan, Ari san.

Senpai felt responsible for setting me on fire because of a sense of rivalry towards her older sister. But now I genuinely want to support Ari san.

Ryoko supports me. Above all, it was for Ari san, with whom I have become good friends.

Although our positions are slightly different, the fact that I naturally developed a desire to help Ari san is like a miracle. The relationship that resulted from this miracle was nurtured smoothly.

Tomorrow is the second round of the exam. Tomorrow’s competition will test all the efforts that have been made so far. The outcome was entirely up to Ari san, and there was nothing more left for us, the tutors, to do.

But I had one more thing to do.

[I wish you would sing a song of support before the exam……]

Ari san, who had almost been discouraged by the poor results of the common examinations, was inspired. I want to fulfill such a small request of hers.

To that end, today I was practicing in the studio with my electric guitar on my back for the first time in a while.

“Your arm hasn’t slowed down.”

Ryoko, sitting on a chair at the end of the studio, smiles at me. I asked Ryoko to accompany me, since she would be helping me with various things tomorrow.

“I was practicing again. Still, hiatus is scary. I haven’t held a guitar in a while, but my fingertips hurt and I couldn’t open my knuckles.”

“I’m amazed that you can get your instincts back. I haven’t touched a keyboard in years. Even if I tried now, my fingers wouldn’t move, I’m sure.”

Ryoko looked down at her right palm and muttered sincerely. 

“Don’t you play the piano anymore?”

I was strangely caught up in this question, and naturally I asked her about it.

“I don’t play the piano. I traded in the piano we had at home a long time ago.”

“I see. I’m sorry to hear that. I would have loved to hear Ryoko play again.”

If I search my memory, the sight of Ryoko’s long, slender, beautiful fingers dancing on the keys and the melody she played will come back to me. I liked Ryoko’s performance a lot.

“I feel enough to be on the listening side.”

Ryoko smiled a relaxed smile.

Contrary to my hope, she has no intention of taking up the piano again. Ryoko seems to be avoiding the topic, which always makes me feel small-minded. I have also avoided going into the subject if it was against her will.

That’s the kind of relationship we have. Whether we have a lover or not, we are comfortable just being together. We are friends of the opposite sex with whom we can talk about our true feelings without being overbearing.

Is it a contradiction to avoid the sensitive area of her heart because we think so, or is it a sign that we have grown up……

“But tomorrow I’ll have you on the singing side.”

I laugh mischievously at Ryoko. Ryoko blushed and looked away in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

“Hey, are you sure I’m going to sing too?”

“What’s the big deal? I’m sure you had a good practice session, right? And this song would look better with a chorus. I can only ask Ryoko to do it.”

“….Wll, if you ask me that much. It’s for Ari chan’s sake.”

“I’m counting on you, buddy.”

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