I followed the map app through a residential area and ended up at the love hotel I was looking for.

“It was really there, in a residential area…….

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A large lot in a quiet residential area.

It was a two-story wooden building that looked like a cottage in a space where two mansions could be built.

The scene of a commuter town with a bewitching neon sign twinkling in the distance was a composite photo, and I couldn’t stop opening my mouth at the bizarre sight.

Why is there a love hotel in a commuter community?

Aren’t there a lot of restrictions on building such facilities?

Well, it’s a good thing we’re in the right place.

“Is it more like a cottage than a hotel?”

“Maybe a motel?”

Ryoko and I proceeded through the premises with a strange feeling as if we had ended up in the Dragon’s Palace.

We entered the entrance from the rotary and chose an available room from the panel and entered the room.

“It doesn’t have much atmosphere.”

“I don’t need any atmosphere !”

It was a small, windowless room with a double bed and minimal appliances.

The interior of a love hotel is a highlight of its interior design, which enhances the mood of the lovers. When Yua and I were dating, that was one of the things I looked forward to.

However, the room I am in now is plainer than a business hotel. Or is this a concept of a secret lovers’ hideout?

Whatever the case, we are only guests. There was no need to stir up our inferiority complex.

It would have been awkward if they tried to make us feel like lovers.

“There’s tea in the amenities. Ryoko, do you want some?”

“I don’t need it. My feet are tired, so I’ll sleep after taking a shower.”

Ryoko took off her outerwear and went to the bathroom with heavy steps.

The store was very busy today as well, so the fatigue must be at its peak. I’ve been wearing leather shoes that I’m not used to, and my feet ache.

And my mouth felt sticky and gross.

Now that we’ve had dinner, I decided to brush my teeth.

I brewed a pot of tea, let it simmer, and decided to brush my teeth while I waited.

I heard the faint sound of a shower coming from the door leading to the bathroom, so I guessed that Ryoko must be in the bathroom.

I guessed so and went into the bathroom. I picked up the disposable toothbrush I wanted and looked in the mirror.

My eyes met Ryoko’s naked body through the mirror.


I don’t know what happened.

My face and Ryoko’s face were reflected together.

I turned around in surprise, thinking I had seen a ghost.

Then I saw Ryoko taking a shower behind the huge glass separating the bathroom from the washroom.

Her tied-up hair was undone and let down, and her naked body was dripping water…….

“Kyaaaah !?”

A muffled scream through the glass shakes my eardrums.

Ryoko squatted down, hiding her breasts.

“Why did you come in here !?”

S-sorry ! I just wanted to brush my teeth…….”

“Get the hell out of here !”

“I’m sorry〜〜!”

I rushed out of the bathroom, closed the door with force, and collapsed into a heap.

I was caught off guard. Some love hotels had glass walls in the bathrooms.

I didn’t think I would see Ryoko naked because I didn’t keep that in mind……

I regretted my carelessness.

At the same time, I remember Ryoko’s naked body that was burned into my eyes.

Her fair skin, moderately sized breasts, nipped waist and small hips.

Ryoko is about 165 centimeters tall, a little tall for a girl. Her arms and legs are long, giving her a model figure.

For this reason, Ryoko has always been the focus of boys’ attention. I also think she is beautiful.

I can’t help but be aware of such a beautiful female friend of mine naked.

My heart is beating so strongly that it feels like it is about to jump out of my body.

I was trembling with fear until Ryoko came up.

The price for seeing Ryoko naked must be huge.

She would either be furiously angry with me, or she would give me an icy cold stare…….

The only way to protect your friendship is to bow down.

“I’m done…….”


After a few minutes, she came out of the washroom with a look of embarrassment on her face.

Ryoko changed from her plain clothes into the white loungewear provided. It looks like pajamas with long sleeves and long pants.

She had removed her makeup and was no longer a perfect beauty, but her face was somewhat nostalgic.

“Ryoko……sorry about earlier.”

Once again, I apologized for peeking in on her shower time.

I was very sorry for my carelessness, even though it was an unforeseen accident. The crime of seeing a woman naked is a serious one.

“Take this !”

A handheld sword is swung down on the drooping head.

A slight impact shook my vision slightly.

“Honestly. You’re a one lucky bastard, seeing me naked when we’re not even dating.”

“Ugh….I’m sorry.”

“You’re the second guy who’s seen me naked…….”

While grumbling, Ryoko sits on the bed and begins wiping her hair with a bath towel.

And then.

“Well, I’ll let bygones be bygones. But you’ll have to pay for your stay. But you’ll have to pay for the accommodation.

She pardoned me.

This hotel was an after-the-fact settlement. We were supposed to split the 8,000 yen between us, but she said she would settle it with me paying the full amount.

It was a painful expense at the end of the year, but if it would put Ryoko in a better mood, it was cheap.

I was relieved, but a little disappointed. I thought she would be more angry with me.

“Aren’t you going to take a shower?”

“I will. I’m sweating from my part-time job.”

“I see. You close the curtains. I’ll use the hair dryer later.”


That was the end of the matter for now. I was ready to wash off the day’s fatigue and get some rest.

The shower room was full of humidity. Of course, Ryoko had been bathing here a while ago.

And I saw her.

“Ryoko’s body was…..beautiful.”

Even if I bathed in the hot water, the memories that had been burned into my mind did not wash away.

I was aware that there was a naked Ryoko standing in this place.

At that time, the words that Ryoko said passed through my mind.

[You are the second man who has seen me naked.]

I’m the second.

Which means that the first one is her ex-boyfriend (excluding her father, of course).

I wonder who is the first one…….

Ryoko has two guys she was dating. She had a boyfriend in high school and one right after college.

Both of them knew me. I was classmates with her high school boyfriend, and I had a double date with her college boyfriend, including Yua.

Which one of them, who knew each other so well, had that beautiful body?

It’s a stupid question, even for me. But my curiosity is endless.

She had been with her high school boyfriend for a long time, but they were still children. Ryoko is a serious person, so she might have thought that she had to wait until she became an adult.

Then, I wonder if it was her college boyfriend. This one may not have gone that far because the relationship was short.

“Which one……which one did it……?”

I muttered to myself as I bathed in the hot water.

In my head, fantasies of a naked Ryoko inviting a man to join her in bed are unfolding.

[Hey…x, come here. My body is aching and I can’t help it.]

Even Ryoko, who is so sharp, would become a woman in front of a man.

I can’t help but accelerate my delusions because I know she’s with her boyfriend.

Maybe that’s why my body was exhausted, but only one part of me was full of energy.

“Seriously, what am I thinking?”

I’m going to sleep in the same room with Ryoko. I had no intention to be nasty, but how could I endure such a thing for a night?

“I’d better have a shot once…….”

I feel uncomfortable jerking off to Ryoko with an inferiority complex. Should I hold back for the sake of friendship?

But I should rather vent for the sake of a safe night, and by extension, for the sake of our friendship. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to do it, so I definitely won’t be able to hold back.

“For Ryoko, this is for Ryoko…….”

I slathered my right hand with body soap and let’s go !

I was about to grab my thing on the lower half of my body when I heard a voice.

“Dryer, dryer……”

The bathroom door opens and Ryoko walks in. We looked at each other through the glass again.

And her slit eyes that had been staring at each other drifted down to my lower abdomen……

“Kyaaa ! (Me)”

“Gyaaaa ! (Ryoko)”

The screams echoed again.

“I told you to close the curtains !”

“Sorry〜〜 ! !”

Ryoko hurriedly averted her eyes from my thing, who was full of energy and had a hard-on, and went out as if she was running away.

“Ugh,……I’ve been seen. I was seen full of energy. Even though I’ve never been seen even by my mother…..I’ve only been seen by Yua……”

Ryoko, you’re the second person to see my erection.

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