At that time, a guerrilla live performance was being held at Joshi Park.

“Nobu, dinner will be ready in a little while♡”

“Oh, I’m looking forward to it !”

Nobuhiko replied and was lying on his bed in his underwear looking at his phone.

After kicking Kingo out, Nobuhiko was then moving his hips impatiently as if he was munching on Yua’s body. He was nothing but a prick because he embraced the woman he had slept with right after he mercilessly cut off his friends with whom he had shared three years of hardship.

“Kuh kuh kuh…..Yua’s body is the best. Her tits are small but they’re tight. Did Kingo teach her that technique? You’re a total pervert, Kingo.”

Grinning, Nobuhiko looked at the image of Yua’s unmistakable appearance that he had taken with his phone and recalled the act.

He doesn’t feel the slightest bit guilty for stealing his friend’s girlfriend. He was now filled with the joy of having Yua as his own.

He met Yua in the light music club in high school.

At the time, she was a little too innocent and sweet-toothed for his liking. So he was indifferent to the fact that she was dating Kingo.

If anything, he had a slight fear that the band would be in danger if they broke up. But his fears were unfounded.

Kingo lacked confidence in himself as a man and truly thought it was a miracle that he was able to be in a relationship with Yua. That is why he was so devoted to Yua.

It was obvious that Yua was also deeply in love with Kingo, who loved her inconspicuously and single-mindedly, and that she was content.

That made him feel relieved. But he soon regretted it.

When Yua became Kingo’s girlfriend, she learned to put on makeup, tinkered with her hair, and became more and more sophisticated day by day. She was transformed like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, and before long she was rumored to be the most beautiful girl in school.

Yua was truly a diamond in the rough. He wished he dipped on her first.

Of course, he was careful not to impulsively steal another man’s girl. His first priority was to become a professional musician, so he could not do anything that would drive a wedge between them. Above all, Kingo was an important member of the band…….

However, their relationship gradually changed after Kingo started attending college.

Kingo had less time to devote to the band because of college. Nobuhiko was not happy about it.

They had pledged to pursue their dreams together, but his precautionary approach to obtaining a college degree was seen as duplicitous.

More to the point, he felt that he was being looked down upon and disrespected.

Of course, Kingo had no intention of doing so. However, Nobuhiko, who disliked studying, felt that the mention of college stimulated his complex.

Because of this, he slowly began to feel uncomfortable (paranoid) toward Kingo.

In such a condition, he could no longer stand the fact that he and Yua were practicing alone more and more often, and he finally committed an abstinence.

Yua was frustrated that she could no longer see Kingo, whom she had seen every day in high school, and that he no longer listened to her selfishness, so she easily changed her mind when Nobuhiko made a pass at her.

“Hey, Nobu. Can we really do without Kingo?”

Yua, who was making stir-fry in the kitchen, worried about the future.

“It’s fine. The guitarist we got in Tokyo is doing pretty well.”

“Hmm. But we have to write new songs, right?”

“We can manage that, too. We’ll get a composer soon. When the time comes, I’ll write it myself. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with his songs.”

“Eh, Nobu, you can write music too !?”

“Y-yeah ! Leave it to me.”

He opens his big mouth to Yua, who looks at him with respect. The truth is, he can’t even read music notes, but he doesn’t want to disappoint her by telling her he can’t do it. First of all, if he says that they can’t do it without Kingo, he’s admitting that he’s inferior.

I’m sure I can manage.

Nobuhiko said loudly to reassure Yua and himself.

“Amazing ! I didn’t know. Then we don’t need Kingo after all !”

“Of course. I’m going to continue to lead Lyconess from now on, so follow me !”

“I’m going to follow Nobu ! Hey, Nobu, let’s have sex again after dinner.”

“What, you miss me already? Yua is a slut.”

“You’re terrible ! I just want Nobu to like me more and more.”

“I’m just kidding. After eating, I’m going to take a smoke. Oh, sorry, but you’re going to have to go get me a rubber first.”

“Eh, I’m going to go buy one?”

“It can’t be helped. Yua has been trying to fuck me so many times since yesterday that I’ve run out of rubbers.”


Yua reluctantly replies and returns to cooking. She’s a little childish, but that’s what makes Yua so cute.

Fufufu, Nobuhiko smiles wryly.

They have been accepted by an office in Tokyo and are now ready to make a long-awaited debut. Before that, he had a diva whom he had been longing for. He has a plan in place to replace Kingo, and his life is smooth sailing.

Nobuhiko was already feeling like a successful man, and he was elated.

“It’s done.”

Yua came to the table with a big plate of food.

“Oh, I’m hungry……hm……?”

Nobuhiko greeted Yua’s platter with a big smile. But when he saw the dish served to him, he was absolutely stunned.

It was a slime-like object glowing seven colors. Like the shell of a jewel beetle, its color changes depending on the angle you look at it, making it look almost unappealing. And strangely enough, it moved around on the platter as if crawling.

“Yua……what’s this dish called?”

“Cream stew.”

“Cream……stew? I thought you were making stir-fry.”

Yuai was busy stirring the frying pan with a wooden spatula, so he was just expecting some fried vegetables to come out.

“Did you taste it?”

“Nope, I didn’t. I wanted Nobu to taste it first.”

“I-I see…….. Well then, I’ll have it.”

Nobuhiko fearfully picked up a moving seven-colored object with his chopsticks and brought it to his mouth.

The terrible taste made him almost spit it out. However, he couldn’t treat the home-cooked food that his new girlfriend made for him like nothing, so he swallowed it wholeheartedly.

“I-it has a unique taste. But it’s delicious.”

“Really !? I’m so happy ! I made a lot, so don’t hesitate to eat !”

Yua brought a frying pan from the kitchen and poured the contents onto a platter. A pile of seven-colored objects jumped out of the plate and wandered around the table.

(Why the hell is the food moving !?)

Nobuhiko paled, feeling like he had peeked into hell.

“If we go to Tokyo, I’ll cook you dinner every day !”

“H-haha……. I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to learn how to cook so I don’t have to burden Yua all the time.”

“Really !? Nobu you’re so kind ! I love you !”

In the end, Yua’s smile got the better of Nobuhiko and he ate all the food. As a result, he suffered from stomach ache for three days.

But he does not know yet. The pain in his stomach is only the beginning of the suffering that awaits him.

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7 months ago

Neo: What
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That I can

Kingo looks safe afterall xD

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Authors really like making the cheating ex have small breasts. I can’t think of any novel where the cheating ex had huge breasts.